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SF Sky

April 25, 2012 5 comments 0 shares 3 plus ones
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Guess where this is taken from?

for +WideWednesdayPanorama #widewednesdaypanorama by +Ken McMahon +Lucille Galleli +Andrew Marston


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Ivan Yudhi April 27, 2012

+Ken McMahon haha yeah that's right... it's from the 46th floor of Hilton in San Francisco

Luigi A April 26, 2012

gk bisa jeng

Ken McMahon April 26, 2012

The top of a tall building ;) Cool pano +Ivan Yudhi. Thanks for contributing to #widewednesdaypanorama .

Ivan Yudhi April 26, 2012

+Luigi A ok ok.. bisa dl full res nya kan?

Luigi A April 26, 2012

jeng bagi ya keren