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I paint abstract paintings in oil and other media.

GROW Forth: Art Opening

July 10, 2012 13 comments 0 shares 4 plus ones
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A one-night only group show benefiting Urban Patchwork, featuring art from Marilyn Fenn, Pat Strong, Michael Merritt, Stephanie Rubiano, Ann Woodall and Anne Woods

08:00 PM - 
July 21 2012 - 
at 907 E 54th Street
Austin, TX

In not quite 2 weeks, I am going to be in this one-night show benefiting Urban Patchwork, the organization that creates a patchwork of organic vegetable gardens in spare sections of people's yards in a few neighborhoods in Austin.  This is how we get our awesome, delicious veggies every week or two (most of our veggies, anyway...some things just don't grow well here).  I'm very proud of my husband for helping to bring Urban Patchwork to the Cherrywood/French Place neighborbood, and very pleased to be invited to participate in this show with 5 other awesome artists!

If you are in Austin, and feel so inclined, please join us!  Art, food, vodka, what's not to like?


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Marilyn Fenn July 10, 2012

+Maude McDonald Please do!  One night will be both indoors and out.  I'll know more later.

Maude McDonald July 10, 2012

Oh this is wonderful, Marilyn!  I want to come!

Marilyn Fenn July 10, 2012

+Micha Fire Thanks so much, Micha!  :)

Micha Fire July 10, 2012

"Succession" is a grand painting idea / work =))

have fun at  your show

Marilyn Fenn July 10, 2012

+Roberta Murray Thanks, Roberta!  :D

Roberta Murray July 10, 2012

This looks like an interesting show. Congrats!

Marilyn Fenn July 10, 2012

+C.J. Shane Thanks so much!  Will do.  Aw, it feels so good to be back here again. I love you all so much!  Thanks for the interest!!!

C.J. Shane July 10, 2012

+Marilyn Fenn I haven't see Succession. Very nice and a greats idea to put together the smaller canvases.  Well...when you decide, let us know what will go in the show. I always enjoy seeing your work posted here on G+.

Marilyn Fenn July 10, 2012

+C.J. Shane+C.J. Shane Well, I'm working on some new paintings, and I'm hoping to have about 4 new 12x12's, 4 new 8x8 studies, and a couple new larger works, though I think I'm crazy if I think I'm going to actually accomplish all that in < 2 weeks.  So, my fallback position is to include most of my recent works that seem to have a plant or life component to them, and I've been asked to include that very large 20-panel painting called "Succession:" 

I'll find out Wednesday how much space I'll have to fill.  I'm also considering matting some of my smaller "Organics" series, and having them available like that:

Stacey Harrell July 10, 2012

First of the new profile pic! Secondly, thanks. Just let me know. You can catch me here or email me at 501candids <at> I cover nonprofit events for West Austin News. 

C.J. Shane July 10, 2012

+Marilyn Fenn what are you going to be showing in this exhibit?  I recognize one of your paintings on this - there on right. What other works?

Marilyn Fenn July 10, 2012

+Stacey Harrell I bet it would be great, but I should ask, just to be sure.  I'll let you know...soon.

Stacey Harrell July 10, 2012

Oooo! This sounds great. I'll put this down on my calendar. Are you inviting media? If my publisher signs off on it I'd love to cover it for our paper.