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OK ... that's it!

April 29, 2012 42 comments 5 shares 140 plus ones
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This is my last one for #DandelionDay –– no, really ... I promise!!
And I am not mentioning you-know-who or you-know-who or you-know-who, because they are probably going to uncircle me after this day! (But I love you guys!)


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Robin Griggs Wood April 30, 2012

Thank you for always taking the time to leave a comment, +max G. -- I appreciate your support! :o)

max G. April 30, 2012

beautiful soft light-colored +Robin Griggs Wood

Robin Griggs Wood April 30, 2012

Thank you, +Ian Thomas ... :o)

Ian Thomas April 30, 2012

The colours and light here are beautiful.

Gary Munroe April 30, 2012

+Robin Griggs Wood - Not in the least... as inundated as I may be.. it pales in the comparison to one of her days. ;)

Robin Griggs Wood April 29, 2012

+Josep-Maria Robert -- thank you!

Robin Griggs Wood April 29, 2012

+Gary Munroe -- feel a bit like Chrysta right about now? ... ;oD

Josep-Maria Robert April 29, 2012


Gary Munroe April 29, 2012

+Robin Griggs Wood - I'm glad I can entertain you.. I think next time I'll just try juggling. It's been an experience! ;)

Robin Griggs Wood April 29, 2012

+Gary Munroe -- I thought on you yesterday, because you were not around (or maybe just hiding! ;oD) and all the posts you would end up having to go through today ... oh my gawd!!! Tired, yet? ... ;oD Thank you for all your patience ... teehee!
+Shelly Gunderson -- thank you, dear ... and glad you could play! :o)
+Azzad Sandhu -- thank you.

Shelly Gunderson April 29, 2012

Really love the light and pastels in this! Very nice!

Gary Munroe April 29, 2012

+Robin Griggs Wood - I know you-know-who personally and can guarantee you he'd never uncircle you... great shot... {{continues to dig through posts}}

Azzad Sandhu April 29, 2012

so lovely.

Robin Griggs Wood April 29, 2012

+Hope OHara -- thank you, dear ... :o)
+Mikko Tyllinen -- thank you!
+Sandra Parlow -- haha ... what a great comment. You are so clever!
+Julie Jamieson -- thank you!!
+Katherine Lewis -- :o)
+Cheryl Cooper -- who said they were a weed?! Lemme at 'em!! ;oD Thank you, dear!
+Werner Polwein -- thank you!
+Neeraj Tripathi -- I don't know "rambo" photos, but I thank you for the kind words.
+lorena masi -- thank you, dear!
+Kalebra Kelby -- thank you, lovely! :o)
+Andreas Kaspar -- thank you ... :o)
+Heinz Udo Zemlin -- thank you kindly, my friend.
+Lynne Goodwin -- so very sweet of you to say, dear. Thank you ... and a most happy weekend to you! hugs!

Lynne Goodwin April 29, 2012

Your dandelions are most lovely, +Robin Griggs Wood. This one is a happy maker, for sure! :-)

Heinz Udo Zemlin April 29, 2012

Dies Bild hat Leichtigkeit und wunderschöne zarte Farben . Ich mag es sehr .

Andreas Kaspar April 29, 2012

Awesome macro shot.

Kalebra Kelby April 29, 2012

Lovely, lovely, lovely. :-)

lorena masi April 29, 2012

So delicately beautiful!

Neeraj Tripathi April 29, 2012

really i like & love u r photos,thanku for photos.can u send rain rambo photos .

Werner Polwein April 29, 2012

Great Foto!

Cheryl Cooper April 29, 2012

Soft and buttery! You make a dandelion look like the prettiest flower and not a weed at all.

Katherine Lewis April 29, 2012

Check this out +Matt Lerner!

Julie Jamieson April 29, 2012

this is absolutely lovely!!

Sandra Parlow April 29, 2012

oooh! this would melt the heart of the most hardened exterminator!!!

Mikko Tyllinen April 29, 2012


Hope OHara April 29, 2012

smiling biggly.. love this one +Robin Griggs Wood

Dru Stefan Stone April 29, 2012

Indeed...I have enough dandelions to keep this up for a long time...I guess I love my backyard, no matter where that may be! :)

Robin Griggs Wood April 29, 2012

+Dru Stefan Stone -- thank you, dear!! We've been having fun, haven't we?! ;oD

Dru Stefan Stone April 29, 2012

And I love this +Robin Griggs Wood ! :)

Robin Griggs Wood April 29, 2012

Thank you so much, +Feri Petfat, +Tom Tran and +Katherine Lewis!

Katherine Lewis April 29, 2012


Tom Tran April 29, 2012

Very pretty tones, +Robin Griggs Wood.

Feri Petfat April 29, 2012

Beautiful colors

Robin Griggs Wood April 29, 2012

Thank you, +Sumit Sen, +DAYA MANI, +chris walsham and +rameez abbasi!

rameez abbasi April 29, 2012


Robin Griggs Wood April 29, 2012

+Jake Easley -- oh ... you are such a scamp!!!! (but I love you too ... :o))

chris walsham April 29, 2012

Who`d have thought a #dandelionday dandelion would look so pretty

DAYA MANI April 29, 2012


Ravindra Bhagatmalakar April 29, 2012

love u

Jake Easley April 29, 2012

Oh I really like this one, +Robin Griggs Wood! The colors are so gentle.

Don't worry, +Sandra Parlow +LaDonna Pride +Laura Loralieh Nixon and +Gary Munroe are probably asleep.
insert evil laugh

Sumit Sen April 29, 2012

Very pretty!