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Here's the +Shoot the Street Photographer Profile of +Star Rush! Do check...

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Here's the +Shoot the Street Photographer Profile of +Star Rush! Do check her out here on G+ and be certain to stop by Shoot the Street to read the entire profile.
+Leanne Staples & +Joshua Evan Powell
#streetphotography #shootthestreet #photography

Photographer Profile: Star Rush

Photographer Profile: Star Rush I was born in 1968 in Saigon, Vietnam, and moved to Seattle, Washington with my family in 1972 to live in my father’s hometown. I’ve worked as faculty and administrator...


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Leanne Staples March 12, 2012

+Star Rush we are honored to feature your photography :-) thanks

Star Rush March 12, 2012

Thank you, +Leanne Staples and +Joshua Evan Powell for including me on +Shoot the Street. It's really an honor for me. So proud to be among inspiring street shooters. :)

shahryar khan March 11, 2012

hi i realy inspire by ur photography.... nice work .............

Eero Saarnivaara March 11, 2012

goo hoo ok

Shannon Adelson March 11, 2012

Star Rush is awesome! I've been following her street shots (and accompanying narrative) since last Summer. All street shooters should definitely add her to their circles.

Jiayu Lin March 11, 2012

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jaison joseph March 11, 2012