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Such a fantastic collection of surrealistic art!

March 17, 2012 10 comments 3 shares 0 plus ones
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Realy interesting and beautiful!

Surrealism in Shadowness #14

Every Wednesday I will be posting a collection of inspiring surrealistic artworks.

I want to present the beauty of surrealistic world that recently...


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John Christopher March 18, 2012

So creative, imaginative, fun. Thanks for sharing

Mikko Tyllinen March 18, 2012

Agree with you its Awesome! Glad you like it!

ae den March 18, 2012

awesome! especially love " boiberds " Thank you for sharing this wonderful art!

Mikko Tyllinen March 17, 2012

Oh yes very fantastic collection! realy glad you like it!
and i do love it too! many smiles and hugs!
Happy weekend!!

Michele Cornelius March 17, 2012

More inspiration! :)

Janu Chand March 17, 2012

yeah really !!

GIGLIOLA CAPONE March 17, 2012


Jimmie Fisher March 17, 2012

Thanks for sharing the link, Mikko. One of my favorite subjects.

Birgit Backlund-Palander March 17, 2012

Thanks, very interesting again :))

Armaity Mistry March 17, 2012