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"My wife and I welcomed our second child into the world exactly two weeks ago. If I was still teaching in the U.S., I’d be back in the classroom by now.

In Finland, fathers are granted 18 days of paid paternity leave. When our first child (Misaiel) was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I took three personal days away from school. At the time, I thought this was a fair-sized chunk. And then, nearly two years later, I experienced life in Finland. 

From three weeks of paid paternity leave to free health care to free higher education, I feel as if I've moved to a different planet. But these social policies, although generous, aren't the things that have most impressed me about living in Finland.

More than anything else, I've been refreshed by the Finnish approach to balancing the demands of work and life. Finns work hard, but they work within limits and pace themselves..."

Read more from this nice blog by an American teacher living in Helsinki:

#Finland     #Life     #Teacher     #Finns  

Work-Life Balance in Finland: Americans on a Different Planet

My wife and I welcomed our second child into the world exactly two weeks ago. If I was still teaching in the U.S., I’d be back in the classroom by now. In Finland, fathers are granted 18 days of...

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 Introducing Buffer for Pinterest: Easily Schedule Your Pins, Manage and Measure

Buffer Awesome and Buffer for Business customers can now post and schedule to Pinterest, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Hooray for one-stop social media publishing!

Read more:

#SocialMedia    +Buffer   +Pinterest  #Scheduling     #Sharing  

Introducing Buffer for Pinterest: Easily Schedule Your Pins, Manage and Measure

We're thrilled to announce Buffer for Pinterest! Buffer is officially partnered with Pinterest to make it easy to Pin consistently and measure your progress

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How is your Monday, my dear Circleverse?

#Monday     #WorkingWeek  

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"When you sign up for Google+, we’ll ask you to provide your date of birth so that we can provide you with features like age-appropriate settings when you use Google services and personalised content.

If you already have a date of birth associated with your Google account, you won't be prompted to enter your date of birth.

By default, your date of birth (day and month only) will be visible to people in Your Circles. You can always edit who can see it on your profile."


When people are trying to change their birth date in a manner that would change their age from under 18 to 18 or older, or from 18 or older to under 18 - it cannot be done. 

Google does prohibit those changes as part of its enforcement required by laws such as the US Federal Law named the Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). 

You can change your age to remain under 18 and wait for that “birthday” (before you can make changes as being over 18) 
or to remain 18 or older, but not to cross that line.  

Read more from Google:

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Creating a community gets you closer to the Google+ users and possible business leads:
Be present, engage, produce / reshare interesting posts (not just ads!) and try to make the members of your community feel welcome.
Take good care of moderating the community, cleaning spam and moving posts to correct categories.

If I post to a public community, does that mean all my friends and followers can see it?

No, the posts you share to a public community will not show up in your friends and followers’ Home streams, unless your friends and followers are also members of the same community.

Your public community posts will be visible to people who navigate to your profile page unless you have set your settings for them not to appear. Visitors will see text indicating that it was shared to a community.

Remember that your private community posts will only be visible to people in those communities, regardless of whether or not you show community posts on your profile.

How can I control whether my public community posts appear on my profile page?

Scroll to 'Profile'.
Check or uncheck the box next to "Show your Google+ communities posts on your Google+ profile"

How do Google+ Communities work with Google+ Pages?

Google+ Pages and Profiles are a great way to share content and start specific conversations with people interested in your content. Google+ Communities allow people with shared interests to talk to each other by starting new conversations around the interests they share.

Additionally, Google+ Pages can participate in Google+ Communities. Pages can create, moderate, join and participate in communities. This makes it easy for Google+ users to join conversations with the brands and organizations they care about.

Can I change my community from public to private, or vice versa?

A community’s privacy settings currently can’t be changed once it’s been created. Please pick your desired setting from the start.

How can I control how many community invitations I receive?

You can control who is allowed to send you invitations as well as whether you receive invitations via email / mobile.

To control who is allowed to send you community invitations, visit the Google settings page and adjust the “Who can send you notifications” control.

To turn emails and mobile notifications for community invitations on or off entirely, visit the Google settings page and toggle the “Invites me to a community” setting.

Note: Even if you have community invitations enabled via email / mobile, you won’t receive any invites from people you haven’t allowed to notify you.

Are community names unique? If someone else has a “Basketball” community, does that prevent me from making a “Basketball” community?

No, names do not have to be unique.  But if there are several communities around a topic already, you may want to rethink if you wish to start your own or join a larger community.

If I moderate a post out of my community, is it deleted?

No, the post stays on the profile of the person who posted it, with the community name struck over.
Remember to check the community's moderation queue every now and then.  If there is a red bar with a number of posts then you can click through and either accept or reject those posts.

Why aren’t people seeing my invites?

They may not see your invites if they don’t have you in their circles, or if they’ve limited the “Who can send you notifications?” setting. 

How do notifications in communities work?

You can turn your community notifications on or off by clicking on the  bell icon on a community’s page.  From under the gear icon you can control how many posts you'll see in your Home stream from the community. By unchecking the "Show amount of posts..." you won't see any posts from that community and you have to visit it to see the posts.

Community members can use notifications to know when new things are shared with their communities. If notifications are On you’ll get a notification by email, on your device, and by the Google toolbar when someone posts something new.

Notifications default on in communities where the membership is moderated - that is, private communities, or public communities where you need to ask to join. It's also on by default for any community you create.

Notifications are default off in communities where anyone can join - that is, most public communities. They also default off, no matter what, when a community is large.

Read more from Google+ Help Center about Communities:

Read more from my blog:

Community name change:

You can only change the name of the community when it has less than 500 members. 

Create a private community for your company or community and use it as an intranet:öm/posts/HaAGiDhSbRL

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"Google+ profiles are meant for individual people. That’s why we recommend using your first and last name on your profile. It will help friends and family find you online, and help you connect with people you know.

If you want to use Google+ to represent something like your business, your band, your family, or your pet, a Google+ page may work better for you." 

Important: changing your name on Google+ will change it in all Google products like Gmail and Google Wallet.

Google allows three changes to your profile name in a 90-day period. They do not allow any exceptions to that rule. The 90-day clock starts with the earliest of the three most recent changes you made. 

If you made changes 61 days ago, 31 days ago, and yesterday, you would have to wait 30 days to make another change, after which you would have to wait another 30 days to make another.  

Unfortunately there is no way to see when exactly you have changed the name.

The date 90 days ago:

More from Google:

Profile names and custom URLs:

The custom URLs Google offers for profiles are based on people's profile names. Note, however, that custom URLs obtained as a result of temporarily changing profile names are subject to being revoked by Google.

Read more about the custom URL:


If you delete your Google+ profile, you’ll still be able to use other Google products like Gmail and Google Search.
Deleting your Google+ profile is permanent.
You will lose all the posts and also business pages and communities owned by that profile. They will become orphaned.

YouTube channel hidden after deleting a linked Google+ profile:öm/posts/cZcxy2Nn78y

If you decide you’d like to use Google+ again in the future, you’ll need to create a new profile.

Learn more:

#Profile     #NameChange     #Googleplus     #CustomURL  

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"Google+ notifications let you know about things like photos, messages, events, or other things that are shared with you or that might interest you. 

For example, you might be notified if someone +1’s your photo, comments after you on a post, or invites you to an event. 

You might also see notifications about product updates..."

Learn more - Google+ Help

#Jaanatip  #Googleplus  #Settings

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"It can be easy to forget that your smartphone is just as much of a computer at the PC sitting on your desk. And like all computers, things sometimes go wrong. Files get corrupted. Apps that worked fine a week ago decide to crap out. 

If an app on your Android phone has suddenly stopped working correctly and relaunching the app didn’t help, clearing the app caches may get things working properly again..."

Learn more:

#Cache #Mobile  #Android #Troubleshoot

Clear your app caches to clear up Android phone issues | Greenbot

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A snippet from the article: 

"When trying to choose photos for social media, many people will turn to stock imagery. You can usually find creative commons images that fit your theme, so they’re easy on the budget and low effort. This is fine. Everyone does it, including us.

But using stock images is not an effective or sustainable strategy.

Stock images tend to be recycled, and seeing images over and over makes them far less shareable. Stock images also tend to be very vanilla: broadly applicable, and boring. The goal of people who create these images is to make them as widely appealing as possible, so that they get used more.

The problem is, you have a very specific social media audience. Your specific audience requires specific images, catered to them and to your brand. For this reason, it’s essential that you begin to product your own visuals..."

- That's what I've been saying all along!  Create your own stock photos.

Read more from +Hootsuite :  How to choose social media images

#SocialMedia     #Photos     #Images     #Business  

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Google Drive works with apps that you can install from the Chrome Web Store. With these apps you can edit images and videos, fax and sign documents, manage projects, create flow charts, and more.

Here’s what you can do with Google Drive apps:

- Access and open files in Google Drive
- Create new files through the app
- Access Google Drive files from an app outside of Google Drive
- Save a file to Google Drive from an app outside of Google Drive
- Share any file type, including files created with a Google Drive app

Google Drive apps have their own terms of use and privacy policies applied by the company that made the app. If you experience a problem with a third-party Google Drive app, reach out to the company that made the app for support.

Learn more from Google:

See the apps on Google Play:

#Google     #Apps     #Play     #Work  

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Unless you're a cat, when every day is for taking it easy.

Sometimes it's good to pretend you're a cat and just let everything slide.
Take a nap. Sleep late. The world will still go round...

#Caturday     #Weekend     #Relaxation  

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How to view captions in the Google Photos app after the latest update.

Testing on Nexus 5 with Lollipop.
Could not find a way to view captions in a photo not shared.  Pulling up from the bottom used to work.

Let's see if it works with a shared photo...


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Create your own social media designs:
Loads of free images and stuff.  Interesting and fun to play with.

+Canva is also on Google+.

#SocialMedia     #Graphics     #Design  

Graphic Design Tutorials By Canva

Canva's Design School has everything you need to learn design. Check out our daily design articles, interactive tutorials and awesome tips.

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I just noticed this change adding an attachment to a Gmail.

The link shown in the screenshot takes you to

More about the Drive:

For even more help, check out the Google Drive Help Center:

More info about Gmail:

The Gmail Help Center:

Need troubleshooting?

Best to ask in the Gmail Forum where the experts hang out:!forum/gmail

If it's about Drive, here's the Google Drive Forum, search for or ask about the problem there:!forum/drive

All Google product forums!forum/en

#Jaanatip     #Google     #Gmail     #Drive  

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W00T!  Suitable for a scuba diver...  :D

Read more about this fabulous animal from +Matthew Inman or the Oatmeal:

Take the Earth Day test: Which animal are you?

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Great post with tips and tools for social sharing from +Peg Fitzpatrick !

Peg's work sounds very familiar even though I don't have 11 million followers to cater to...

My own profiles and pages plus those of my clients' keep me very busy!
Not to mention the coaching gigs...

I could not function without +Buffer with the 16 social media accounts and the posts that need to be shared and scheduled.
Of course, first the content needs to be found, curated, written, shot or created...  

Read the very helpful article:

#SocialMedia     #Workflow     #Tools     #Sharing  

How to Scale Your Social Media Strategies for Growth

An inside look at how Peg Fitzpatrick shares to a social media audience of 11 million people and how her strategies scale for growth.

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Kokeilin tehdä presentaation käyttäen Canvaa:

Tämä on vain nopea tekele, työkalulla saa aikaan kaikenlaisia hauskoja juttuja somekuvista julisteisiin kunhan on aikaa hieman perehtyä.

#Presentaatio     #Koulutus   +Canva  #SomeFI  

Digitaalinen markkinointi - Gplussa 2015. Somea ja sisältöä. - Presentation by Jaana Nyström

Jaana Nyström - Gplussa Digitaalinen markkinointi Sisältö Sosiaalinen media Markkinointi Hyvä markkinointi on asiakkaan kuuntelemista, ei tyrkyttämistä Mikä on kohderyhmä? Missä asiakkaat ovat? Mit...

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- Wait, now he picked up the scent...

#FinlandInYourStream   #FinnishPolice  

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Old geezers and young women...

A third of the members are "new", amongst them former ministers approaching their 70th and 80th birthdays...  

There should be an age limit to the Eduskunta (parliament): 65 years would be the highest can get in.  How will the old fossils men take Finland to new digi-age?

Finland just stepped back to the 1970's.

#Finland     #FinElec2015     #Elections  

Fewer women, more youngsters in new Parliament

The number of female members in the 200-seat Finnish legislature has dropped by three to 83. Meanwhile the number of those under 30 rose by the same margin.

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"Far too many are busy, too busy to think about life itself, and the media around us pull out a lot of misery and war on so many levels – I want to remind them of another part of the reality, of the one that matters..." 

+Tiina Törmänen 

Read the interview and see the fabulous photos:

#Photographer     #Finland     #Naturephotography  

Tiina Tormanen Takes Us Back to the Real World With Her Captivating Images

Far too many are busy, too busy to think about life itself, and the media around us pull out a lot...

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Good night my dear Circleverse!


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"I want to drink your breath - Ich möchte deinen Atem trinken"
- Need I say more?

When my fiancé wanted to marry me I told him that he must sing this song to me, in German.
He doesn't speak any German...
But a man should have some challenge, right? :D

He did sing and well.

English further down:

(text: L. Herzer, F. Löhner-Beda / music: Franz Lehar)
Richard Tauber

Dein ist mein ganzes Herz!
Wo du nicht bist, kann ich nicht sein.
So, wie die Blume welkt,
wenn sie nicht küsst der Sonnenschein!
Dein ist mein schönstes Lied,
weil es allein aus der Liebe erblüht.
Sag mir noch einmal, mein einzig Lieb,
oh sag noch einmal mir:
Ich hab dich lieb!

Wohin ich immer gehe,
ich fühle deine Nähe.
Ich möchte deinen Atem trinken
und betend dir zu Füssen sinken,
dir, dir allein! Wie wunderbar
ist dein leuchtendes Haar!
Traumschön und sehnsuchtsbang
ist dein strahlender Blick.
Hör ich der Stimme Klang,
ist es so wie Musik.

Dein ist mein ganzes Herz etc.


(text: L. Herzer, F. Löhner-Beda / music: Franz Lehar)
Richard Tauber

My heart is yours alone!
I cannot be without you.
Like a flower that wilts
when unkissed by the sun!
My most beautiful song is yours,
for it is created out of love.
Tell me once more, my one and only,
oh tell me once more:
I love you!

Wherever I am
I feel you are near.
I want to drink your breath
and kneel adoringly at your feet,
yours, yours alone! How wonderful
is your shining hair!
Dreamy and full of longing
is your radiant gaze.
Your voice is
music to my ears.

My heart is yours alone etc.

#Love     #Romance     #VienneseOperetta     #Music  

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What is you favourite?

#Spain     #Horses     #Dance  

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There has been a slight change on how the Communities are viewed and where you'll find the settings now.

Take a look at the screenshots from my Nexus 5, I hope this will clarify the  update for you.

More about Communities from Google:

Tips about being a good Google+ Community member:


All about Google+ Communities:

How to be a good community moderator:

#TCpost     #Communities     #Googleplustips     #Android  

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Spanish imported berries but quite tasty.
5 Euros / kilo is not too bad.

My son makes excellent smoothies for us, yummy!

#Strawberries     #Smoothies