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I paint abstract paintings in oil and other media.

OK, one last thing before I buckle down and get back to painting.

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I don't post many photos of me, because I am 100% the opposite of photogenic, and most photos of me don't look like me (my husband agrees, and he has the same issue -- he's much, much cuter than the camera makes him look).

All that said, some time back, a good friend took this photo in black and white and hand-colored it.  Today, I scanned it in without removing it from the frame, so I think the streaks are due to the glass.  This is one of the few pictures of me I do like.  :)


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Marilyn Fenn July 20, 2012

Hmmm...interesting idea.  I used my scanner, but it has a transparency lid also, that I didn't use...naw, I don't think that would work, as it is framed, and opaque on the back.  I was going to remove it from the frame (sooner or later) and re-scan.  But good to know about your cool trick!  Thanks!+Murray Robertson 

Murray Robertson July 20, 2012

+Marilyn Fenn, I just bought a cheap microscope and it has 2 lights. One is above the glass, the other below it. Scratches on the cover glass disappear when I light it from both on top and below the cover glass. If you try photographing something like this again...

Marilyn Fenn July 12, 2012

+Carolyn Fox-Hearne Thanks, Carolyn!  Good to see you here again.  :)

Carolyn Fox-Hearne July 12, 2012

Awesome picture, Marilyn!

Marilyn Fenn July 10, 2012

+Maude McDonald Aw, you're so sweet!  :)

Maude McDonald July 10, 2012

:)  Beautiful lady... inside and out.

Marilyn Fenn July 10, 2012

+Chrissy Kapp Thank you!  :)

Chrissy Kapp July 10, 2012

That's a beautiful picture of you +Marilyn Fenn 

Marilyn Fenn July 10, 2012

+Karen Beggs +Emmanuel Cerisier +Astrid MJ. Houchin +Jim Tipping Thank you all for so many nice comments!  Did I mention this was an old picture of me?  Just so you know...and won't be disappointed should you meet me IRL!  ;)

Karen Beggs July 10, 2012

I think your hair and new avatar look great +Marilyn Fenn !

Marilyn Fenn July 10, 2012

+Lena Levin Ha, ha!  A witch, huh?  We'll see how it fairs as it grows longer; we've been eating healthier and healthier every year, but then aging is taking a toll as well.  :(

Lena Levin July 10, 2012

+Marilyn Fenn -- I always cut it shorter when they seem to be not doing so well... but now after five years of consistent vegetarianism, I find that the need doesn't arise anymore (so I'll probably have to cut it just for esthetic reasons at some point, because I am beginning to look increasingly like a witch on her wildest day).

So maybe some diet adjustment might do your hair some good as well, although I am by no means an expert.

Marilyn Fenn July 10, 2012

No, I cut it to shoulder length last fall, so it's now about 4-6" shorter maybe than in this pic, and yes, greying, too.  :(  Thinking about letting it get long again.  I wore it very long most of my life....down to my waist for years!  It's just so very thin and fine, and it doesn't do well long...

C.J. Shane July 10, 2012

+Marilyn Fenn Is your hair still long?  I cut mine off but now it's long again and totally white. I started getting white hair when I was 17.

Marilyn Fenn July 10, 2012

+C.J. Shane Thanks!  I do like it a lot, too.  I just changed my profile pic to this.  :)

C.J. Shane July 10, 2012

+Marilyn Fenn This is a great photo.

Marilyn Fenn July 10, 2012

+Lena Levin LOL!

Lena Levin July 10, 2012

I begin liking my photos, as a rule, about twenty years after they were taken. Sometimes a bit less...

Marilyn Fenn July 09, 2012

+Karen Beggs I was considering that!  Maybe, maybe...

Karen Beggs July 09, 2012

I'm the same way +Marilyn Fenn . This is a really nice photo!! Avatar??

Marilyn Fenn July 09, 2012

+Roberta Murray I don't know about everybody else.  I've always been camera-shy...well, front-of-the-camera-shy.  But I carry one with me all the time.  And, no a smart-phone; an actual camera.  :)

Roberta Murray July 09, 2012

Don't most people dislike photographs of themselves? I know that's why I prefer to stay behind the camera. 

Jim Tipping July 09, 2012

Luvly. Thanks! 

Astrid MJ. Houchin July 09, 2012

I love it! And i love the colors too!

Emmanuel Cerisier July 09, 2012

..And your circles like it too