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My #threedailythings . Sorry, the last one's a little morbid, but a sweet...

March 09, 2012 7 comments 0 shares 0 plus ones
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My #threedailythings . Sorry, the last one's a little morbid, but a sweet story in the end.

1. I'm grateful that I get to be an artist, even if it's not 100% full-time yet. And a part-time freelance web designer and technical illustrator and graphic designer so that I can pay the bills. It could be worse. I could have a real job.

2. I'm grateful that I was lucky enough to meet a guy who is so perfect for me, and me for him. He loves me to pieces, and I feel the same way about him. He is kind, caring, gentle, funny, talented, a member of my "tribe," and just about the smartest guy I've ever known. He loves the fact that I'm an artist, and he thinks I'm cute and that all my bugs are features!

3. This week, my thoughts are much with people who have passed, including my father, whose birthday was yesterday. He passed away almost 11 years ago from emphysema. Dying from emphysema takes a long, long time, and is very painful and uncomfortable as your lung capacity shrinks smaller and smaller. My dad was dying from it for over 15 or 20 years. When your lung capacity reaches a certain tiny amount, and it can be measured that you've got about 6 months to live, Hospice can be called in to help with end-of-life care.

I'm very grateful to the Hospice nurse who gave my father antidepressants for his phantom leg pain. He had been suffering from this pain since he lost his leg at age 19. Finally, but for only the last 6 months of his life, his pain was relieved. And we got to see a side of our father that we didn't previously know: cheerful and upbeat, thoughtful and caring. I am so grateful I got to know that side of my father before he died. I have sweeter memories of him now.


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Marilyn Fenn March 10, 2012

+Jan McCartney Thanks, Jan. It's true, we don't know others' battles. :)

Jan McCartney March 10, 2012

A lovely tribute to your father. We never fully know what battles others are fighting. I'm glad to hear that you got the chance to see his cheerful side.

Marilyn Fenn March 09, 2012

+Mel Messina Thanks so much, Mel! It was a real eye-opener, that's for sure. Too bad no one had ever thought of prescribing drugs that would have eased my father's lifelong pains before the end. What a different life we all would have had. I'm glad your grandfather was capable of smiling even while he was so sick. It makes a difference.

Mel Messina March 09, 2012

I'm so glad that you got to see him happy +Marilyn Fenn ! My grandfather succumbed to cirrhosis of the liver, I too was grateful to see him smile, even if was only once in a while. He was a very handsome man. <3

Marilyn Fenn March 09, 2012

Thanks so much, +Abigail Markov +Gretchen Chappelle +Sue McElligott and +annie bodnar for your plusses and hearts! Thanks, too, +Dusty Clare. I always thought he was pretty good-looking. I guess my mom did, too. :)

Dusty Clare March 09, 2012

Quite the handsome guy.

annie bodnar March 09, 2012