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It's time for another "Geek Out". How much of your computing is...

June 20, 2012 6 comments 1 shares 25 plus ones
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It's time for another "Geek Out". How much of your computing is done on a mobile device? Thanks for the Likes on YouTube!


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javad esfanjary kenary June 20, 2012

Les post,more favorite dr Chris

michael villalpando June 20, 2012

With MOTOROLA'S webtop feature you can turn any tv into a working computer with your smartphone. I use it paired with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and have been able to replace my 600 watt an hour computer with something that only uses 1 watt an hour. Now if only Verizon and moto would release ics with webtop 3.0 then i will truly be able to ditch my desktop since it'll be running a tablet os when docked and webtop selected since i use my HP touchpad with CyanogenMod9 ics alot. To be honest i could use Ics to replace my desktop os.

Tom Rondello June 20, 2012

How come this pig finds the hamster habitat so overly constraining. Freedom's just another word and iron bars aren't titanium and I've never dyed of in bare ass meant from having not been understood.

Just miming the ol in out.

Tom Rondello June 20, 2012

Thanks again, Chris, because all my viewing is mobile, but, I don't think you realize how much having your dsktp enhances your mobile..... An a bunch o' udder stuff that just tossing about is much easier to do an fool ones self into believing one is a great communicator.

Oh yeah, liking you on facebook and youtube is a feat of navigation that I find overburdening and seems very over rated, but then I'm not funded that way.

Good job.

Adam Young June 20, 2012

Some but I develop stuff, can't do that on my droids. Compile times are worthless.

David Keesler June 20, 2012

A whole lot, more than usual, mostly due to portability, and available time. Multitask multitask multitask.....btw I love your channel, post, page, or whatever the proper term is for a google + account. Uber funny, and entertaining, and oh so enriching. A triple threat for sure