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The Coachella music festival is live now at we'll be there next weekend (Thanks to JBL). GREAT MUSIC!

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Changing passwords is a pain in the behind. But everyone should be doing this because of the Heartbleed security problems that have come to surface the last few days:

Some things:

1. If you don't have a different password for each site you are doing it wrong! (Particularly for banks, email, and major social networks).
2. If your password isn't at least 12 characters long, you are doing it wrong!
3. If your passwords have ANY dictionary names in them, you are doing it wrong (things that appear in the dictionary).
4. If you aren't using two-factor authentication on EVERY site that offers such (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter all do) then you are doing it wrong.
5. If you aren't using a password manager like Lastpass then you are probably doing it wrong (I let it generate all my passwords now to make sure I get truly strong 20-character passwords).

Good luck out there!

The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now

This story, by Mashable, appeared on Techmeme.

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I've sat in the front row when Steve Jobs is presenting. Same with Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, and lots of other tech stars. Why do I sit in the front row?

1. Because I have A.D.D. and if I'm in the back row I tend to get bored more easily. 
2. Photos are better when you are up close. 
3. Sometimes you get to meet the folks easier. I shook Steve Jobs' hand after he launched the iMac and was able to sneak past his PR staff and say thank you.

But when it comes to concerts there's another responsibility: to have fun. If you aren't going to have fun, sit somewhere else because generally performers can only see the people in the first row or two (I know I can't when I'm on stage because of the bright lights in your eyes) and performers ALWAYS respond better if the people in the front rows are having fun. 

Also, the folks up front generally can start the audience doing hand waves, or other participatory things, so they have a responsibility to getting everyone else to have a fun time too.

This weekend I attended the Live in the Vineyard concert series in Napa. This is VERY hard to get into (they only sell two seats, both of which went for $10,000 to raise money for Musicians On Call, a charity that helps musicians that have deep health needs -- the other seats were given to sponsors and to radio station winners, I got in thanks to Southwest Airlines). 

At one point there were people outside in back talking too loudly during a performance by Passenger and I went out and yelled at them. After the performance everyone around me said "thank you." That's how seriously I take the responsibility of sitting in the front row. 

That performance turned into something quite special where you could hear a pin drop. I hear some of the performances will be on VH1 this weekend (and satellite radio too).

But since +Maryam Scoble and I got the tickets for free, we have a deeper responsibility: to pay forward the love that Southwest Airlines gave to us. 

How are we going to do that?

1. We're giving $500 to Make a Wish foundation. This helps kids who are facing terminal disease. Most of which will never get invited to something like Live in the Vineyard.
2. Live in the Vineyard has several guitars to give away to people in the audience for things like "most photos of the event on Instagram" and "most likes, or +1s." If we win any of those guitars we'll also give them to Make a Wish foundation, too, to auction off and raise more funds (or give them to kids who wanted that as a wish).

Some notes about this event.

1. It's the best concert I've ever been to. By far. Way better than Coachella (which I'll be going to in a couple of weeks, thanks to JBL/Harmon -- they make speakers and are taking a few influencers down there). Way better than SXSW Music, which was freaking awesome this year too. Why? Intimacy. There's only about 300 people who get to have this experience (more than a million applied). 
2. I hadn't really been a fan of most of these stars, and many were playing for US audiences for the first time this weekend (or broke out new music never performed for people before). 
3. The most mind-blowing performer was Mary Lambert. Wow, she breaks ALL the molds of what a music star is supposed to be like and had this emotional performance that had both my wife and I crying. 
4. Sarah Mclachlan had a feathery, beautiful voice, that just carried us to heaven.
5. Hunter Hayes was the most popular with the teenage set. He had the girls in the audience screaming like we were at a Beatles concert. Wow.
6. Many of the acts were what I'd call "for the niches." Of the best was L.P. who just sang her ass off and she had the whole audience trying to whistle like her. 
7. The artists hang out with everyone after their concerts. Passenger, for instance, ate my wife's french fries (she's on a no carb diet). That dude (his real name is Mike) has 173 million hits on Spotify. He gave one of the best performances I've ever seen, using no electronics and had everyone eating out of his hand.

I built a Spotify Playlist of everyone who played for us: Please do listen. Please do help us donate those guitars by +1'ing and liking these photos and post. Thank you!

Enjoy my photos (there's 40 of them here) and I'll see you in the front row at Coachella, where I'll be attending with +Thomas Hawk +Redgie Snodgrass +Sam Levin +Loic Le Meur, and +Brian Zisk.

Another thanks to +Southwest Airlines  and to +Rackspace , which helps me go to things like this too.

Apply to attend this (it's held twice a year) here:

#music   #concert  

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With +Eddie Codel (he did the quadcopter video of Burning Man last year) we played around with his 3DRobotics Iris quadcopter. You see him flying his here. I'm shooting with my DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus, just announced.

All the details on that are here along with a bunch of other videos:

Sorry, no audio here. This is straight off of the camera and I uploaded without doing any processing. It's more than 10 minutes long, and shows my neighborhood. 

Some things that I've learned are different between the 3DRobotics and the DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus:

1. you can take a P2V+ out of the box and fly with fpv and telemetry on your phone, take pictures and video during the same flights, change exposure, and then copy a picture to your phone over WiFi for real time posting.

2. It also flies for 25 min if you run down the battery (I usually fly 18-20 min to avoid depleting battery). It also shoots in raw, which Gopro stills cannot touch. 

3. Props spin on in literally 5 seconds each and auto-tighten during flight.

4. 3 axis gimbal makes you never want to go back to 2 axis gimbal.

The advantage of the 3D Robotics platform? 

1. More programmable. You can get tablet apps that will let you pre-set flight plans and do other things.

2. You get to choose your Gimbal and camera for underneath (with DJI you have to take the whole package).

3. You can hack it easier, which for advanced geeks is important.

As we compare the two more in depth we'll do another report. If you notice other drones that we should consider, especially in the below $1,500 price point (which is where both of these reside) let me know!

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Check out DJI's +Eric Cheng (he's director of aerial photography at DJI, which just released this new quadcopter) showing me the new Phantom 2 Vision Plus. 

DJI's announcement is at

My first video is up at

A second, unedited, no-audio video is up here: This one shows a full flight and also shows +Eddie Codel's quadcopter, which is a 3DRobotics Iris model with a GoPro and a 2-axis gimbal.

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So smooth! Remember, I've only flown this five times (20 minutes each).

Wow. Wow. Wow.

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The drone age has started: This is the coolest thing I've EVER gotten.

Introducing the DJI Phanton 2 Vision Plus. Here is DJI's intro video. My own video with +Eric Cheng, director of photography at DJI, is up at (along with a first video I did).

What is this? A drone with a video camera built in (also does stills). Does 1080p HD video with a built in steady cam.

Wow. So easy to fly and steady. More coming shortly. Costs $1,299.

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Entrepreneurs: win a trip to Necker Island to meet with +Richard Branson as part of the Extreme Tech Challenge (among other prizes).

+bill tai  (he's a very accomplished VC at Charles River Ventures) tells me all about it and also we talk about what he's seeing lately.

More on the Extreme Tech Challenge at: or watch the video here.

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Nice seeing +Eddie Codel  this morning. 

I shot us with my new, unreleased, drone. In showers. Hah. It was raining lightly this morning. This is a photo this new drone shot of us.

Eddie brought his drone over and we talked about the "Do it Yourself" drone movement (details at ) and he showed me his drone, which is made by 3D Robotics:

Don't know who Eddie is? He's the one who made this beautiful drone video of Burning Man:

For those who missed, I'm playing with a not-yet-released drone, coming next week.

His feedback after getting a chance to fly the drone? "XXXXXX is gonna sell a bunch of these."

I wonder if we should try it over water? Remember when +Chase Jarvis  had one of his drones fall into the ocean? That video is at DJI Phantom Drone Crash! | Chase Jarvis TECH | ChaseJarvis

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+Bret Taylor (former CTO of Facebook, co-founder of FriendFeed) shows me Quip and talks to me about competing with Microsoft Office on mobile and iPads.

I'm taking a fresh look at the space that Quip is in (team collaboration and document development/management).

I am now using Quip and loving it. How about you?