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My third email newsletter. If you want these two weeks sooner, please subscribe (details over on LinkedIn). A new one ships every Thursday night.

Hope you are liking these! I'm on my way home to San Francisco via Paris. See ya on the other side!

Life and Tech #3: The Frictionless World Arrives

Editor's note: This was first published on April 24th as an email newsletter that Robert Scoble publishes weekly. To get it two weeks sooner, please subscribe at is the best known of the frictionless services. This service lets you pull out your mobile phone, order a ride, see the ride coming toward you, pay for the ride without touching anything or pulling a card or dollars out of your wallet, and even gives you a m...

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A look at my second email newsletter (fifth one goes out tonight). Email subscribers get these before the Internet does. Details on LinkedIn:

Life and Tech #2: Betaworks’ innovation weapon: the full-stack developer

 NOTE: This is reprinted from my email newsletter, which was sent out on April 16th. A new newsletter from me gets sent out each Thursday night. Subscribe here: week I spent a few hours with John Borthwick, founder of Betaworks, a famous startup studio in New York City (it’s the home ofDigg, Giphy, Instapaper, Dots, Blogloving, Bitly, and lots of other startups).Here I do one of my first Periscope’s (a live vi...

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Exclusive first look at a very interesting new video camera technology. OUR STUDIO IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS AGAIN! Thanks Rocky Barbanica!

This new camera, from Altia Systems, joins three cameras into one package for a "super wide" mode. Their first product is aimed at business conferencing rooms, but don't miss where this really is going to be important: on drones and for virtual reality.

See, I'm carrying around a 360-degree camera not for today, but next year when virtual reality headsets become far more commonplace. This camera technology will bring us video for the Oculus Rift.

Why? GoPro cameras simply aren't wide enough for those new uses. This $999 camera (which is cheap for what it does) brings us into the future where we'll use an Oculus Rift headset (or Hololens, or Valve VR, or Samsung's Gear VR, or Meta).

Thanks to the magic of video processing and some unique hardware, this takes us into the future.

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Here's a look at my new email newsletter (email subscribers get it a few weeks earlier than you'll get here or on LinkedIn). The rest of my life is on but the email will wrap up my videos and give you what I'm seeing and doing every week.

The Third Wave (Life and Tech with Robert Scoble #1)

This is reprinted from my email newsletter. If you like this, please subscribe at: can I be of service with a new technology newsletter?You are working on building your company, or maybe trying to keep up to date on technology. Me? I’m a futurist at Rackspace. Rackspace asks me to go around the world to see the latest in tech and innovation and bring that learning back to the company, so we can stay ahead of the key t...

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My first new post in two months. Check out my new 360-degree videos! Lots of news here. Appreciate everyone's support!

The Joy is Back

The joy is back. My joy of tech and innovation discovery is back. First, check out my new 360-degree video of Dan Shine showing me around San Francisco's Innovation Hangar (you'll need Google Chrome or a modern Android phone to properly view these, sorry, iPhones don't yet work). What a place! More on the Innovation Hanger later and we'll talk more about 360 video over the next day or so, particularly on Gillmor Gang, this Friday, at http://techc...

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After two months off of posting to the Internet I am coming back tonight. Here's a little photo story from a portion of our family trip where we drove 5,000 miles through six states. All of this was automatically done by Google+. Love it!

February 01, 2015 23 comments 12 shares 200 plus ones
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I need white space to figure my life out. I write about why this is my last post on the Internet for a while here: I need white space to figure out my life. I write about that here:

Robert Scoble - White Space.

One thing I have experienced... | Facebook

White Space.

One thing I have experienced in life is the magic of white space. When you see a Picasso, or an Ansel Adams photograph, it usually has tons...

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What's it like to lose $875,000 in a few seconds of an earthquake? Winemaker Sarah Francis tells the 200+ people who came to my birthday party over the weekend her experience.

Thanks +Jesse Stay for making this video.

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It was Friday morning. We were in the middle of entertaining guests from around the world. Just about to pick up Matt Mullenweg and Ayelet Noff, both VIP guests of mine. Ayelet flew from Israel and Matt took time to fly back from Egypt just to support me. They were hardly the only ones who put extra effort in being there for me.

I reprinted this from Facebook at

But then the phone rang.


"Hi, this is xxxxx from xxxxxxx (my doctor) and we have your test results." (I have a sore on my nose that hasn't gone away and had it looked at).


"Your biopsy came back and it showed you have skin cancer."

The good news: it is a slow spreading type and should be easy to cut out and solve.

But tonight, while editing this video with Tyson Gravity -- he and I stayed up all night editing -- I reflected on the fact that I now am a cancer victim.

Cancer. I'm now in the club that Drew Olanoff has been a member of for a while. He's a hero to me, and is continuing to live life hard even in the face of this disease.

Anyway, it reminded me of why Saturday's celebration was so special. IT MEANT SOMETHING. We all only have a few days together in this lifetime and we might as well work hard to have fun together.

Other than Maryam Ghaemmaghami Scoble, no one knew about this phone call during my party. 


No way was I going to keep a phone call from having fun with all of you. 

It's 6:15 a.m. Monday morning when I write these words (I finished it at about 9:30 a.m.). I've been up all night with my friends Damien D Hustle Bryant and Tyson who came all the way from the East Coast in a van to both teach me how to live and capture and produce this video. 

This video means something. It is special to me. Extremely special.


Because the love of all of you around the world who wished me well is reflected in the joy in this video. But more than that. All of my friends came on their own time and dime. 

I am absolutely humbled by how many people came from around the world to see me. As Telstra exec Monty Hamilton told me "I asked you to come to Australia, how would it be fair to not come to see you?"

Many people worked to make this day special. Family style special. See, some things you do "pro style" because some brand is paying, or the audience is paying. But this was done "family style" with just a lot of love and some of my own money and not much at that since everyone shared in some of the expenses. Because there wasn't any business interests on this party, it turned very special, which you will see if you watch this video.

Some other people who made the past three weeks in Vegas and then in Napa very special weeks in my life. 

First, my fellow Rackspace employees, customers, and shareholders, who continue asking me to head into the world to find what's new and be helpful to people. Top amongst them my boss Robert D. La Gesse. Then my producer Rocky Barbanica. But most of all my friend and inspiration, Graham Weston. He often tells me of the days when Rackspace was a startup, but it is the Racker culture that leads me to entertain people. 

Now onto the people who I can never repay. 

Angelica Mabray is at the top of that list. She's the CEO of Sullivan Vineyards. Which hosted 250 people Saturday afternoon in stunning glory. The food was exquisite and I don't say that lightly. My guests will back that up. And of course the wine was even better. I will never be able to repay the gift that she gave to me. It is humbling and I will remember her every day of my life for the gift she and her husband Paul Mabray gave me.

But over the last two weeks only one guy took my life to a whole new level: Damien D Hustle Bryant. He, and his crew: Tyson Gravity, Hakim Hopkins (who captured a lot of the video here), Lori Hamilton (also a cancer survivor), Oscar Ortiz just made my life so much better. They are lifelong friends and, as I told Tyson tonight "life can steal everything from me, but it can't strip these memories from me." 

They are cool cats that started from the bottom. Hustling. Selling clothes on the street. Helping people build their dreams. They run a bookstore, Black and Nobel, which sells books in Philadelphia that represent local entrepreneurs and storytellers. It also sends books to prisons. It's a cause I love because there aren't many ways to bring yourself up than educating yourself. 

I have always wanted friends like this all my life. People around you that you would die for. My producer Rocky Barbanica. Mandy McClenahan Grignon and Andy Grignon. They both are extraordinary people and every day I pinch myself because they are in my life, Jeff Stevens, who helped us in many ways both in business and in life, and shares my passion for wine and life. My wife Maryam Ghaemmaghami Scoble who sacrifices every day so that I can follow my life's compulsion to see the future. Alex Fielding, who always makes me laugh, not to mention he always arrives with a huge bottle of something and a bunch of Drumstick ice cream boxes. Who doesn't love a friend like that? John Poore and his wife Erin Hussey Poore. Special people who I'll always do anything to help . Philip Nelson (who you see playing here, what a cool dude. We just sang in the lobby until 3 a.m. Sunday morning with 20 people around us in a circle. It is among my favorite memories. Stunning people). Sam Levin. What can I say? He is always generous with his spirit, his wine, and his love of gadgets.

Tanya Denise Halepota. She was the one who led to my discovery of Sarah Francis who just humbles me with her bravery. If you haven't seen the video of her sharing what it was like to lose $800,000 worth of her very special wine in the Napa earthquake, you really should. She's a very special entrepreneur who does what she does not to make a whole lot of money, but to make wine that changes lives. It changed mine and Saturday night it changed a lot of my friend's lives too. She, and her wine, touches my soul. Sarah, you are welcome in my home at any time for any reason. 

Ayelet Noff and Motti Peer for helping me convince Yo to fund the CES Suite. Brad Rosen, of Drync app that helps you find and buy wine right from your mobile phone. He, and Aimee Cronin, helped my wife serve hundreds of people every night. I can't repay that debt either. 

Roem A Baur. Roem beat 100,000 other musicians to get on the Voice and he has grown so much.
Teresa Valdez Klein (AKA Tae Phoenix). Wow.
Anna Post. New talent. Stunning talent.
Pete Stringfellow. Country music star.
Philip Nelson. NewTek TriCaster™ main man. (Newtek makes the video system we use in our studio).
Clint Jackson. Guitarist in One Republic. Find him at 
Jeremiah Owyang, who played piano during the birthday song.

They donated their time and paid their own expenses to get here. I'm so fortunate to count these people as friends. Musicians are special people who create joy. That's a gift and these people all have that gift.

Thank you also to 
NewTek, who provided a Tricaster in our Las Vegas suite.
Drobo for providing our storage for editing. Keeps my stuff safe even if a drive fails.

Perkins Coie for providing champagne for our guests in Las Vegas. 

Vibrant Eye Clothing for providing my shirt.

Kara Keenan Goldin for sending us a bunch of Hint Water to serve at our afterparties. 

I know I'm forgetting so many who made my party so special. Every single person in the building is a friend of mine. Or even worse, family. It was so nice to see folks like Michael Arrington, Bebo White (who built the first US-based Website), Fred Davis (who started WIRED),  Dave McClure, and Marc Canter, who went way beyond the call of duty to make my birthday extra special. He's working on a startup that's looking interesting.

Mary Hodder and Ed Falk made one night extra special by making ice cream with liquid nitrogen. That was so great. 

Scott Jordan for giving me constant inspiration in how to live life. 

Rich Reader for arranging an awesome visit to the Tedeschi Family Winery. Great wine and a great family that's been growing grapes in Napa since before Prohibition.

I know I'm forgetting so many but I haven't had any sleep yet and it's almost 10 a.m.

In the end, I told Tyson that the cancer doesn't matter. 

What matters is in this video. What is in it? Love. Pure love. I am watching it for the 10th time and each time is makes me emotional. 

Thank you so much and make sure you watch to the end, some incredible performances there.

I can't say thank you enough. I've been given a huge gift that I will try to pay forward.

A ton of videos are coming from CES and other places, but first gotta get some sleep. 

I just can't believe what my friends did for me this weekend.

Extra special thanks to my family. Bill Scoble, Sharon Bosley, Alex Scoble, Cassie Scoble, Atime Tomove, Shadi Hayden, Shadi Ghaffarian, Cassie Leigh, Aram Ghaemmaghami, Fariba Rahmatpour, Patrick Scoble and others who traveled distances to celebrate with me.

Oh, and to my son, Patrick, I'm so proud of you (he turned 21 this week too).

Much more over on my Facebook page at

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