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evening at the wörthersee

August 06, 2012 33 comments 12 shares 126 plus ones
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evening at the wörthersee


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jany viala August 16, 2012


Krzysztof Felczak August 16, 2012

Beautiful landscape, I love tones and peaceful mood

10000 Photographers around the World August 16, 2012

Great photo and work! +Rznag Rmrod 

Also shared in the stream and daily photo theme:
#10000photographersaroundtheworld  by +Robert SKREINER 
and at the page:
+10000 Photographers around the World 

Armand Salmon August 08, 2012

This is really beautiful.

Milena Ilieva August 08, 2012


Rznag Rmrod August 08, 2012

dank euch +Gabi Fischer +Tim Dahlmeyer 

Tim Dahlmeyer August 07, 2012

nice shot!

Gabi Fischer August 07, 2012

Dieses Licht liebe ich... großartige Aufnahme!

Rznag Rmrod August 07, 2012

thank you very much +Andrea Garza +Holger Drallmeyer ..
danke euch +Melanie Kintz +Paul Turkowski 

Paul Turkowski August 07, 2012

schöner spiegel!

Melanie Kintz August 07, 2012

geiles licht.

Holger Drallmeyer August 07, 2012

Stunning work indeed! Bravo!

Andrea Garza August 06, 2012

Beautiful capture

Rznag Rmrod August 06, 2012

+walter gawronski as you wrote last days on your own, if you put the horizon centered it`s ok...and in the clouds you don`t recognize the distortion...
thanks a lot for your comment +Bernhard Baptist 

Bernhard Baptist August 06, 2012

Impressive as always. Nice shot.

walter gawronski August 06, 2012

Oh, that's great +Rznag Rmrod , I never would have guessed it was a fisheye shot, there's no visible distortion at all.

Rznag Rmrod August 06, 2012

many thanks +walter gawronski ...glad you like`s shot with my peleng ;)

walter gawronski August 06, 2012

Great tones and composition Rzang.

Rznag Rmrod August 06, 2012

many thanks +Steve Hale 

Steve Hale August 06, 2012

Simply stunning.

Rznag Rmrod August 06, 2012

thank you all so much for your nice words.. +Sandra Mara Carvalho de Melo +Olga Kafka +Gabriel Gattringer +Paul Nicolson +Carla Simona +Raya Ozruso-Cottrell +David Murphy +Anatoliy Urbanskiy +Shelly Gunderson 

+Paul Nicolson if you`re really interested send me a pm...i think that would be no problem ;)

Shelly Gunderson August 06, 2012

Beautiful image!  Looks peaceful!

Anatoliy Urbanskiy August 06, 2012

nice light!

David Murphy August 06, 2012

Beautiful light - wonderfully warm shot !!

Raya Ozruso-Cottrell August 06, 2012


Carla Simona August 06, 2012


Paul Nicolson August 06, 2012

fantastic love the warm tones, would love to hang it on my wall.

Kuntal Mal August 06, 2012

you're welcome +Rznag Rmrod

Gabriel Gattringer August 06, 2012


Olga Kafka August 06, 2012


Sandra Mara Carvalho de Melo August 06, 2012

must special:)

Rznag Rmrod August 06, 2012

thank you +Kuntal Mal 

Kuntal Mal August 06, 2012

nice photography