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~ sunny rain on the coast ~

March 01, 2012 30 comments 8 shares 45 plus ones
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Acrylic on cardboard.
A daily painting project!

it was still a bit wet when i taking this picture...
Some how i just let my emotions fly here and creating a warm rainy day with sun light still shining... :))

#dailypainting #seascape #painting #acrylic


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Fabio Bucchieri March 03, 2012

such a cool painting!! And it makes me happy for some reason!

Mikko Tyllinen March 03, 2012

hahah! yes they loks so cute! :) Thanks +Lupe M. Luevano

Lupe M. Luevano March 03, 2012

I know it's weird...I love it as a whole ...but I love the birds... :)

Mikko Tyllinen March 02, 2012

There is no need for sadness +Mylah Nazario only joy and smiles! :) Thank you so much for such inspiring words my wonderufl friend!

Mikko Tyllinen March 02, 2012

Thank you +Robert Brosche'! this was a experimental painting for me speaselly with such a light colors! was fun!

Mikko Tyllinen March 02, 2012

Thank you +E.E. Giorgi! yes it was such spontanious time to paint it! :)

Thank you so much +Mary Mansey !

Mikko Tyllinen March 02, 2012

hi +Mari Sterling Wilbur! Thank you so much!

Mikko Tyllinen March 02, 2012

HI +ae den! you are absolutley right its for a moment there is a have rain with amazing sunshine.. sometimes hapening like this its so unreal! here i wanted to captured this feeling! Thank you my friend!

Mikko Tyllinen March 02, 2012

haha! nice to see yu again +Robert Winners! :) wishing yhou a fantastic friday!

Mikko Tyllinen March 02, 2012

Thank you +Johan Peijnenburg!

E.E. Giorgi March 02, 2012

lovely abstract, excellent!

Mary Mansey March 02, 2012

Amazing colors, love this !

Robert Brosche' March 02, 2012

very airy, sunny and beautiful Mikko, great job here

Mylah Nazario March 02, 2012

Seriously, your images have a way of lifting my spirit. I can't be sad wen I visit your stream :)

Mikko Tyllinen March 02, 2012

Thank you +Milena Ilieva ! :)

Mikko Tyllinen March 02, 2012

Glad you feel you feel that, i wondering if i sence right feeling myself, haha! Thank you +Trisha Holston !

Mikko Tyllinen March 02, 2012

Thank you +Christopher Bellinger ! :)

Mari Sterling Wilbur March 02, 2012

Beautiful colors and feeling - I like your work very much +Mikko Tyllinen

ae den March 02, 2012

It's heavy rain here but you gave me the warmth of sunshine just right now! Thanks Mikko :)

Robert Winners March 02, 2012

back again to look at this wonderful painting.....

Johan Peijnenburg March 01, 2012

And this stream is also always a joy to visit. Nice work again +Mikko Tyllinen !

Milena Ilieva March 01, 2012

I sense warmth and freshness from this piece. Nice job +Mikko Tyllinen

Trisha Holston March 01, 2012

Refreshingly Beautiful...!!! I can feel the rain with the sun shining through...

Christopher Bellinger March 01, 2012

Lovely effect and Van Gogh painted on cardboard to!

Mikko Tyllinen March 01, 2012

HI +John Kampsen! Thank you! Wishing a wonderful day to you my friend!!

Mikko Tyllinen March 01, 2012

Hi +Tricia Heriz-Smith! Thank you!

John Kampsen March 01, 2012

Bright and warm feeling ! Thank you, my friend, +Mikko Tyllinen !!

Tricia Heriz-Smith March 01, 2012

So uplifting and refreshing! Thank you +Mikko Tyllinen

Mikko Tyllinen March 01, 2012

:) Thank you +Butterfly Perception! its seem a bit darker then in real life..:P hahha! hope you have a great time!

Butterfly Perception March 01, 2012

I like this one, inspires joy.