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I paint abstract paintings in oil and other media.

For #StillLifeArtMonday, sponsored by +Maude McDonald and +Melodie Douglas...

February 13, 2012 19 comments 2 shares 27 plus ones
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For #StillLifeArtMonday, sponsored by +Maude McDonald and +Melodie Douglas

Another early still life. This is probably the most meticulous still life watercolor I have ever done (or likely will ever do), full of all kinds of pretty, girly things, and a porcelain bowl that I had also made (I even made the porcelain clay from dry ingredients -- woo-hoo!).


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Marilyn Fenn February 14, 2012

+Brenda Clews Wow! I'm a little verklempt at your overwhelmingly beautiful comment, which itself was poetry. Continuing to say "thank you so much" just isn't enough, but I'm not that much of a wordsmith; I've plum run out of worthy "thank yous." I will say how frigging happy I am that somehow my love of abstraction translates to some of you, even through my representational work. Yay!

Marilyn Fenn February 14, 2012

+Maude McDonald Thank you so much, Maude. Gosh, I'm running out of non-overused thank yous! I really do appreciate your lovely and insightful comments. Thank you...

Brenda Clews February 14, 2012

The giddy array of fabrics and special sacred objects, your own hand-made pottery, crystal perfume jars, little paint and perhaps cloisonne-encrusted boxes, the colours and patterns, flung in a disordered order is wonderful, but I am getting positively high on the reflections. Too much! A beautiful painting, and yes, you have definitely shown your credentials. lol.

This painting is half way to abstraction, it's there in the flow of energy. But it must have been very time-consuming to do! So much detail! The eye focusing on the visual world, rendering a version of it in the painting.

I can see how leaving any need to reproduce any 'visible' artifact of the world could be freeing.

But there's no reason why you can't sometimes throw random objects back into the abstract elements.

I'm personally not attracted to either abstraction or realism, I know that sounds odd. I guess what I most like is poetry. When I look at a painting, in any style, in any genre, if a poetry emerges, then it's like wow.

Your work is infused with poetry, Marilyn.

Maude McDonald February 14, 2012

Such a busy little artist you've been. ;-)
This is wonderful, Marilyn. Had to stop and study all the interesting and intriguing items you've placed in this still life. Beautiful values and tones!

Marilyn Fenn February 13, 2012

+MisTikkal Rosy Thank you so much! :D

MisTikkal Rosy February 13, 2012

Superb colours, line, composition and flow. What a fantastic assortment and the colours blend and separate beautifully. +Marilyn Fenn

Marilyn Fenn February 13, 2012

+Mikko Tyllinen Thanks so much, Mikko!

Mikko Tyllinen February 13, 2012

Marilyn!!!! this is fabulous! all this details that build difrean meaning and tell the story! wonderful water colors!

Marilyn Fenn February 13, 2012

+Melodie Douglas Ah, thanks, Melodie! Glad to hear it. :)

Melodie Douglas February 13, 2012

Wonderful colors, shapes and forms +Marilyn Fenn so much detail. Even in this there is a certain amount of abstraction.

Marilyn Fenn February 13, 2012

+Matthew Woodall Thanks so much for such a nice comment!

Marilyn Fenn February 13, 2012

+Ghazi Riman Ghazi, I have been waiting for this question for months! I figured someone would eventually ask! :)

Long answer: because I am more thrilled by abstraction than representation, whether viewing or painting. With abstraction, I can focus on the elements of art, like color, composition, line, form, shape, etc., in their purest form, without the distraction of a representational image. There is, in some ways, more "play" involved, and it's a bit more free way to paint. I think it's also harder to do well, and I bungle it as much as I get it right.

Short answer: because I already did representation. I always thought I was just paying my dues as an artist to learn how to draw and to get my chops together. I still do it some, and I still enjoy it, but not as much as I enjoy abstraction.

Matthew Woodall February 13, 2012

Wonderful work Marilyn. The detail in the little box and crystals are amazing.

Lee Bruner February 13, 2012

heh, post away :)

Marilyn Fenn February 13, 2012

+Lee Bruner Indeed I did! :D

Think I'll post another koo koo painting for AbstractArtMonday (but much more recent).

Ghazi Riman February 13, 2012

Why did you stop painting wonderful still life like this amazing painting Marilyn,You have a such wonderful talent and efforts :-)

Marilyn Fenn February 13, 2012

+Peggyjo Starr Thanks so much, Peggyjo! :)

Lee Bruner February 13, 2012

Ya went all koo koo with the frou frou ;) Very nice :)

Peggyjo Starr February 13, 2012

Yes, woo hoo +Marilyn Fenn ! Absolutely beautiful.