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Spreecast, social video platform that Politico and others are using

April 27, 2012 18 comments 34 shares 80 plus ones
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Based in San Francisco, +Spreecast is a social video platform that lets people broadcast together, creating shared experiences that inform and entertain. StubHub co-founder and investor Jeff Fluhr, co-founded Spreecast, a free broadcast service which can be used publicly or privately.

"We're all about face to face conversations over the internet. Over the last ten years there has been a huge explosion of the number of conversations that people are having on Twitter, Facebook or blog posts. What we're doing at Spreecast is, here is another format to have face to face conversations using web cam, using your computer and talking to people, in a real time, synchronize way as opposed to text based asynchronies," explains Jeff Fluhr, CEO & co-founder of Spreecast.

With Spreecast, up to 4 people at a time can be face-to-face, streaming their conversation live while others can watch, chat, and participate by submitting comments and questions. Spreecast can integrate with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ so that producers and creators can broadcast their conversations to their friends and followers.

Spreecast URL:
Spreecast on Twitter:!/spreecast
Spreecast on Facebook:
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Mitch Jackson May 01, 2012

I'm interviewing Jeff on Spreecast. Here's the link for details. Make sure to RSVP...

Ryan Sommer April 30, 2012

Nice video Robert. Lutecast ( takes a more personal, non-broadcast approach for their proprietary tech, enabling up to six family members or friends to experience photos or video in real-time. Sending upcoming announcement to your email...

Mitch Jackson April 28, 2012

Enjoying Spreecast more and more each day. Amazing platform guys and gals!

Claire Henry April 28, 2012

my friend works here as the director of to seem them featured here!

Cynthia K Seymour April 27, 2012

+Robert Scoble Social Chats Spreecast is held on Fridays at 10am pacific time. +Tonya Scholz +Susy Rosado +Debbie Elicksen and I usually chat about trends and topics of the week related to Social Media. Want to join 4 Social Media chicks kick off Cinco de Mayo weekend?

Cynthia K Seymour April 27, 2012

+Robert Scoble Would you be open to being a guest on our SocialChats Spreecast next Friday?

Cynthia K Seymour April 27, 2012

The best part about Spreecast is that you can pre-promote and Promote Live the show using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and G+. The interface with the other social media channels is what sets it apart from G+ Hangouts. Then you can embed the archived conversation into your blog.

Dave Nelson April 27, 2012

My pleasure +Chris Duel I think you'll like +Spreecast a lot. It's amazingly easy to use!!

Chris Duel April 27, 2012

+Dave Nelson Thanks for the recommendation! I am constructing a video dialogue platform in San Antonio and +Spreecast looks like an amazing tool. Great to hear from a video podcaster who is utilizing it. I will check out your shows.

Dave Nelson April 27, 2012

I use +Spreecast as a platform to record my 3 weekly podcasts and love it! Originally I'd use Skype and some switching software to send it out to or Ustream but with Spreecast all of that is eliminated! I'd more than recommend that you give it a try. BTW, my shows are on

Arthur Cundy April 27, 2012

I've heard about this earlier in this year from Gary Vaynerchuk. Looks like a new to have web talk shows.

Chris Duel April 27, 2012

Interactive dialogues. The next wave online.

Adam Stacoviak April 27, 2012

Thanks for posting this Robert. Call me crazy but I've glazed right over Spreecast because my brain immediately associated it with Spree Commerce, not the same thing obviously.

Is there any way you can help connect me to Jeff? I'd love to have him on +Founders Talk ( - the invitation is open to you as well.

shoaib aslam April 27, 2012


amir sattari April 27, 2012

good and intresting

arun vignesh April 27, 2012


Mike Slough April 27, 2012


Paul Clayton Smith April 27, 2012

So, the secret sauce as pertains to increased engagement is, enable limited insta-hangouts anywhere on embedded videos? Sounds interesting, but I question the durability of the business model.