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August 05, 2012 82 comments 6 shares 64 plus ones
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This past week I found myself at the HQ for +Wacom Americas in Vancouver, WA. This recently formed partnership/sponsorship gave me access to conversations and products that I truly feel are going to revolutionize both the photo editing and mobile industries. In particular, I had a chance to test the newly announced Cintiq 24HD touch screen. Needless to say, I was blown away. Not only because this $3699.00 tablet was insanely cool, but because it gave me a glimpse at the future of computing. While not everyone will be able to afford one of these, the writing is on the wall for the rest of the PC (Personal Computing) industry. While it ran fine on Apple's latest OSX 10.8, the Windows 8 performance and functionality was inspiring. Why? Because Wacom worked VERY VERY closely with Microsoft when it came to the touch experience with their new OS, which is certainly different from Apple's approach which is to keep the API's for touch pretty locked down.

In general, the photo industry is heavily obsessed with Apple. Between the sleek UI of both IOS (mobile) and OSX (desktop/laptop), there is certainly a lot to love, but they are also not the only game in town. While I am still scarred by my experiences with Windows ME and Windows Vista, arguably the two worst OS in history, my experience with Win 7 and Win 8 has been great.

At the end of the day, the general public will have to wait till the end of October to experience Windows 8 and probably a significantly longer time for tablets such as Wacom's 24HD touch tablet to become more affordable to the average consumer...but the future is coming...and fast!

What are your thoughts on Windows 8? What OS do you use for your desktop or mobile experience?

* For the record, this is what I use:

Desktop: OSX 10.6.8 (Soon Windows 8)
Laptop: Asus Ultrabook with Windows 7
Smart Phone: Galaxy Nexus
Tablet: Nexus 7

Cintiq 24HD touch | Wacom Americas

The Cintiq 24HD touch offers creative professionals the most natural and complete tool for design, video, art and animation.


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Laura Rincón García August 15, 2012

nadie habla en español???

Colby Brown August 14, 2012

+Dave Cox - Very soon. Last I heard it is more like end of August, but it is certainly coming! I am very excited. Will have one in my office as well.

Dave Cox August 14, 2012

Hey +Colby Brown did they give you any insight on when the 24HD touch is releasing for sale? Site just says "Early August" (which in my book ends tomorrow LOL) I'll be snagging a couple of these pretty quick, they are a game changer for us.

Kev Kvisle August 11, 2012

yes, you are the only one. Lol. kidding.
 I know nothing, but I heard that all Windows are just fixes and patches over the original version and that a totally new one would be best. Is that true?

Girish.M.K Photographer August 09, 2012

very nice

Bank Akinmola August 07, 2012

+Jan Jílek I agree that Mac OS seems to scale better with hardware, but that's mostly b/c of the control that Apple keeps over both the hardware and software.

I have no problem with Windows slowdown at all... but I have a high end machine. However to that affect, Windows 8 does scale much better. I installed the Release Preview on a 4 yr old machine w/ only 4GB of RAM and a Core Duo... and it runs just as smooth and buttery as my i7 Xtreme w/ 12GB of RAM, at least so far. So Windows has seen some significant improvements in that regard.

Bank Akinmola August 07, 2012

+Colby Brown   I can't wait for Windows 8! I've been running the Release Preview for a few weeks on one of my spare laptops and love it. Sure, there were some new navigation commands that took getting used to... but for the most part, it's not that much different than Windows 7, which I also loved. 

The system performance has definitely seen an improvement, as I'm running it on an old piece of hardware... with Win 8, it's now running just as efficiently as my m18x! I won't upgrade my high end laptop until I'm sure all bugs and driver support issues are worked out, but I will be upgrading my spare laptop to the full retail version on day one. Funny enough, I actually use the spare more than my primary laptop now... And I can't wait for the Surface Pro or whatever innovation Samsung brings to the table!

To be honest, I held off on my purchase of a MacBook Pro when the original iPad rumors surfaced... b/c I was thinking I'd have Mac OS in a tablet form factor... "how cool" I thought. I was sorely disappointed to see a phone OS on the iPad. After the iPad 2, I moved on to an Android tablet... and even though I've fallen in love with Android, there are still times that I miss not having the full capability of my laptop in hand. So I'm really stoked for Windows 8. I think it's the perfect solution for user like me who don't want to compromise power for portability. 

David Acuna August 07, 2012

that tablet looks amazing!

Colby Brown August 06, 2012

+Benny Sjöstrand I would be all over Linux if it had Photoshop and Lightroom support. As far as Microsoft, yes they have had their issues...but in the very least they license their patents these days and don't use them to block competition. Back in the days, that was a different story.

Benny Sjöstrand August 06, 2012

+Colby Brown I agree with you that business methods of Apple are poor. Microsoft has been in a leading position much more time then Apple, I think they have doing much worse things over time.

So instead of going in bed with Microsoft, why don't you try something truly open and innovative, like +Ubuntu (or other Linux based OS)

Oops, maybe some of your key applications, like Photoshop and Lightroom are not supported, and there is no other good enough alternatives available. That's really sad that companies like Adobe don't port their software to any other platform then Windows/Mac OSX.

Maximilian Majewski August 06, 2012

+Mario DeSousa I'm afraid you will most likely not be able to use Windows to go, because it's only part of Windows 8 Enterprise, which are unlikely to get your hands on 'legally'.

Maximilian Majewski August 06, 2012

I'm running the leaked Win 8 Enterprise N version, until the official keys are released on MSDN. So far I'm really impressed at the smoothness and stableness. Boot times are amazing, and driver support also leaves me speechless. I only had to download extra software for my wacom tablet and the printer. Other than that everything is recognized the second I plug it in. 

Dragan Bjelic August 06, 2012

If hey give me back my start button or explain how to find things fast with this bs ui in windows 8 I'll gibe it a try. Had the preview version (with apps) installed and was more than dissapointed with this metro crap. Thanks god I'm using windows 7, mac osx mountain lion and a little bit of linux to keep me going.

Colby Brown August 06, 2012

No worries +piper mackay. We all have our days and to be fair, occasionally I am annoyed with Apple, which to be honest, makes me sad because I used to love their products. As for innovation, they are masters of UI and truly did help shape our tech industry. I would however have to disagree to say that Apple truly innovated with their products. iMac, ipod, ipad, iphone....all were done before...sure with very little success and not nearly as polished or complete. But the ipad was certainly not the first tablet and the ipod was not the first digital music device. If you have been following the Samsung and Apple trial going on in California, you will see many of the first inspirations for the iphone, which ironically came from Sony.

In my mind, Apple has every right and should be very protective of their core Software, but when it comes to hardware or ridiculous features like "slide to unlock", I have to draw the line somewhere. Apple being awarded a patent for a "rectangular device with touch" is proof of our poor patent system. Apple choosing to use that patent is a poor business practice, in my own personal opinion. At the end of the day, I want Apple to be a successful company. Why? Because competition drives innovation and push companies to offer things they might of not even considered. Judging from their stance on using patents to have active court cases with every Android manufacture  shows that a free market is not what they seem to have in mind. Microsoft is no saint and I am not huge fans of them either, but for the same reasons I stated previously, I have no ties to ANY tech company and will continue to use the best products for my needs. These days, that does not appear to have an Apple logo on them. I refuse to purchase a MBA if it doesn't work for my needs...not sure why anyone would do that...

piper mackay August 06, 2012

+Colby Brown   I guess I woke up a little grumpy today.. ya think.. I greatly respect and admire your talents and what you do. I suppose this was triggered by a comment you made several weeks ago about apple should just continue to inovate rather than sue the competition or something along those lines...... in all fairness Apple has led innovation for years and produced amazing new products and technology.. and it is other companies chasing this technology that has advanced innovation  so quickly and globally.... where would technology be if Apple never existed....think about that for a min.... as a creative.... If other companies continue to knock off and produce similar products at reduced prices to take away market share from the innovators they will not have the resources to continue to innovate.... with that said I value your opinion on new products since you have such amazing access to them.... but lately it just seemed like a lot of apple bashing and extreme android, samsung, Microsoft promoting and it did cause me to question the true motivation..... It seems you are rather neutral with discussing Nikon and Canon and other type fueding companies but this really started to seem a little one sided........Apple is american and samsung who I dealt with for 15 years is not a good company and I know first hand how much they copy and I guess it just struck accord especially because I do admire your work and what you do...... didn't mean to be so nasty.... bad morning... sorry 

Amish Solanki August 06, 2012

I've been testing it out on one of my laptops (CR version) and so far so good. Taking a while to get use to Metro (err or whatever it's going to be called) but I like it so far.
I'd like to know which Ultrabook you were able to get 10GB in. I'm going to be selling my Asus U35jc for a ultrabook (need something lighter for travel). I'm contemplating the ux32vd.

Benny Sjöstrand August 05, 2012

I think Micheal Mace in this video explains it very well, how I and many other feels about Windows 8 - Why Windows 8 Scares Me

Then a big architectural mess under the hood don't make things better ...

Magnus Tinglöf August 05, 2012

+Colby Brown totally agree with you in your above post.
I seriously love my huge custom built PC for it's speed/cost ratio, my Nexus 7 tablet for it's fantastic portability and customization and will most certainly be very happy when the MS surface pro lands.
Also, win8 works great and will install it on every machine in the household.
Very smooth and runs like a champ on a 5 year old laptop that boots from cold in less then 40 sec and that's with a slow 5400rpm drive...

Compared to many posters here I find OSX horrible to work on and the OS feels very unfriendly if you want to "dig deeper" in various settings so normally the MBP is in my wifes care since she dont want/need options.

And yes I really like what MS done to their new OS, takes some balls to implement such huge changes. :-)

Keith Morgan August 05, 2012

[I havent read all the comments]
I've personally always been a fan of Windows - especially being that my real job is in a corporate environment.  Apple has always had its own niche and I feel like as of late that it has been marketing more toward the folks that are not as computer savvy.  Its been locking down its systems and making an almost generic product.....but thats just my opinion.  The other big driver for me is for the price of a new macbook pro you could have an awesome windows notebook and money left over....

Gary Petersen August 05, 2012

I just ordered a new laptop. 32 gb ram and an I-7 processor with windows 7 ultimate. At $2300.00 it seemed a better deal than any Mac laptop I looked at. I think it comes with a $14.00 upgrade to windows 8 later on straight from Microsoft.

Hassan Alsayed August 05, 2012

I tried windows 8 and it just didn't work for me, gave the laptop to my younger brother to use for a while and he absolutely hated it. 

Colby Brown August 05, 2012

+piper mackay - All fair points, but there are more similarities between my comparison of Canon and Nikon and my choosing Android and possibly Windows 8 over IOS and OSX. I am not here saying that IOS or OSX are horrible Operating Systems, nor am I saying that everyone should share my view of the world. I left IOS after years as an evangelist. I swore that the iphone, ipad and OSX desktops where bar none, the best around. Then the competition started heating up, which is good for us all.

I use Android more because of what it can do that IOS can't. USB Host support, true customization, expandable micro sd slots, widgets and so on... As for a laptop, I have used MBPs for years and MBA's for the last two years as well. Macbook Airs fail on a number of accounts that make them impossible for me to use with my various photography businesses. As a guy that travels alot, I have to be able to edit on the road. The 11" and 13" MBA don't have great battery life, have poor resolution screens for photo/video editing and offer nothing but none IPS glossy screens that distort color depending on the exact angle I was looking at my laptop. Apple forced my hand to purchase a new Ultrabook after using one of the new Macbook Pro's with retina displays. Soldering every component to the extent that you can not replace a single piece of the laptop if something is damaged or breaks...that is not kosher with me. A damaged screen on the new MBA with retina display becomes a $3k paper weight. Can't fix it...Ever. I picked up my Windows 7 powered Asus ultrabook last month and it is great. I can remove the HD and replace one of the memory slots, giving me an i7 quad core, 10gb ram, 500gb SSD 1080p IPS matte screen with integrated graphics for $650 cheaper then the top of the line 13" MBA equivalent. Is it perfect, no. But it serves my needs much more efficiently then any Apple laptop has in the last few years.

As for Desktops, I currently run a 10.6.8 mac pro (a line that Apple has not upgraded themselves in 5 years) that has been great, but I see the writing on the wall. I may (haven't fully decided) switch to Windows 8 as my desktop machine because I do not like what I am seeing as more IOS features move into OSX. Mix that with my new partnership with Wacom and the fact that I will be getting one of the 24" HD Touch Cintiq tablets I linked too in this post. Unlike others in this post, I want a touch centric desktop experience that I can use in conjunction with hand gestures, a tablet for photo editing and mix of physical and digital keyboards. Knowing that Wacom was instrumental in helping Microsoft perfect their version of touch in Windows 8 makes me more confident in its potential.

The point of this response, please do not mistake my preference to use none Apple products as bias. I used them all for years. But today, there are better options for people looking for the specific needs that I have. That doesn't mean Apple products do not work for many, just not for me.

Julie Provost August 05, 2012

We actually just got Windows 7...but we are usually behind on this kind of stuff.  I would rather watch others try it all out before I do :)

Don Shane August 05, 2012

I'm not sure the only one but I can say I will not be running to buy this one.. Windows 7 was really good for what I wanted to do compared to Vista. My problem with The Ocho may not be a problem at all but I don't need a Tablet interface for me desktop and notebooks. When I'm on a PC I want to feel like I'm on a PC. I have a tablet and phone for when I want to play.

Andrew Guyther August 05, 2012

Windows 8 on a non touch device is just..... terrible.

Wesley Robinson August 05, 2012

+ryan edge Nope. +Colby Brown isn't. I'm bloody excited. Although I wasn't. Until recently. I've been using Hotmail's (Outlook now, I guess) clean interface. It's the same retro style that they're pioneering with w8. I must say, it's marvelously impressive, and I can see how it will port incredibly well to touch-screen devices.

Manish Choudhury August 05, 2012

Yeah probably ;-) you're the only one

piper mackay August 05, 2012

+Colby Brown all I am saying is when you where shooting Canon and switched to Nikon it was great to hear your evaluation of both....I was surprised you are not happy with the focusing which is one of the big reason so many of us are switching.. but it is clear that you are bias on the android, Microsoft, google side.... not saying that the products you are involved in aren't great!! but as an influencer and  that you have as such great access to all this innovation.. it would be great if you were trying products on both sides of the fence and then comparatively  promoting the one you really believe is a benefit to you as a photographer... just sayin... :)

ryan edge August 05, 2012

+Benny Sjöstrand Completely agree. And the windows architecture is a complete mess!  There are random jpegs mixed with system files. Random libraries all over the place. It's as if, they don't have standards at microsoft for where to place things. 

Benny Sjöstrand August 05, 2012

This is an endless discussion,
As a Software Engineer, the only reason I work with M$ products is to get paid (sometimes I think maybe it's less pain to stay hungry)
Take a look under the hood, the Win32 API has been around here for more then 20 years, it has always been a complete mess
You can't build a house without a stable base, same for an operating system.
iOS and Mac OSX probably uses the same kernel, that's great, that shows the flexibility of the Mac OSX (Darwin) kernel. I guess M$ is trying to do the same thing with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, using the NT based kernel.
What about the API for Windows 8 ?,  now the focus it's not so much about .NET anymore. About the RT API, I have not looked at it too much, Is still possible to use the Win32/64 API?, or do we lose all backward compatibility, well .. but not impressed
About UI, Metro (wow) they removed the start button (WTF), and try to find the control panel, and shutdown button (?)

To get the work done, I'll stay with Linux based OS, and Mac OSX.
But hopefully there are other Software Engineers motivated to develop applications for W8 ....

ryan edge August 05, 2012

Yes, yes you are the only one excited about win8.

Colby Brown August 05, 2012

+Benny Sjöstrand - Personally I care less about IOS and from what I hear from my contacts, the idea is to merge IOS and OSX, which is a big failure in my book. Certainly to each their own, but for me I plan on using the best products for the best price. Slick UI doesn't mean much to me if that means I have to sacrifice freedom and customization. Time will tell if that is accurate. Either way, the 24" Cintiq tablet on Win 8 is the winner in my book.

Daniel Wilson August 05, 2012

I have a high end gaming pc built with amd, 8 gigs ram, everything oc'd. I have no lag, win 7, and only have about $800 invested in it.

Ded Jezter August 05, 2012

Yes, you are the only one. It is a shame that an open source like Linux is more secure than any windows has ever been. Fix what is broken not just a better version of the same broken programming.

David Mullins August 05, 2012

yes, it is garbage

Benny Sjöstrand August 05, 2012

I'm not impressed about Windows 8, or any other M$ OS. Mac OSX has a solid Unix base, robust and elegant design, easy to use.
M$ products complete lack of quality and design.

James Field August 05, 2012

Yep, like I said, it's a great feature.  I've been using it on various Linux distros for years.  It's saved my life on a number of occasions when I have been able to boot into an unbootable system to recover files or even repair the file system.

Mario DeSousa August 05, 2012

+James Field  I know(well not about 95 on a floppy) I wasn't suggesting that MS was the leading edge.

Can you imagine if University implements win2go on their public machines?  no more remembering logins, passwords, urls, docs to cloud services.  just have your USB stick in your pocket or on your key chain and BAM!  No driver issues or unfamiliarity, just hit the ground running with your OWN desktop, programs, bookmarks etc..
I'm excited about it and future iterations as improvements roll in.

Jan Jílek August 05, 2012

IMO Windows 8 is designed for tablets and tablet PCs. Not sure how it will work on a normal PC, we'll let MS to surprise us.

Sean Bradshaw August 05, 2012

Gave it a try in a full screen VM on my laptop. Seems tolerable for small screens, but I can't imagine running one thing at a time on my 30inch desktop monitor at home, or 1 thing on my two 24 inch screens at work. This will be the first Windows I haven't had on day one since Windows 95.

Jan Jílek August 05, 2012

+Tyler Smith I tried OS X on a Windows machine so OS X wasn't optimized for it and it worked faster. For $2000 you can get a better Windows configuration, I agree but if you won't go with high-end top line parts, you'll have performance issues, just like +Alejandro broche said.

James Field August 05, 2012

Absolutely, +Mario DeSousa, I'm not disputing that.  It would just be nice if they'd implemented it with Windows '98.  Incidentally, it is possible.  A few years ago, some hackers managed to get a functioning Windows '95 implementation to fit on a floppy disk!  There are also 'hacked' versions of MS operating systems that will boot from USB.

Mario DeSousa August 05, 2012

+James Field Yea I know, but we can't deny that business users and (more frustratingly) siblings and parents are stuck on windows.  This makes my life much easier

Eric Fialkowski August 05, 2012

I am very intrigued by it. At first I wasn't excited at all but I've gotten more interested as I've played around with it. Performance seems pretty decent, even when running it in a virtual machine. 

Tyler Smith August 05, 2012

+Jan Jílek Running Windows on a Mac is not really the same as running it on a similarly priced Windows machine.  I would hope that OSX will run better on the exact hardware it was made for.  At least you have tried to give it a fair shake.  My point is that for the 1500 to 2000 dollars of a Mac you could build a much more powerful PC that will run better.  

Jan Jílek August 05, 2012

+Tj Tjarks These are the problems I'm having running those things under Windows 7, when I run it over at OSX it was fine.

James Field August 05, 2012

+Mario DeSousa, so MS finally worked out how to boot from a USB stick, eh?  Just 15-20 years late to the party (proving my point about being behind the times on features) but it is a very useful feature.

Tj Tjarks August 05, 2012

+Jan Jílek see I am the opposite of you, when I would run LR and PS on my mac it would lag like crazy. I would be limited to what I could do, but with my PC I built for my self I haven't had these issues. I can run LR, PS, Itunes, chrome and never get any lag.

Steve Mc Gregor August 05, 2012

I'm running Windows 8 Release Preview on my main laptop computer. Performance is a big leap my system almost boot instantly about 7s. That's a great improvement over Windows 7 on this manchine (13s). BTW I have a SSD.
The metro user interface is the big change but after running it for a while I'm certainly used to the new interface. I use the keyboard a lot to move over the new interface because the moving the mouse pointer to the corners is really weird. I don't think metro would be of much usage without a touchscreen. I predict most laptops will be equipped with a touchscreen. (I had the option when i bought my XPS 17 last year) .
The most annoying feature of Windows 8 for the desktop are that by default some metro apps are assigned for common task. Like picture viewing, listen to music, but the interface is yet far from complete.
The metro interface for touchscreen based devices looks very good and i'm waiting for the Microsoft Surface launch it looks like a good deal. And the usb port that can be used for anything is a winner. The iPad in contrast is too closed to the point the it breaks the flexibility i'm used to.

Desktop: Ubuntu Linux (12.04)
Laptop: Windows 8 RP
Tablet: Nexus 7
Smart Phone: iPhone 4s

(I like to mix technologies :P)

wendy lenk August 05, 2012

I like your work. Too bad my eyes are bad. 

Mario DeSousa August 05, 2012

Windows 8 had me at "windows to go"
Very useful.  Still hate the metro UI, dosshell/detailed views are the way to go.  I dislike it when I have difficulty navigating to files that the OS thinks I shouldn't touch.

Arthur Jernberg August 05, 2012

Been using Win 8 installed over Win 7 professional since the consumer 'beta' was released. Actually many functions are much faster and easier to attain than it is with Win 7. However it is another learning curve as per many of the functions within Win 8: S.A. opening additional windows to transfer files from one dir to another, etc. Looks as if it may be a winner in Microsoft actually releases it at a moderate price rather than ~~~ $200 USD ~~~!
Rumors are that it will be very reasonable priced but I for one shall not hold my breath. May find out in October??

Colby Brown August 05, 2012

I can't wait for the 24-70 2.8L II to come out +Jan Jílek! I have one ordered!

Colby Brown August 05, 2012

As far as cost, yes, Windows has been slow to realize that the upgrade price needs to be cheap....however the cost of Apple devices to PC's is huge. I can build a custom desktop that is state of the art for less then $3k. The same machine, if Apple choose to support power users again with their Mac Pro line, would be $8-10k. There is a difference in cost, and Apple is certainly not on top of that one. If I have to spend $3k for their top of the line laptop that you can not replace a single part (MBP Retina), my upgrade better be $29 :)

Jan Jílek August 05, 2012

+Colby Brown Those are nice cameras, especially 1D X, felt in love with it first time I shot with it a soccer match. Take a look on the new 24-70 f/2.8 Mark II, really great piece of glass.

Colby Brown August 05, 2012

Oh and everyone should take note, that it was my experience with the 24" HD touch tablet from Wacom that got me excited about Windows 8, which makes sense since it is a touch focused OS. That being said, I LOVE the idea of a touch desktop...but that might just be me.

I have always wanted the computers I saw in Minority Report :)

Kirk Watkins August 05, 2012

Didn't realise you'd switched back to Canon fully +Colby Brown. How's the 5DMkIII working for you? I'm looking at picking one up and keeping my 5DMkII as a backup body.

Colby Brown August 05, 2012

+Jan Jílek - For the last few months I was shooting both Nikon and Canon, after just using Canon for the last 8 years. As of last week, I am just back to Canon with the 5D Mark III and 1Dx as my main rigs.

Colby Brown August 05, 2012

+Paul Ceulemans - Fair enough, but what do you think Apple is doing with OSX and IOS, I can almost guarantee you that they will be a single OS in the next few years.

David Romeyn August 05, 2012

If folks can get over their feelings for the interface-formerly-known-as-Metro I think most people will find many things that make W8 worth a long look.

For example, I'm stoked about quick boot times, even if a SSD is recommended regular HDD's will also benefit.  A Chromebook-like boot time vs. pushing the power button, walking away for a few minutes to do something less boring than watching POST?  Color me excited.

Paul Ceulemans August 05, 2012

If i wanted something that would look and work like a tablet, i'd buy a tablet iso of a computer. NOT windows 8
(see my of opinion/posting 3 days ago... ;-)

Dietmar Descamps August 05, 2012

Desktop (home): OSX 10.6 - I don't see the need to upgrade
Laptop (pro): Win XP - Corporate restrictions... but on a day to day, it remains a great OS
Smartphone: Android 4.0 (Galaxy Nexus) - love it

When I look at Mac's trend, I more and more consider not to upgrade from 10.6 until I'm forced to, and then switch to something else. I can live with a closed software environment on my phone, but not on my computer, especially at home. So could be Windows 8 if it stays open, or Linux...

Jan Jílek August 05, 2012

+Colby Brown I'm not saying Windows 8 is bad, I'm just not sure what to expect. I've been using Windows since version 98 came out and I moved from DOS. The performance of Windows 7 is great but in my experiences OS X 10.7 is faster on a same configuration.

You have great configuration with i7, 10GB Ram but my PC isn't so bad also with i5 and 6GB of RAM. The problem is just like +Alejandro broche said. You have to have a high-end PC to make it run smooth.

+Tyler Smith I've compared OS X 10.7 to Windows 7 SP 1 on the same computer, the speed difference is huge.

BTW I thought you were shooting with Canon +Colby Brown, weren't you?

wendy lenk August 05, 2012

I would love 2 but I'm an stuck in stupid on computers!

James Field August 05, 2012

I've always found Windows to be behind the times in both performance and features, not to mention cost.  Perhaps Windows 8 will buck that trend, but I'm not holding my breath.

For the record, my devices are as follows:

Desktop: Haven't had one for 10+ years; laptop plugs into monitor, mouse & keyboard if I need.
Laptop: Dell Studio 17 (Ubuntu 12.04 Punctual Pangolin)
Netbook: Acer AspireOne (xUbuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot)
Smart Phone: Sony Xperia S (Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich)
Tablet: ASUS Transformer (Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich)

Alejandro broche August 05, 2012

no todos laurita

Laura Rincón García August 05, 2012

Todos escribís en inglés!!!

Alejandro broche August 05, 2012

The problem with PS in windows are the configurations unless you have a custom build high end gaming rig and perfectly configures PS for resources usage it going to give that problem i have the same issue

Tyler Smith August 05, 2012

+Jan Jílek Remember to compare similarly priced machines.  Is the Windows PC you are using a fifteen hundred dollar PC.  If not you are making an unfair comparison.  Windows Eight does appear to be pretty light and fast, I just have no interest in a touch style interface for my desktop.

Laura Rincón García August 05, 2012

Sigo pensando lo mismo.

Colby Brown August 05, 2012

Fair enough +piper mackay, but for me my images pay my bills....not my OS :)

Colby Brown August 05, 2012

+Stefan Pettersson - Fair point and I would agree historically. I would even go as far as to say that last good OS aside from Win 7 was actually XP, which was much older then just 1 generation. Having spent some time with Windows 8, I am impressed so far.

Now if it is accepted and adopted worldwide, that is another question altogether.

Laura Rincón García August 05, 2012

Somos los esclavos de la tecnología.

Linh Nguyen August 05, 2012

Certainly excited, but I'm hesitant with Win8.  I love the interface for a tablet.... but I was just not feeling it on the desktop.  Maybe the customer preview hasn't been refined enough, but I'll sit back and watch first.

My other big issue is as an IT guy, the difference is jarring for our users.  It's not going to be fun, yet again (we skipped Vista, XP->7).  We'll probably wait for Win9 honestly.  

With that all said and done... I wish I had a reason to buy a Surface Pro when it hits =)

piper mackay August 05, 2012

guess it depends on who is paying the bills  so for now I remain an apple fan.....

Laura Rincón García August 05, 2012

Somos los esclavos de la tecnología.

Kirk Watkins August 05, 2012

Desktop: Dell Dimension (Windows 7)
Laptop: Don't Use
Smart Phone: Galaxy Nexus
Tablet: Nexus 7 (Ordering in 2 weeks)

Stefan Pettersson August 05, 2012

If the history repeats itself it might not. It seems that only every second Windows version is a hit. Time will tell. :)

Colby Brown August 05, 2012

+Jan Jílek - Well I think both OSX and Windows in general are susceptible to the limitations of the specifications of computers they are being run on. While I will certainly give OSX the award for a smoother UI between Windows 7 and 10.6 - 10.8, Windows 8 gives them a run for their money.

All this being said, my recently purchased ultrabook running Windows 7 has zero issues with lag, which includes editing multiple images of the D800, the largest consumer MP camera on the market. That being said, I have 10gb of Ram, i7 Quad Core and a 500gb SSD in there....but I had a similar set up in my old MBA and both run about as smooth as far as performance goes.

Daniel Wilson August 05, 2012

While I'm not personally looking forward to win 8, I'm glad its getting photographers excited. Apple has had advantages for artists and musicians. Competition is good.

Laura Rincón García August 05, 2012

pantalla táctil<3

Jan Jílek August 05, 2012

+Colby Brown It's hard to talk for a lot of guys out there but every time when I get back from a shoot, import images into my LR, do some processing in PS on few images and my computer gets really slowed down. There isn't anything else I could do than restart my PC. That can be one of many issues people are having with Windows in general.

Apple's OSX just works great, no slowdowns anything. To be honest, the only reason why I'm still using Windows is because I'm a huge gamer. 

Colby Brown August 05, 2012

Haha...I am not a fan of Ballmer +Stefan Pettersson, but I would be lying if I didn't say that there are things I like about Microsoft that leaves a better taste in my mouth then that of Apple. Certainly not everything...but enough to warrant giving Windows 8 a real run for its money.

Stefan Pettersson August 05, 2012

So it's you and Ballmer then.