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Rackspace's Futurist helps small teams have a huge impact with cloud computing technology.

Some brief news:

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I've heard that +Marissa Mayer has doubled Flickr's team size in the past week. I'm glad. Flickr is the best thing about Yahoo for me. I bet +Thomas Hawk will be happy about that!

I've also heard that Gist, run by +T. A. McCann  is going to be shut down by RIM and the team is moving to other social initiatives. I hear from the team that they are building in social support into future versions of Blackberry's OS. Wish them luck with that!

Lots of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 reviews hit the web this morning: Are you buying one?

More tech news on Do you read it? If not, where do you get your tech news from?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Hits Stores August 16: $499 For 16GB, $549 For 32GB

This story, by Jordan Crook / TechCrunch, appeared on Techmeme.


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Richard Creamer August 18, 2012

Now that +Marissa Mayer is in place, expect to be surprised.

Kevin Engelkamp August 18, 2012

Yahoo finance is the premier brand on the web in finance .  This is known. 

Al Bergstein August 16, 2012

Now she should expand Yahoo Finance, still a viable competitor onthe Web.

Gui Ambros August 16, 2012

+Robert Scoble  re: where to get news: I narrowed down to just hackernews - preferably new items (not front page). Raw, unfiltered, hidden gems. Much more interesting things than the same old same old from techmeme.

ps: and the Chrome ext "Hacker News: Mark All Read" is a must have.

Jer Warren August 16, 2012

I do have to say I prefer a regular capacitive stylus to the Wacom one built in, though.

Jer Warren August 16, 2012

Have had the Note 10.1 for a few weeks. Very nice. Didn't see today's announcement, so I don't know whether the consumer model can make phone calls. (The one I have can. It's fun holding that sucker up to my head and walking around.)

Marshall Kirkpatrick August 15, 2012

Gist was so awesome! :(

Praveen HM August 15, 2012

Doubled the team size, what from 1 to 2. ?

Richard Creamer August 15, 2012

Thanks, +Sebastian Mauer , I'll have to check out the stylus technology. I've tried using touch event pressure to emulate a mouse hover event, but on my HW, the data range is compressed into 0.15-0.35 which just doesn't work.

The first reasonably complete spec sheet I could locate didn't have 'hdmi' on the page. Thanks for the tip.

Sebastian Mauer August 15, 2012

+Richard Creamer it does connect to HDMI via an MHL Adapter. The Pen is based upon technology by Wacom, so it is pretty accurate and also has pressure sensitivity, making it a pretty innovative feature in the tablet sensor. There are things you can't do with your finger or those capacitive pens. 

Richard Creamer August 15, 2012

For my Android development needs, I'm not going to buy the Samsung tablet anytime soon, although, for development purposes it would be nice to have a big screen as my app can use a lot of real estate. 

If I were to get it for personal use (not development), then, for me, the screen resolution's a bit low, they use USB 2 instead of 3, I'd also want an HDMI output port (didn't see one listed), a wired ETH port, and the ability to plug in external USB drives to read/write content.  I don't need the stylus.  I didn't check out the adequacy of the included sensors, and being able to plug in an external, high-quality mic would be nice.

Currently, I'm fairly happy with my Nexus7 as a development platform.

Paul De Wilde August 15, 2012

Flickr is missing support for RAW and EPS files, as well as video longer then 90 seconds. Therefore I went to SMUGMUG

Thomas Hawk August 15, 2012

+Robert Scoble this is wonderful news.  I referenced this post of yours in a blog post I just wrote about +Marissa Mayer joining Flickr as well -- I think today is her first day with a Flickr account.  Neither of her predecessors Scott Thompson or Carol Bartz had Flickr accounts.  This is wonderful to hear about the increase in staffing for Flickr!!!  They should hire you as the new Yahoo evangelist (not that Rackspace isn't a great place for you now).  I've always felt that Yahoo through Flickr has had such potential in social.

Brett Miller August 15, 2012

I still have an original iPad, was looking at the Nexus 7 but now thinking the Note is the way to go. (If I were on AT&T, I'd already have the Note, just for the S-Pen.) Trying to decide between 7" and 10", and if the S-Pen is worth the extra $$$

RH Blanchfield August 15, 2012

+Robert Scoble    I can't comment on Facebook but at least I can here! I'm glad Marissa Mayer is investing more Yahoo resources into Flickr. To me, it's one the companies few  bright spots. Whenever my annual membership is due, I gladly pay for it. I think she's going to turn out to be a great CEO!

Vlad Markov August 15, 2012

+Sebastian Mauer kudos for phablet!

Sebastian Mauer August 15, 2012

+Robert Scoble go get your coffee ;) Samsung DOES release a whole lot of's hard not to get confused at times...

Robert Scoble August 15, 2012

+Sebastian Mauer sorry, not enough coffee in my system yet. I updated the post to correct my mistake.

Sebastian Mauer August 15, 2012

+Robert Scoble It's the Galaxy Note 10.1 (a tablet), the Galaxy Note 2 (which again will be a phablet/smartphone) might be announced just before IFA at the scheduled Unpacked event.

Wolfgang Langhammer August 15, 2012

Marissa Mayer stopped posting on Google+ the day she left for Yahoo. 620,979 people alienated. This made me uncircle her.

Beverly Hill August 15, 2012

I love Flickr and use it almost daily. I also backup all of my albums on my computer to it.

Eric Marin August 15, 2012

+Marissa Mayer's still active on Twitter, but her G+ feed has gone cold. Coincidence?

Josh Armour August 15, 2012

I am addicted to Techmeme now.  Its aggregation and ranking is top notch.  +Robert Scoble 

PJ Ammidon August 15, 2012

Time to post some pics on Flickr... thanks for the nudge +Robert Scoble ;)

Kevin Engelkamp August 15, 2012

Exciting news, I used to love flickr but have moved on due to changes/staleness 

toivo ellakvere August 15, 2012

I read blogs, "news" is not so interesting as a day will pass and it becomes "old news"

Rick Bucich August 15, 2012

Nice to Flickr back on the upswing!