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[Reshare] A really nice synopsis of why G+ is great for you & your Business

April 25, 2012 13 comments 5 shares 15 plus ones
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cc/ +Denis Labelle

Original post by +Irene Koehler

6 Things You Don't Know About Google+

The search giant's social network isn't about to disappear. And if you use it wisely, you can supersize your online presence.


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Jeff Jockisch April 25, 2012

I think that there is some limited curation value in simply passing along info, especially if you have a large or focused following, +Rajini Rao and +Sean Grace.

But in general its not a winning strategy.

Jeff Jockisch April 25, 2012

Thanks, +John Kellden re: 'claim the value.' I love it too, because it really points to the fact that understanding authorship is crucial to improving SERPs, and eventually for getting back to more monetizable content strategies.

Rajini Rao April 25, 2012

Exactly. Hardly anything qualifies as "original" these days, but we can surely start with an article, extend it with related observations from other blogs or posts and add our own perspective to it.

Jeff Jockisch April 25, 2012

On +1 +Sean Grace , I think you hit upon a crucial issue - the lack of common definition.

I generally hoard my +1 outside of G+, only plussing things I find valuable. Others play (and can game it) differently.

But I expect that Google has a grip on this and understands that the value exists only in aggregate :)

Jeff Jockisch April 25, 2012

Agree +Sean Grace and +Rajini Rao that pasting the whole article is bad form. sorry I missed that.

Sean Grace April 25, 2012

+Rajini Rao I agree. I do sometimes paste a key quote from the article which I find to be especially sharp. But, I also like to add my own thoughts in my post. I feel it's more valuable to a reader to read what you actually think of something. It helps start a conversation, and brings value to the stream.

Rajini Rao April 25, 2012

Good observation, +Sean Grace . I did not realize that the OP had pasted the article in its entirety. I really do dislike that, it borders on plagiarism IMO since the text was not in quotes or italics (I confess, I did not click on the link until your comment). Not that I like the italicized plunking of the lead paragraph either (that seems to be so popular on G+). Seems kind of lazy to me. What does the poster bring to the conversation in that case?

Sean Grace April 25, 2012

+Jeff Jockisch Great thoughts on the +1 button here. Two things: First, I'm curious how everyone else uses the +1 (outside of G+). I use it to say that I've read/viewed something, not that I approve/enjoy/recommend it. I'm kind of just leaving my tracks on the internet. Maybe I need to rethink this if everyone else is assuming that I +1ed it because I thought it was particularly helpful. If that was the case, I would have shared it.

Also, I didn't click on the article itself because it was all pasted in the text. So, they missed out on a +1 on their actual page and just got it here instead. That is not nearly as helpful. I think it wise to put in a bit of text in the post, but encourage readers to click through to the link for the full story.

John Kellden April 25, 2012

As the platform evolves, it has the potential to become not only "claim the value" (really good phrase +Jeff Jockisch ) but cocreate the value as well. In short, a marketplace.

Rajini Rao April 25, 2012

If it does become a reputation platform, I'd consider moving some more of our professional activities here. It's still a bit early for that..I see some professional (science/research) organizations languishing on G+ at the present.

Jeff Jockisch April 25, 2012

+Rajini Rao I think you can bet on it :) I think G+ is a way to claim the value of your contributions on the web, And as it evolves from identity platform to reputation platform, it rewards your ability to create a following in both the real and virtual world.

Denis Labelle April 25, 2012

+Jeff Jockisch : thanks for the cc. Read it last night. No wonder I bet 100% of my "online assets" on G+.
Have a great day my friend.

Rajini Rao April 25, 2012

Good points, thanks. I never did invest in Google Buzz/Wave etc. So I hope she's right that G+ is not going that way any time soon.