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"Leaving Emerald Bay"

April 23, 2012 189 comments 73 shares 617 plus ones
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Lake Tahoe, CA - 2009

Growing up in California, I was very fortunate to have a family house in Tahoe. As a child I remember building forts in the woods behind our house and jumping in the beautiful yet chilly water that makes up Lake Tahoe. As a photographer, this area of California is amazing. One of my favorite locations is Emerald Bay, located near the south end of the lake. While extremely popular for visitors and photographers alike, there are still plenty of opportunities for unique compositions if you look hard enough. While I usually prefer dramatic skies, the clean feel of this image is what I enjoy the most.

Image Information:
CAMERA: Canon 5D Mark II
LENS: Canon 24-70 2.8L
ISO: 200
EXPOSURE: f / 9.0 at 1/125 Sec

Post Processing:
I balanced the light reflecting off the water with the sky by using Lightroom's local adjustments (brush) as well as the split toning feature. I cleaned up a few ripples in the lake via content aware in Photoshop and then slightly enhanced the color of the image using +Nik Software's Viveza 2.

*A higher resolution version will be available once my new Portfolio and Online Store sections of my website are finished. #cbblog


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Bharat Kumawat May 05, 2012


Nikhil Barik May 05, 2012

a good one buddy keep it up

Chuck Jackson May 05, 2012


Leah Schrimsher May 04, 2012

Your not beautiful.. I am.

Thapelo Seema May 02, 2012

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful work with us keep it up.

Alexis Coram April 29, 2012

Gorgeous gorgeous. Love the colors and the split tone. I wouldn't mind watching this from the comfort of a swinging hammock :)

Ron Bearry April 28, 2012

Awesome! I'll be there in July on my way to Monterey.

Sviatoslav Chernikov April 26, 2012

fine colors. excellent!

Bonie Parker April 26, 2012

This is Beautiful :)

rody hamad April 26, 2012


said ferrah April 26, 2012

nice picture realy the natural pic

Parisaa Qane April 26, 2012


Rakesh Prajapati April 26, 2012

nice pik....

Dawid Martynowski April 26, 2012

Beautiful shot. +Colby Brown

Yasmin Simpson April 26, 2012

Lovely image, lovely memories!. Thanks for sharing

Bruce Mulford April 26, 2012

This picture is so realistic, that I can just imagine myself standing there!

Margaret Tompkins April 26, 2012

Tahoe is so beautiful and you have photographed it beautifully well!

George Smallwood April 25, 2012

she said it above just killer shots...

liz steel April 25, 2012


Susie Ankerstjerne April 25, 2012

So peaceful, so pure. Magic!

Josef Gitschthaler April 25, 2012


Alfida Ahmed April 25, 2012

good piture wish I could take piture like that

Angelika Pukacka April 25, 2012


Vincent Beaufays April 25, 2012

superbe photo, très belles nuances de couleurs
Beau dégradé

הודיה חיים April 25, 2012

ואווווווווווווווווווווווו זה מהמם!

DALLET Elizabeth April 25, 2012

Nice athmosphere !

Ildiko Katona April 25, 2012

I read threemal your writing "Leaving Emmerald Bay" . Its warm and lovly. I like this. Emmerald Bay can nice and important for you.

Christian Robinson April 25, 2012


Humberto Valencia April 24, 2012

I was just there last weekend, not in Emerald Bay but on the northeast side by Sand Harbor... been meaning to go visit Emerald Bay

Susan Cole Kelly April 24, 2012

What a lovely memory of a lovely place. Lovely image, too!

Joy Bangget April 24, 2012

it's good

Barry Blanchard April 24, 2012

Very nice +Colby Brown

abbie mcfetridge April 24, 2012

wats emrald

utkarsh singh April 24, 2012


Kimberly mattia April 24, 2012

really nice pic :)

وردة الجوري April 24, 2012

very nice i like this type of photo

Ildiko Katona April 24, 2012

I'm looking your peacturres, and I felt emptiness but I am not phothographer.

Chris Hoffmann April 24, 2012

Beautiful, peaceful image Colby. Thanks for sharing. :)

Chuck Jackson April 24, 2012

+Colby Brown SERENITY

Fatima Nusrat April 24, 2012

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness.
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Vicki Wilson April 24, 2012

This is so beautiful, I love the color reflected on the calm water!

Kochaphan Pathamananthapon April 24, 2012

Very nice

Mike Shaw April 24, 2012

+Colby Brown Good to hear mate :)

Helen Garcia April 24, 2012


Uttam Singh Negi April 24, 2012

Nice click...

vikki rosellini April 24, 2012

love the place,..where is it? peacefull:)

Robert Manning April 24, 2012

I remember the Viking house and the tea house on the island?

Sasi Kumar April 24, 2012

Excellent shot

Sumit Sen April 24, 2012

Stunning shot!

setiawan tangsek April 24, 2012

nice foto....

Lisa Hoover April 24, 2012


Diksha Sharma April 24, 2012


Roli Marta April 24, 2012

like a painting....

Katareena Parish April 24, 2012

love the pic

Aylana Soto April 24, 2012


dhrishti varieth April 24, 2012


Trollinator Mc Troll April 24, 2012


Rae-Rae Reinhardt April 24, 2012

Wow! Nature at its best!

Sue Ranscht April 24, 2012

I'll be watching for them, Colby!

Colby Brown April 24, 2012

fair enough +Sue Ranscht . Plenty more to come in due time :)

Scott Cronk April 24, 2012

Nice Sunrise.

Mandi Pasquarello April 24, 2012

Love the sun-set

PradipKumar Chakrabarty April 24, 2012

are there any mosquitos to break concentration of mind?1

Megan Dacey-Koo April 24, 2012

luv the pretty sunset! Seems like a nice place to live

Tanya Michelle April 24, 2012

I have not been to Tahoe in a it, miss it.

Melody Culbert April 23, 2012

dont you just wish you could see that in person?

Janelle Jackson April 23, 2012

wow! simply beautiful!

Sajid Ali April 23, 2012

Very very nise & beautiful plase

jolanta jacaszek April 23, 2012


alyssa sanchez April 23, 2012


dhrishti varieth April 23, 2012


Anna Thiede April 23, 2012

like me

Samantha Melnick April 23, 2012


Breyanna Hanson April 23, 2012


jolanta jacaszek April 23, 2012

I tak trzymaj. good

Sue Ranscht April 23, 2012

Like Hope OHara, Sandra Parlow, and Mike Shaw, I was very happily surprised to see this from you, +Colby Brown. I know you are immersed in the business of keeping seventeen different balls in the air. That makes this beautifully balanced, subtly colored shot, accompanied by memories from your early life, all the more precious a jewel we can treasure.

It's nice to see you step away from your roles as family man, humanitarian, entrepreneur, and tech guy to show us the Artist you are in your heart, if only for a moment, every once in a while.

Nyrissa Osborn April 23, 2012

it makes me feel relaxed just looking at it

Jennifer Jurca April 23, 2012


Madison Luchte April 23, 2012


Laila Kumar April 23, 2012

Very pretty...i like the scenery...

Taylor B April 23, 2012

wow sooopretty

Abbie Hughes April 23, 2012


jolanta jacaszek April 23, 2012


Jacob Moraga April 23, 2012

oh i love and miss south lake tahoe!!

Sabrina Bibicoff April 23, 2012

love it

jolanta jacaszek April 23, 2012


Brenda Dyck April 23, 2012

Fantastic! You should post this on Pinterest!

Anna Beth Malone April 23, 2012

So pretty!!!

Leyla A. Roberson April 23, 2012


Barry Wild April 23, 2012

very good

Michael Pinto April 23, 2012

Damn!...the image is so crisp!! Awesome!

Evan Custance April 23, 2012

picture perfect shot

Anabela Chaparro April 23, 2012

Que copado paisaje

Bryce Etheridge April 23, 2012

Go to the Boundary Waters. EOM

Hannah Kinsey April 23, 2012

looks like the lake i live by

Kenny Young April 23, 2012


Javier Esvall April 23, 2012

Nice photo!

Nathaniel Matson April 23, 2012


raquel luizaga April 23, 2012


Calificación general

Brian Rueb April 23, 2012


Karen Morris April 23, 2012

love it x

John Doe April 23, 2012

you should come up to coeur d'alene some time and get some shots of it.

Elijah Gargus April 23, 2012



very nice

Tricia Nicholas April 23, 2012

very peaceful

jolanta jacaszek April 23, 2012

Super foto gratuluję

Anna Waite April 23, 2012

my breathing slowed down.......its so peaceful.....beautiful .!!

Sandra Brown April 23, 2012

wow! terrific picture. Soooooo wish I had money for a Canon too....maybe some day!! Keep up your good 'work' x

Daniel O'Connell April 23, 2012

I was there in early February and it was awesome. I skied Heavenly

Sandra Parlow April 23, 2012


.... +Colby Brown shared a photo on G+ :P

It's lovely Colby - and thanks for the accompanying story!

Nick Stanbery April 23, 2012

I grew up next to lake tahoe. Great pic.

Colby Brown April 23, 2012

+Mike Shaw - I haven't shared a ton, so that is to blame as well. That is changing though :)

Ian o'rourke April 23, 2012

wow thats a great pic too! i wish i lived there..

Lyle Smith April 23, 2012

oh!! Wow....

Nancy Battis Vita April 23, 2012

What a soothing photo.

stephanie bush April 23, 2012

this is so nice

Nameet Manohar April 23, 2012

Just WOW!

Adrian Sandoval April 23, 2012

amazing pic!

Mike Shaw April 23, 2012

+Colby Brown Goes to show just how much attention I pay, I always come in to read you post but I must keep missing your photographs :)

lissette alvarez April 23, 2012

preciosa imagen

Eric Warren April 23, 2012

IT is, indeed, beautiful. Years ago I took a boat ride around the Lake, and part of the trip included a brief (too brief) foray into Emerald Bay. Thanks, +Colby Brown

Brian Villaloz April 23, 2012

Very nice!!

lissette alvarez April 23, 2012

preciosa imagen

Maggie Lindler April 23, 2012


Tom Woolley April 23, 2012

awesome picture +Colby Brown =)

abbie mcfetridge April 23, 2012


Kayla Simpson April 23, 2012

Thts random

Colby Powers April 23, 2012

we have the same first name. hello

Julian Ortiz April 23, 2012

+Colby Brown I admire your patience to answer certain questions.

Melody Wingfield April 23, 2012

What a beautiful play of silhouette and light! Great shot!

Maggie Lindler April 23, 2012

Oh my God thats really pretty my dad does photography well he's a profesinal so i know when a good picture comes

Kayla Simpson April 23, 2012


Enrique Pelaez April 23, 2012

Woow this is an incredible shot. I particularly like the perfect elliptic lines on the lake shore that make your composition so beautiful. Tones are fantastic too. Thanks for sharing it +Colby Brown

Michael J April 23, 2012

what?! gorgeous.

Colby Brown April 23, 2012

Nope +Mike Shaw. Have posted a handful over the last few weeks, roughly 40 last year as well. Just getting back into the swing of things with my website nearly done and a few other things marked off the to-do list.

Brigitte Bertin April 23, 2012

Très très belles photos !

Mike Shaw April 23, 2012

Is this the first "photograph" you have posted here +Colby Brown ?

rudolph clarke April 23, 2012

Beautiful and calm photo,

yousif kooge April 23, 2012


Brigitte Bertin April 23, 2012

Tu m'étonnes c'est en Californie !!!

Charlotte Hill April 23, 2012


Doug Shoop April 23, 2012

This one totally mellowed me out during a hectic day. An excellent example of a cloudless sky that is really stunning.

Brandy O April 23, 2012

Very pretty.

Leo Shatokhin April 23, 2012

Awesome shot! Incredible lighting.

Sveta Iz April 23, 2012

WOW. What a picture. Thank you.

Tati Erickson April 23, 2012


heena shah April 23, 2012

i want to go there

SUBHAN ASGHAR April 23, 2012

wataa beautiful

Anna Marie Jones April 23, 2012

i wished i could be there.

Brigitte Bertin April 23, 2012

Très joli

Linus Stroik April 23, 2012

i love it

Natassha Fagergren April 23, 2012


brittany lee April 23, 2012


maria giron April 23, 2012

yo quiero estar ahi

Ted Vieira April 23, 2012

I love this!

Diana Schley April 23, 2012

silence !

François Woods April 23, 2012

Indeed, realy nice picture.

John Carlo Due April 23, 2012

Nice photo!! <3

Kath Cherry April 23, 2012

Wow. Cool pic.

Gustavo alejandro Rodriguez April 23, 2012

Bonita foto,un lago de amanecer excelente.

Ralph Mendoza April 23, 2012

Thanks for sharing. Wonderful memories and a nice capture. One of nature's finest moments

Colby Brown April 23, 2012

+Hope OHara - There is a lot more too it then that. Running three photography business and balancing everything while trying to keep the dominoes lined up is not easy. I have been waiting for a web site redesign for 5 months (having gone through a few crappy designers), which plays a role in the cross linking from posts such as this. My book on G+ as well as the free PDF version certainly do tout interaction and sharing, but I think you would be hard pressed to argue that I am not engaged on a daily basis here.

Bottom line is that all of this puts food on the table for my family and so things are not so simple as, "Why don't you share more?" :)

Steve Gill April 23, 2012

I visited Lake Tahoe a few years ago on a trip to California and found it a truly wonderful experience. This is a beautiful image and captures the tranquillity that can be found there despite heavily popular with tourists. Thanks for sharing this image +Colby Brown it brings back great memories.

Stephen Larkin April 23, 2012

At first I thought the skyline was too deep however whilst I glared at the whole composition, the whole frame feel perfectly. Amazing capture....thanks for the share and more so the detail of the shoot.

Nicolae Dan Tamas April 23, 2012


Hope OHara April 23, 2012

wow you actually posted a photo that you took.. this is really quiet lovely.. love the soft peaceful feeling one gets from it Colby.. you really should post more of your work more often.. I mean after all your the one who has a blog on how wonderful G+ is for photographers.. and yet you don't share much of your work.. makes one wonder at times.. just saying..

Harit Doshi April 23, 2012

great one..

corinne hamm April 23, 2012

un droit de Rêve,joli photo

Maria John April 23, 2012

-California is beautiful! :)

Adjat Sudradjat April 23, 2012


Shwetha Panicker April 23, 2012

i like it too

suzie salinas April 23, 2012


Leah Laker April 23, 2012

Beautiful scene-something I'd enjoy painting.

Phillip Colla April 23, 2012

Will be there Saturday. Good diving there, I like the clean sky and colors.

عيدروس الكلدي April 23, 2012


張凜 April 23, 2012

i like!

Josep-Maria Robert April 23, 2012


Pepa Mijes April 23, 2012

Que bonito me gusta ,es un gozo para los centidos.

Tety Andriyanti April 23, 2012

Lovely pict,i like this..:>

Ronae Jull April 23, 2012


aguz afion April 23, 2012

wonderful to night

Michael Schafir April 23, 2012

A magic place!

Marhusa habeahan April 23, 2012 amazing

Yorietty sergio perez April 23, 2012

Eres muy bueno

Tony Stagge April 23, 2012

I want to make pictures this beautiful! Thanks for sharing Colby.

Gailen Mapes April 23, 2012

I love the tonal range in this image! Wow!

สุวัฒน์ บางพลี April 23, 2012


Julian Ortiz April 23, 2012

love it +Colby Brown and thanks for the image information and post processing info.

Miguel Angel Martín April 23, 2012

Very nice shot

Ercan Beydat April 23, 2012

Beautiful shot.

raymond samson April 23, 2012

that water is very still

saeid parse April 23, 2012

very nice