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Google+Blog for WordPress UPDATE 1.1.0

January 04, 2012 141 comments 40 shares 33 plus ones
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Google+Blog for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to import your Google+ Public posts (and their comments) as blog posts into your WordPress setup. There is a free version and a paid version ($10), both of which can be found at .

Paid users, please update by going to to download. Where 'YourTransactionId' is the number emailed to you.

Update Details

- Support for importing from multiple Profiles/Pages
- New option to exclude posts containing a given hashtag
- Posts shared via Google Reader will now be imported
- Hashtag character set expanded and related bugfixes
- Updating your settings no longer forces import (unless specified)

To update please deactivate and delete the existing plugin prior to installing this one.


Keep your suggestions coming as they are what guides the development of this plugin. Also be sure to log any bugs you have found with me. Updates will start to slow down a little now as the plugin becomes more stable but be sure to check my posts for the latest news regarding the plugin.


There is an explanation of each of the settings for the plugin in a prior post that can be found here:

If you think you need a little more help with the plugin +Nancy Messieh of TheNextWeb wrote up a great post detailing the steps to go through to get things up and running. Check it out here:

+Colby Brown has also written up a post detailing some of the features of the first version of the plugin. Be sure to have a read of it here:


If you are experiencing problems with the plugin not working at all, there can be conflicts with other plugins and themes, especially in relation to comments. Message me privately with these issues including the settings you are using as well as any errors you may be receiving and I will do my best to help you get it all up and running.

Thanks for the continued support.

Your reshares are appreciated.

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The Google+ musings of Daniel Treadwell

Google+ Blog Concept - Daniel Treadwell. View your Google+ Posts in the form of a clean and simple blog. Also home of the Google+Blog WordPress plugin.


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Paul Simbeck-Hampson June 23, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell Another thing... comments get imported to WP, but if you use Disqus or Livefyre they don't get synced even though they count gets displayed. Do you have a little fix for this issue - the standard WP commenting does add the comments to the post, but it's not comparable to either of the aforementioned. Thanks in advance :) 

Paul Simbeck-Hampson June 23, 2012

Hi +Daniel Treadwell I notice that when I add tags to a post the URL that gets generated in Wordpress for each tag links back to a search for that tag on Google plus. It used to search WP - is this a recent change or a bug? Best, Paul.

tom schuring June 20, 2012

ah, it's an actual 'tag' to let people know: from here on the rest is an 'attachement' ?

i thought something went wrong and 'embedded link' was a placeholder.

got it. thanks

Daniel Treadwell June 20, 2012

+tom schuring, the embedded links are the links that you find at the bottom of the posts.

tom schuring June 20, 2012

what's the 'embedded link' suppose to do ?

tom schuring June 20, 2012

Just checked that option. Ill let you know if it happens again after this, but I don't expect it to. Thanks for your quick reply cheers from earthquake ravaged Melbourne :)

Daniel Treadwell June 20, 2012

+tom schuring thanks for letting me know about the blank posts.  Regarding duplicated posts, try unchecking the 'Post Overwrite' option in the settings.  Let me know if you continue to have problems.

tom schuring June 20, 2012

Oh I forgot to mention that sometimes the import keeps happening over and over again until I add an exclude tag on google+ . I ended up with 1 post 12 times..

tom schuring June 20, 2012

Hi Daniel, i bought a copy of the Google+blog plugin for Wordpress ( version 1.1.2) and although posts get copied across, the header of the post is never there on Wordpress if I re post something without adding a comment myself. Not a big deal once you know, but thought I'd mention it. Cheers Tom

Examples at

Erika Thornes June 20, 2012

Just paid under my husband's e-mail and address.. :) 

Erika Thornes June 20, 2012

Ahh, I thought it would be simple, like how you have the number of reshares at the bottom. (that was the type of +1), not the other type. (I have no idea why they use the same concept for outside google+ and inside, and have them do and mean different things. 

Daniel Treadwell June 20, 2012

+Erika Thornes, glad you got it all set up!

It IS possible, but heavily dependent on what plugin you use for +1s.  Some it MAY just work on the full blog page, but this may have changed in more recent versions of WordPress, and can be messed about with by other plugins.  It also disallows +1s for your site directly on that page as it is +1ing the G+ post rather than your site.

In summary, possible yes, but requiring heavy customisation.

Erika Thornes June 20, 2012

Oh my gosh, that ROCKS! And I found one that links the posts to Pinterest. So great! So with the lightbox open, it has a pin it link! Simply Grand! Now my only question is, can you make it so the +1s show up on our blog as well, or is that too hard? 

Erika Thornes June 20, 2012

Nice! Thank you! I will look into that! 

Daniel Treadwell June 20, 2012

+Erika Thornes, thanks for the kind words.  The images download due to the way that Google delivers them via their API.  One workaround that is suggested to users of the plugin is to install one of the many Lightbox plugins available for WordPress.  You have probably seen them on other sites where, when clicked, the image expands inside a box inside your website.

If you have any troubles with it let me know and I'll try to help further.

Erika Thornes June 19, 2012

(I wanted to get it up and going before I paid, and I DO want to pay, I'm very thankful for what you do). 

Erika Thornes June 19, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell I'm having the problem where if someone clicks on a photo from an album, it downloads the photo onto their computer? I don't mind clicking and having the photo open in a new window, but downloading with a click isn't what I want! :) Can you help me figure out what is going on? I've checked and I have do not allow downloading checked in Google+ (Thank you!)   Example following. 

Daniel Treadwell June 19, 2012

+Nikke Lindqvist, great to hear, thanks for letting me know.

Nikke Lindqvist June 19, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell Thanks. I actually updated this morning, and everything seems to work just fine with WordPress 3.4.

Daniel Treadwell June 19, 2012

+Nikke Lindqvist, I haven't yet had a chance to check it out, but I have not had any complaints from users.  It would require a large foundation change from WordPress for it to stop working though, it should be fine.

+Andy Boyle, sorry to hear you are having problems.  Please ensure you are running the latest version (1.1.2).  Also, try unchecking the 'Post overwrite' option if you continue to have issues (comments will still be imported).  Let me know if you still have any problems.

Andy Boyle June 19, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell , I am getting multiple, repeated imports from G+ to Wordpress via your plugin.  I am a paid subscriber.  Please help.  I am seeing 8, maybe 10 imports of the same posts.  It is killing my audience!

Nikke Lindqvist June 18, 2012

Hi +Daniel Treadwell! I just wanted to check if everything seems to work with Google+Blog and WordPress 3.4?

Jamie Furlong June 02, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell - my apologies if this has been covered before but I flagged this up a couple of months ago and still haven't sorted it out yet. If you take a look here http;// you will see that none of the comments have avatar images. They are all missing and it looks really ugly. The img address is: but you put this into a browser it returns an 803 error OAuthException saying that the alias does not exist. Wordpress is set to display avatars and generate remote ones. Is it just me who has this issue? Am I missing something really obvious?

Travis Sarbin May 28, 2012

Will do. Thanks +Daniel Treadwell - I could definitely use the assist. If I can get this working right, will definitely be upgrading as I think it's an amazing plugin. Thanks again for your assistance.

Daniel Treadwell May 28, 2012

+Scott Jarvie, it has done the rounds quite a few times now, but it really exploded soon after I released a hosted google+blog concept so you may have brushed it off assuming it was that (which is now

If you need any help with it let me know, but really it should just work. glad you've discovered it, you have some great content on here which would look great on your blog.

Daniel Treadwell May 28, 2012

+Travis Sarbin, That is a strange issue, if you'd like me to try to debug further message me through your details privately and I will check it out.

Scott Jarvie May 27, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell hey can't believe i didn't know about your post from google+ to wp blog thing until now when I asked Colby what he was using. I need to go find it and install it I think.

Travis Sarbin May 24, 2012

yeah, I went through all that and even changed my API key. The host isn't limiting connections (i host my own servers) so I'm at a bit of a loss. I've verified the API key and my ID are correct and even tested it with another app to simulate the API call... very strange. I think i'm running the latest version 1.1.2 is what I've got.

Daniel Treadwell May 24, 2012

+Travis Sarbin, ensure the API key is still valid on the Google API console, if it is, try simply rekeying it in, along with your profile ID and forcing an update manually. Also ensure you are running the latest version.

Something could have messed up your wp_options settings on WordPress, or there could be an issue with your API Key. Also ensure that your web host is not limiting external connections (this is much more common than I ever expected).

Travis Sarbin May 05, 2012

Strange thing happened the other day... no changes at all to any configurations or anything and my posts stopped flowing. I went to check out Wordpress and saw a bunch of these in the list:

Google+Blog Unable to fetch posts, please ensure you have entered the correct API Key and Google+ Profile ID

Just to be certain, I did verify that nothing had changed (API and ID are correct) but it's still not picking up. Anyone else experience this?

Dave Hill April 25, 2012

Finally got around to installing the latest-greatest (from 1.0.8), and glad to see so many of the niggling problems cleared up. Thanks!

I'm going to bump a suggestion I had a while back, since it would take this plug-in from great to faboo in my mind. I'd love it if you could include some CSS style info in the feed that comes in, so that if I wanted to (for example) include the link back to the Google+ quote, but a bit smaller, I could (at my option) define the "gpb.pluslink" text style and have it show up however I want. Being able to control how the imported posts (vs native posts on my blog) look would be awesome.

Aye Dee April 21, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell

Here is an example of what happens after the current update took place:

Also, what does the 'future' posting option really do? When I select it, it seems to have the same effect as 'published'. Is it possible to have a future option that gives the option of automatically setting posts to go out in increments of 30 minutes / 1hr /2 hrs, etc. from the time the update is received, in sequential order?

Thanks as always.

Daniel Treadwell April 16, 2012

+Aye Dee, The G+ interface changes didn't make any difference to the API that I use for the plugin. There may be something else going on here. Can you please message me an example so that I can check it out.


Aye Dee April 16, 2012

Hi Daniel, love your plug-in, been using the paid version for a while, however, with the new google interface update, pictures in the WP post appear as a box, previously they appeared as a scaled down version of what they are in the Google plus posting i.e a rectangle . Will the next update take care of this? Thanks a bunch

Daniel Treadwell April 08, 2012

+Andy Boyle, Really happy to hear that - thanks for the support!

Daniel Treadwell April 08, 2012

+Samuel Mccown, There is no limit coded into the plugin. It may be an issue with the time it takes to get a response for all of those requests.

If it is not working with your live server I would suggest asking your host if they allow external web requests via PHP. This is the most common reason for the problem you describe.

+Hugo Filipe, it sounds like you have the same issue as +Samuel Mccown. Unfortunately the plugin requires the ability to make http requests from PHP. I try multiple methods which overcomes some locking down done by hosting providers, but there is only so much I can do. You are best off talking to your webhost to see if they can open it up for you.

If there is anything I can help with, shoot me through a message.

Andy Boyle April 08, 2012

I've been using the free version for a few weeks now and have been completely satisfied. Bought the paid version today.


Hugo Filipe April 07, 2012

Hi Daniel!

Thank you so much for this pluggin development! :)

However, I've encountered a strange problem, that I describe next:

I own a Wordpress (WP) educational blog for my k-7, 8 and 9 students (I'm a ICT teacher) and it is installed on my main domain (
With (the dynamics and ease of) use of Google+ came the need to cross-post from my Google+ stream to the WP blog, instead of double posting (in both platforms). So, I've installied your pluggin.

However, my main domain/URL seems to be locked/blocked, since the pluggin can't stablish connection to retrieve Google+ posts. I've created a bran new WP blog from scratch, but, after the pluggin installation, the error persists.
In one other domain/URL (, the same Wordpress pluggin works perfectlly, and my Google+ stream is imported! So, this means that my Google+ API key and ID are correct and that my URL/domain can't really retrieve Google+ information.

Could it exist some kind of blockage mechanism that interrupts communication between my main URL/domain and Google+, since my Google+ ID and API key works with the pluggin in others URLs?

Samuel Mccown March 24, 2012

I should also mention that I bought the plugin and it only works on my local setup, not on my live server. I've disabled all other plugins and still no solution.

Samuel Mccown March 23, 2012

Is there a limit to the amount of multiple users you can import from? Once I get to three users I get a msg stating there is an error in the API key and/or ID.

Jens Lumm March 13, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell Thanks a lot! 1.1.2. fixed the problem.

Phlash Tha March 13, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell really? ill give it a try and get back to you... thx for prompt reply.

Daniel Treadwell March 13, 2012

+Phlash Tha some sites have had good experience with some of the +1 plugins available showing the correct count.

Phlash Tha March 13, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell is there a way to also display the +1's count along with the re-shared count?

Daniel Treadwell March 13, 2012

+Jens Lumm there have been a couple of small bugfix updates which were done silently. I can't remember the problems they solved as they were minor. Could you please try to download the latest version (1.1.2) and let me know how it goes?

Jens Lumm March 13, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell It's Version 1.1.0.

Daniel Treadwell March 13, 2012

+Jens Lumm what version of the plugin are you running?

Jens Lumm March 09, 2012

Same strange problem here like +Drew Minh . Everytime I include a vimeo video it redirects my blog page directly to vimeo. Any ideas? YouTube works fine. Thanks!

Max Huijgen February 26, 2012

Thank +Daniel Treadwell Photo option: cool!
To make things easier the person editing the post could just put a tag in the post on WP. That probably makes lifer easier for the plugin if it has to check for a specific tag.
We could simplify the question about the reshares by manually adding them ourselves. The full monty will be complex, but we use it for our +EuroTech page and like all pages we are dependent on the popularity of the persons behind the page to get it under the attention.
As this a common enough usage scenario there could be a list which the user of the plugin fills himself of streams to check for the same post. Would make your life much easier, don´t you think.
cc +Sean Lumly

Daniel Treadwell February 25, 2012

+Max Huijgen Thanks for the feedback, I'm happy to hear you are liking it so far. To address your requests, I have added the option for photo placement to my TODO list and should have it in a future version. I'll have to investigate WordPress to see if there is a way to programatically tell if a post has been edited after the initial import, if that is simple enough I will also add that to my list.

As for grabbing comments from shared posts, that may be a little out of scope for the plugin as it may introduce issues relating to conversational context. I'm also not too sure off the top of my head that it is possible to get the details of the reshared post via the API without scraping the resharers stream directly which would be extremely inefficient.

Max Huijgen February 23, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell we are currently testing the plugin. It seems to do a perfect job so far, but of course we want more :)
three wish list items:
- would it be possible to make an option: if photo attachment, place photo above text otherwise at the bottom as is now the case

- when we the posts are auto imported and set to overwrite older version that´s exactly what we want as we tend to fix small errors in the first post. However the moment someone has the time to improve the layout in WordPress manually we would like to block the overwrite. Would it be possible to check on a tag in the destination WP post to block the overwrite and only fetch the new comments?

- the most difficult one: would it be possible to grab the comments from the shares of the same post and get them all under the original post as an on/off option at import?

Stephane Jemelin February 23, 2012

Yes I know it's often stupid little details that prevent things to work seamlessly :-).

Brent Burzycki February 22, 2012

+Stephane Jemelin Always something to check.. I know I have been caught off guard by plugins that interfere with eachother.

Stephane Jemelin February 21, 2012

Yes Brent, I do post 950px wide pix. I don't think other plugins would do that, as I use some contact and feed burner and stuff like that but no import stuff... Thank's for asking

Brent Burzycki February 20, 2012

+Stephane Jemelin Just to make sure you are posting it full size on G+ - then having the plugin import it to your blog?

Are you running any other plugins that might be interfering with image resizing or other items...

Daniel Treadwell February 20, 2012

+Stephane Jemelin I see what you mean now. Unfortunately without lowering the quality of the image I cannot make it any bigger than the source image. For me it is the same size in your G+ post as it is on your blog.

Stephane Jemelin February 20, 2012

Daniel, Thank you for your answer. I downloaded your plugin (the free version for now :-) yesterday so it should be the correct version. If you go to my google "wall", you will see a snowboarder pic. In fact it's bigger in my wordpress post ( but still doesn't fill the post up to the sidebar. Would this be possible? Thank's

Daniel Treadwell February 20, 2012

+Stephane Jemelin, can you confirm you have downloaded the latest version? Please go to the site and update if you haven't. This was a problem in the last version due to some changes being made by Google. Let me know if you continue to have an issue with it.

Stephane Jemelin February 19, 2012

Hey Daniel,
When I upload a picture on my Google+ account, it's 950px wide. Then it's shown in 512px wide in my "wall". By using your plugin Google+toBlog, the picture shown in wordpress is also pretty small. Is it possible to change this size (I d'like to get a bigger image in my wordpress post...).
Thank's for your plugin and your answer.

Drew Minh February 14, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell thanks, it does work now. I must have been viewing a cached version earlier because I did enable overwrite when I updated.

Daniel Treadwell February 14, 2012

+Drew Minh, I just tested this locally with your account and my update fixed it. Please be sure you have 'Post Overwrite' enabled as it will then overwrite the link code in the post for the video. Without that enabled it won't update your post.

Brent Burzycki February 14, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell thanks.. it is just one of the little things.. but man it can blow up a blog when you post an album... and option would be great....

Drew Minh February 14, 2012

Thanks +Daniel Treadwell. The YT videos are now appearing. I still get the odd error of Vimeo videos redirecting. Any idea on why this is occurring and how to avoid it? I simply take the URL, and add it as a link on G+. Once it imports to my blog it gives this error. EDIT: here is a link so you can see what I mean:

Paul Simbeck-Hampson February 14, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell Nice recovery. The posts now show the videos. As it was not possible to alter the iframe in the Google+ posts everyone who updates and uses the overwrite will see their videos again. Thanks for the speedy action. Best, Paul.

Cédric Guizelin February 14, 2012

It works fine to me the 1.1.2

Daniel Treadwell February 14, 2012

+Paul Simbeck-Hampson, +Drew Minh, +Cédric Guizelin,
I have updated the plugin to accomodate some recent changes made by Google in relation to video linking. Please download the latest version and let me know if it fixes up the problem.

Please keep in mind that if you don't have post overwrite enabled, old posts will not be updated to fix the video links and only new posts will be effected.

Thanks for the feedback and patience.

Daniel Treadwell February 14, 2012

+Brent Burzycki sorry for the delay in answering. I see what you mean now. I will look to update the plugin again within the week to give an option to exclude single photo posts from importing. This just comes down to how Google send the data via the API.

Paul Simbeck-Hampson February 13, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell Hey! Nice to see you Daniel... thought you must be very busy. Glad that you're on the case. Good luck with solving the riddle - happy to help if needed.

Daniel Treadwell February 13, 2012

+Paul Simbeck-Hampson thanks for the thorough investigation. I have been very busy of late but intend to look into this over the next couple of nights. At first look it seems like there have been some changes to the G+ API (or perhaps an old bug has found its way back).

I will keep you updated. Thanks again.

Paul Simbeck-Hampson February 13, 2012

Just added a new post with a video via the 'add video' option from within G+. I chose the add YT video option and entered the normal URL. Instead of forcing an update on the WP plugin I'm going to let it naturally update and see if it works... will update this comment in 30 mins.

UPDATE: It didn't work - video is not showing - so as per the previous post, videos are not possible via this plugin currently. Hope +Daniel Treadwell comes back on this soon.

Paul Simbeck-Hampson February 13, 2012

Just found another post from December that contained a YouTube Video, and the iframe was also formatted as in the 2nd example above - it is still on display. That's the problem identified. Now to the solution. It looks like YouTube has changed the format of the url when dragging a video to G+ or sharing a G+ video. I guess that means that +Daniel Treadwell needs to update the code from the plugin to reflect Google's change.

If anyone has any other ideas or tips, feel free to share! For now, I can't find a way to add videos to posts that will post to WP, because I can't alter the iframe that is added to G+, also reformatting the URL in a browser shows no video.

Feel like a little bit of progress has been made.

Paul Simbeck-Hampson February 13, 2012

As it seems, the +1 button on YouTube is forming the URL as in the first example - ie. the one that is not displaying. More checks...

Adding the iframe code from YouTube to G+ shows the link only, no embeded video, no thumbnail
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

YouTube Shortened URL also shows the ?v version, ie. the first video format. So how did it create the /v/ etc format? Anyone?

Paul Simbeck-Hampson February 13, 2012

Ok, I'm onto something... I looked more closely at the two YouTube Codes and did find a subtle difference.

This was the code where the video did not display...
<p style="clear: both;">=<iframe src=" frameborder="0" width="97.5%" height="385"></iframe></p>

This is the code where it did display
<p style="clear: both;">=<iframe src=";fs=1 frameborder="0" width="97.5%" height="385"></iframe></p>

NOTE I had to break the iframes a little in order for it to display above (added ... points so you can see the code)

The difference is the format after, in the working version the code is /v/1Rg etc...?hl= etc..."

I just changed the above code to match the second one and Voila, it's now displaying in WP. When the post updates within the hour it is likely to return to the code in the first one... SO...

So, now I have to make sure that the URL I'm using is formatted with the /v/ when adding it to G+. I'm not sure yet if I get the right code by dragging the video to G+ or if I have to use the embed URL... off to check... will update when I know more....

Paul Simbeck-Hampson February 13, 2012

It's quite strange, because the iframe is in the WP post and comparing it to an imported post where the video worked, the code looks exactly the same... Mmmm....

Paul Simbeck-Hampson February 13, 2012

Just updated to 1.1, somehow missed that update, nice new features btw, +Daniel Treadwell !!! Wonder if that helps with the YouTube issue? Guess not if others have problems too...

Paul Simbeck-Hampson February 13, 2012

Also same issue with YouTube - sent +Daniel Treadwell a full explanation about this a couple of days ago...

Drew Minh February 13, 2012

Like +Cédric Guizelin my YouTube videos aren't showing up. Also, maybe it has nothing to do with Google's API or the plugin, but when Vimeo videos are embedded, they automatically redirect your WP post to Vimeo's page.

John Currin February 12, 2012

Can we use the Google+Blog for WordPress plugin to crosspost/autopost from plusses to wordpress, looks nicer, a better layout

Cédric Guizelin February 10, 2012

Since few hours, the video youtube can't be seen in the import.

Brent Burzycki February 08, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell is there a way to not allow the plugin to post every photo in an album share or post as a separate post?

Cédric Guizelin February 06, 2012

I erase the double post and now... the plus import 4 time the last G+ news!

Cédric Guizelin February 06, 2012

a new time, the lastest news it s allways duplicate. and it's same if i use to see my feed. I think the problem come from G+

Cédric Guizelin February 06, 2012

I erase the two posts in double, i wrote 3 news on G+, and all the five are correctly import. Thk

Daniel Treadwell February 05, 2012

+Cédric Guizelin Please ensure that the extension has not been loaded twice. If you forced an update it may also have ran at the same time as a scheduled one.

Delete the duplicates, restart the plugin and let me know if it happens again. Thanks.

Cédric Guizelin February 05, 2012

All the import are in double since today! And you?

Daniel Treadwell February 05, 2012

+Jenny Fremlin I'm sorry I missed your message, I often have some issues with notifications so have only just come across this now. Please message (or email) me your settings and I'll do all I can to help.

+Scott Ayres I'm not all that familiar with the extended functionality of WordPress as I don't use it myself I'm afraid. I know it could be done with a customised theme page, but beyond that I really couldn't say. I'm glad you're liking the plugin.

+Paul Gieselman WordPress plugins are simply PHP files. To use the plugin just load the .zip file via the plugins section in WordPress.

Paul Gieselman February 05, 2012

So I bot the premium and received a zip file w/ a single .php file and a single readme.txt file....that's it. Where is the plugin?

Scott Ayres February 03, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell Just installed this! Fucking rocks man! Do you know of a way I can point posts straight to a page and post there instead of a category?

Jenny Fremlin January 31, 2012

Hi Daniel, I bought the plugin but haven't been able to get it to work. I'm getting nothing on import. I sent a private message four days ago, but haven't heard anything back from you. Can you tell me what the known conflicts are so I can try to get the plugin working? Thanks!

John Currin January 31, 2012

Hello Daniel, I am using your paid Wordpress plugin and am very happy with it for the kind of postings I do to mainly family and friends. A request from me is, is it possible to a similar one to post to Posterous.

Daniel Treadwell January 29, 2012

+Stuart Dyckhoff It should work with multiple hashtags, but only requires matching against a single one. The hash isn't required when entering it in the settings as I strip if it appears anyway.

Stuart Dyckhoff January 29, 2012

OK thanks +Daniel Treadwell for some reason I thought you were in my circles but it appears not. Sorted that now though.

Whilst I'm here the hashtag include / exclude feature - is that restricted to one hashtag and do I need to use the # itself?

Daniel Treadwell January 29, 2012

+Stuart Dyckhoff, I have plans to implement something along those lines, unfortunately I have not have a chance to do so as yet so encourage people to keep an eye on my stream for now to be updated of releases.

Stuart Dyckhoff January 29, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell missed this update. For some reason I was under the impression that paid for users would be emailed when updates were available?

Toni Boni January 24, 2012

Hello, I understand the differences between the free and pay.
I would be very interested in buying, but first I want to understand. thanks

Daniel Treadwell January 23, 2012

+Timothée Pouyt, A blank exclusion category is what most people will run with as it will then just import and display posts as if they were any other. Are your posts not importing? Message me privately with your settings and I will see if I can work out what the problem is.

+Simon Leufstedt Unfortunately Livefyre don't allow 'active' syncing of comments. So whilst they are sitting there in WordPress, they are not being pulled across to Livefyre automatically. I've been told that they may be looking into it but I cannot be sure. The weird characters you are talking about are simply HTML character codes. The one you mentioned is an apostrophe. This may also have to do with how Livefyre handle the import. I wish I could be of more help.

Simon Leufstedt January 21, 2012

Hi +Daniel Treadwell, thanks for the great plugin, it's definitely worth the $10! But I am having a problem with the comments. On this post ( there should be three comments from Google+. But only two are displayed, and they have some weird codes in them, such as "&#39;". If I go and edit that post in Wordpress I can see the three comments just fine (without any display errors). So all the comments have been imported from Google+, they just aren't showing up. What could be wrong and how can I fix it?

Edit: When I deactivated and re-activated the Livefyre plugin all the G+ comments showed up. I am still having problems with the weird text formatting.

Timothée Pouyt January 20, 2012

Hi, I don't understand waht means Exclusion Category.
I have kept it blank and the plugin doesn't work. (This is perhaps not the problem but I have correctly filled all others fields, so I don't know where is the problem)

Dave Krugman January 18, 2012

Hmm ok thank you +Daniel Treadwell, successful download. Now to try to exclusion trick... thanks!

Daniel Treadwell January 18, 2012

+Dave Krugman as mentioned by Nikke, if you add your transaction ID to the URL (as in the example) it will give you the latest version. You should also have the link and your transaction ID in the email you were sent after payment. That link will always give you the latest version.

The only way to limit the page that your posts are displayed on is by importing into a single category and then setting that category as your exclusion category. This will make the posts available ONLY via the category view page.

Nikke Lindqvist January 18, 2012

+Dave Krugman - add your transactionID to the URL after clicking and you will start the download immediately.

Dave Krugman January 18, 2012

If I already bought the pro version, how do I get the update? The link above prompts me to pay again. Also, is it possible to specify which page of the blog the G+ content will be fed into?

Daniel Treadwell January 18, 2012

+Nikke Lindqvist Thanks for the feedback. I will do some research on it.

+Les Jenkins I'm glad that one problem is fixed - not so glad that a new one has been introduced. I'll look into it and get it fixed up in the next version. Thanks for letting me know.

Les Jenkins January 18, 2012

Daniel, the latest update appears to fix the future-post-times problem I was having, thanks! Now I've got a new bug: Whenever I manually import using the checkbox I end up with duplicate posts. If it imports two new items it doubles them to 4 (two plus two duplicates). It's more annoyance than anything, but I thought I should let you know.

Nikke Lindqvist January 16, 2012

Great update! I have a rather off request for the next version, and that is if you would consider using load_plugin_textdomain for loading strings used by the plugin. That would make it possible to localize some strings in an easy way.

Joanna Pechmann January 15, 2012

Thank you +Daniel Treadwell so I will wait:)
I just notice when I post the image with album to my Google stream the images where imported to my blog in the full size but it is not working with posts with single images.
Here is the link to my blog to see the example. So it looks like the bug affects only posts with single images.

Daniel Treadwell January 15, 2012

+Joanna Pechmann I display the images as large as the post area allows (as long as the image is big enough). Unfortunately there is a bug in the G+ API at the moment that prevents the full size image being sent where it should be. I have lodged this issue with them and hopefully it will be resolved soon. Thanks for the feedback.

Daniel Treadwell January 15, 2012

+Ken Smith The photos should be the same as they reference the exact same source file. The only difference that I believe there could be is that Google+ does not display the same size image (to better suit their format) whereas I display the image as large as possible to fit into the posts.

Dave Beckerman January 15, 2012

Thanks. Working like a charm so far. Just updated. Dave

Joanna Pechmann January 14, 2012

Thank you +Daniel Treadwell for this great plugin.
I am very happy with it, just installed updated version. I have a question according the size of imported images. I would love them to appear a little bit bigger on my blog then on the Google stream. Is there any way to manage it ?

Ken Smith January 13, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell. I will gladly upgrade as soon as I get my PayPal account straightened out. I'm in Mexico with a Texas mailing address and my credit cards use a different address. Apparently, PayPal thinks I'm running a scam.

Can you explain why photos look so much better on than they do on Google+ itself. You are pulling the photos from G+, so how does the quality improve.

Here is an example. I posted a photo of a bust of Lionel Hampton. On G+, the inscription of Hampton's name looks muddy. On it is sharp and clean. Overall, the photo just looks better (and bigger) on

Here are my two accounts. Scroll down to the second post about Lionel Hampton.

Les Jenkins January 07, 2012

Don't think you'll find one +Trent Petronaitis as the Google+ API doesn't allow writing to streams yet. It's read-only at the moment.

Mahei Foliaki January 07, 2012

great work mate!

Daniel Treadwell January 07, 2012

+Terry Reed, The other guys seem to have you covered with guides and suggestions on how to use G+. It can be a bit of a learning curve, especially if you haven't spent much time on social media in general prior to this.

The number of people I have circled (it is just the number of people, not necessarily circles) might seem quite high, but that allows me to have a constant stream of content and discussion there whenever I wish to take part in it. Most of those people aren't posting to me directly, simply sharing their content for others to read/take part in a related discussion. People that are following me have an interest in what I am writing about (at least I hope so).

My suggestion is to stick with G+ if you can. Read up on the linked guides and find a few more. You mentioned that you are interested in photography. One of the top followed photographers here is +Colby Brown, apart from being a great guy he is also very active on here and also created a guide for photographers using G+. His guide can be found here:

Good luck with finding comfort here. It really is a great place to be once you get the hang of it.

Daniel Treadwell January 07, 2012

+Trent Petronaitis Unfortunately the API us developers have access to via Google is Read-only which means it is not yet possible to post to G+ via a WordPress plugin. This will be made available eventually, but Google have their reasons for holding out for now.

Rupert Wood January 07, 2012

Hi +Terry Reed can I first say welcome to the fun of G+, and secondly apologise to Daniel for butting in here ;)
You're not alone in your confusion, though I don't know if you recall being introduced to Twitter or Facebook? I do recall people new to both those being mightily confused, frustrated and needing help. After a while they did get used to it on the whole and the process became familiar. So, don't give up yet ;)
A quick look at your profile tells me you have made an effort to get content posted which is ahead of the curve for a lot of people! Though I couldn't work out quite what you are possibly attempting to promote? Is the Homestead thing a business? If so, I'd suggest creating a separate Business page here for it, uploading the pics into various organised albums, summer, winter, inside, outside, visitors, etc. Post business related stuff to the business page and then share these with your personal page at a suggested rate of 1 in 10 of your personal public posts, which could be anything from sharing memes (not a fan of them myself), commenting and posting on news stories that interest you, your travels and your day to day doings for example. To increase numbers of people who circle you, post stuff you are passionate about, and try include your passion in either an intro to the item you are sharing, or just put your passion out there. Use #Hashtags these will help others interested in that topic find your posts and find you. Also use them to find others you have interests in common with and comment on their posts, engage them in conversation. Before you know it, you'll be building your circles and getting a lot more out of G+
The link above to the slideshow on G+ is a great place to start, also I'd recommend putting +Gabriel Vasile in your circles as he does post regular help guides for new people, as well as having some great helpful links in his about page - I also have to help links in mine, but maybe not as many as Gabriel.
Anyway, don't be put off, G+ is a wonderful resource you can gain a lot from.
ps - if you do want to have a direct 'private' conversation with someone, start a post, remove any circles from that post, and just +plus their name in it - this then becomes a private condo between the two of you.

Daniel Treadwell January 07, 2012

+Terry Reed I'll address your comment a little later, am mobile a moment. I do understand where you are coming from though, G+ is certainly a lot to take in if you are new to this kind of thing, let alone my development for it.

+Neville Hobson Sorry, I wasn't all that clear. You must have the hashtag in the post (wish the hash), but where you specify the hashtag in the plugin does not require the hash. Could you please make a post with a hashtag and I will check if it is working on my end (it works for my own posts). Thanks.

Neville Hobson January 07, 2012

+Terry Reed understand your frustration! This place can seem a bit overwhelming sometimes. As a start point, you might want to review "The Google+ Start-Up Guide 2.0" Once you understand some basics, things should look better for you.

Terry Reed January 07, 2012

PS -- sorry for the length and the typos, didnt sleep last night, only four hours the night before, making my left arm go all wonky on me .. lovely leftovers from stroke. Getting old doesn't just suck, it SUCKS A BIG ONE!!!! grin!

Terry Reed January 07, 2012

OK call me a complete cheechako (Haida for greenhorn) but I think this is all way too technical for my use. I don't even know what half the words MEAN, Daniel! I originally "liked" you as they say on Facebook, which I understood implicitly from day one, because of your interest in photography and that you, too, were a "thinker" but now? I think you definitely are a thinker, and I know I am too, but we must be THINKING about many radically different things! ;-) All this, etc is for ... people who write code? Because Neville Hobson, above, used words like "hastag" and "G+WP" and "config the WP plugin" ... and hon, it may as well be Lithuanian except that I quite likely would be able to figure out to START a conversation directly with you about anything but cannot find a single place on this page to make a comment to you, or ask you a question. I have to use the Comments under YOUR post about "Google+Blog for WordPress UPDATE 1.1.0" --- methinks this stuff is not for regular ol' end users, is it? I mean, talking this talk, having these conversations with 1439 people "In YOUR circle" or is that circles, and god only knows the number of people in each circle?! And, then there are over 10k people who have YOU in one or more of their circles, each made up of ????

Also, using Google's other stuff, like albums ... nightmare! NO directions for use, no instructions for anything! I threw up a lot of photos of the lodge, thinking I could go back later and put them in the order I wanted. Well, 'scuse me for thinking, but .. noep! And you can't click and drag'em either! So, now I'm stuck with my photos of Alaska in winter, next to a few in spring, next to a few in what LOOKS like winter cause its up on Denali's basecamp near 10,000 feet but its really summer! LOL

I THINK I get this: the whole deal is supposed to make it where an end user, like myself, doesnt have to repeat herself in dozens of places! However, trying to get OTHER end users to come over here, meaning ... away from FB ... isnt happening! They find this all equally confusing. Maybe Google is for the elite who can read white text on white background but I just dont see enough instructions for USE. It's too hard, whine! I'd LOVE to try . .use me as a guinea pig, I dont care! Buit for now, if I can't even START a conversation with you because there is no obvious way to do it, I wont. Time is precious and if something is too hard to use, when there are other prgromas SO easy t use, often only menu driven rally, that I juts cant see this social networks appeal. I sorry. Maybe you and others can tell me where to go (besides, to hell ... for being so presumptious for asking: WTH are you all talking about?! What good is it for me? Or my business? Just curious! THANKS if you've the time to answer, or if anyone does and knows how to contact me directly! I cannot even send MYSELF a note to MYSELF on here ... from here! Make ANY sense or did you, and others, just instantly "know" how it all worked? YOU DO NOT, OF COURSE, HAVE TO ANSWER THIS LONG-WINDED QUERY, but I kinda hope ou can steer me to Google+ 101, soon! ~~~ TERRY

Neville Hobson January 07, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell thanks. There must be something I'm not doing right. I just posted a note here in G+, added the hashtag I'm using for the WP plugin to bring in only G+ posts tagged that way, but no import. The hashtag is G+WP. I've tried it with the '#' and without it, same result: no import. (Import works perfectly if I config the WP plugin to import all, not by hashtag.)

Rupert Wood January 07, 2012

such a plugin would need to use an api, google have not released api for G+ yet, and no idea if/when they will.
there maybe some type of chrome plugin that may help but not entirely sure.
Daniel may know more :)

Trent Petronaitis January 07, 2012

Looking for a plugin which allows me to auto post what I post on Wordpress (not Google Plus) to Google Plus. Havn't had any luck finding one, do you know of such a plugin? Cheers.

Daniel Treadwell January 06, 2012

+Neville Hobson the hashtag is meant to be stripped, that is fine. I just checked your profile and wasn't able to find any recent posts with hashtags. I did just realise that it is case sensitive though, so if you do have some be sure to specify the hashtag exactly.

Neville Hobson January 06, 2012

+Daniel Treadwell terrific plugin, thanks. Currently on the free one, just updated to 1.1.0. It still doesn't do something that I would like - actually do G+ imports by hashtag only. If I enter a hashtag in the PW settings and save the options, the '#' symbol is stripped and nothing imports from G+. Is there a specific way to add the hashtag to a G+ post. Position or something?

Rupert Wood January 05, 2012

Hmm! I'll look into these other things a little more, as am sure some are being done server side, though I do think some, if not all, may be experiencing issues with limits on calls to google+, I think limited to something like 1000 per day currently, but I'll try and find out some more info and get back to you.

Daniel Treadwell January 05, 2012

+Les Jenkins Thanks, I'll see what I can do to replicate your issue and try to track it down.

+Rupert Wood current methods being used are all done client side (via Chrome extensions etc..). As this is a server side extension it isn't possible to do access the data. The unofficial underlying API has its uses, but they are limited in their scope.

Rupert Wood January 05, 2012

Hi Daniel, I'm aware access to G+'s API is restricted preventing the task of accessing private posts being easy to accommodate. Though as no one, other than a few at google, know when the API will be available, I was suggesting if it is possible to work around this by using by the methods others are using. I'm sure there are limits to this, and would suggest it maybe only came as a feature for the pro-package, and if it did, I for one would already have coughed up my $10.
Though having said that, am just waiting on a few bills to arrive to see how much is left in paypal this month and may well pay-up anyway if funds allow this month.
rgds, R, :)

Les Jenkins January 04, 2012

Daniel, my WP install is set to -5 UTC.

Daniel Treadwell January 04, 2012

+Riël Notermans I'm glad you're liking the plugin. I'm really hoping that it can work both ways in the future, as yet that is not allowed by the G+ API. When it can be done, rest assured that it will be :)

Riël Notermans January 04, 2012

Daniel, and will go for paid version. It's very polished plugin, good pricing! Let me test it with my partner for some days now. Thank you!

PS Would 2-way in future be possible? Or, just the comment-system?

Daniel Treadwell January 04, 2012

+Rupert Wood As yet it isn't possible to access private posts via the G+ API. I'm sure this will come in time, but we're not there yet. I've been thinking about better ways to notify people, just need a chance to spend some time on it :) Thanks for the feedback.

+Christopher Knopick thanks for the support, glad you're liking it.

+Les Jenkins, +Dave Hill I looked into the time issue but was unable to replicate, it doesn't seem to be happening to most people. Could you please message me the timezone that you both have setup in WordPress?

Dave Hill January 04, 2012

I haven't tried this version yet, but 1.0.8 was intermittent with this. For me, most posts went through at the proper time, a few with a GMTish timestamp (e.g., if it were 9 a.m. MST it would make it 9 a.m. GMT, or 4 p.m. MST). The same was true for some, but not all, comment updates. Most comments came in with the right time; others were at a GMTish time.

Les Jenkins January 04, 2012

Just retried this version (1.0.9 had quit working for me) and it appears to be working again, but is still putting posts "into the future" timestamp-wise. Any possibility you can get it to use the local WordPress time-offset to adjust post times to match local time?

Dave Hill January 04, 2012

Also glad to see an update -- love the new post-all-but-hashtag option. Thanks!

Michael Martin January 04, 2012

I'm so happy to see this updated to support Google Reader shared posts ! Thanks for all your hard work !

Riël Notermans January 04, 2012

Woow, working on our site :D 2x click and works!

Christopher Knopick January 04, 2012

Daniel, love the plugin, been using the free one and just purchased the $10 one. How long until I receive the email with the transaction ID?---Update, just got it thanks.

Rupert Wood January 04, 2012

Awesome! Was wondering if/when an update would be available I really like this plugin!
couple of questions/requests for the next update -
is it it possible for it to pull posts from a 'private' circle? I know a few twitter/facebook tools do it this way, circling the 'tool' and publishing to that circle.
Also, can you maybe put us 'users' in a circle so you can 'notify' us of these updates? Might need to use a few circles, as I think their is a limit on the number of people you can 'notify' at a time. Not sure if a +page might be better for this, tho not sure if pages can notify. Though maybe a mailing list/service would work just as well!