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Announcing The New BEYOND EXPOSURE Photography Workshop Series

February 16, 2012 32 comments 7 shares 68 plus ones
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I am happy to announce the that I have teamed up with +Jay Patel and +Varina Patel to bring you the Beyond Exposure photography workshop series. It consists of two day, low cost workshops that focus on helping you make your creative vision a reality. We will walk you through the intricacies of the photographic process - from the equipment we use out in the field to the post processing techniques we use in the digital darkroom. Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge and multiple 3rd party photo editing applications are covered.

Our first city on the stop is Sunnyvale, CA on April 14th and 15th with special early bird pricing for those that register before February 29th.

Announcing the Beyond Exposure Workshop Series | Colby Brown Photography

Announcing the Beyond Exposure workshop series lead by Colby Brown, Jay Patel and Varina Patel. Opening in Sunnvale, CA on April 14th and 15th.


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Paul Colton February 27, 2012

I'm looking forward to this class. This will be my first with this group (+Jay Patel , +Varina Patel and +Colby Brown), whom I discovered on the San Gregorio Beach walk this past weekend.

Colby Brown February 17, 2012

+mana maimai Day 1 is in class lecture, but people are meant to follow along with us and we talk about the various techniques we use to create our art work.

mana maimai February 17, 2012

Does day 1 involves hands on photo taking? Or in class lecture setting?

Pedro Tavares February 16, 2012

You have to come to Slovakia so i can join of your workshops :P

J. Rae Chipera February 16, 2012

sure thing +Jay Patel one of my shots just made a mag cover - so I think now that they've gotten the platform I wanted for them I might release them and the blog =) I'll make sure to tag you. Thanks so much for your interest.

Jay Patel February 16, 2012

We hope to see you there...if you do come there you will have to tell me all about Egypt!!

J. Rae Chipera February 16, 2012

That works too +Jay Patel - as long as I don't have to drive through LA. LOL.

Jay Patel February 16, 2012

+J. Rae Chipera I have only one word for you - Southwest. :-)))

J. Rae Chipera February 16, 2012

damn that's a long way away =( if there's one in SO cal (so I don't have to drive through the ferocious traffic in LA) I'm game

emy hongnhi February 16, 2012

yes! i dont speak english hihi

Dylan van Graan February 16, 2012

Sunny South Africa too far out of your way? ;)

Patricia Davidson February 16, 2012

Oregon Coast or Portland, Oregon please :)

Steve Montalto February 16, 2012

Hmmm - looks pretty interesting! Checking calendar now...

Jack Fusco February 16, 2012

Very cool, I'll be keeping an eye out for any East coast announcements. Best of luck with it

Colby Brown February 16, 2012

+John Pauk - We are evaluating various cities after we get this first one off the ground. Lots of great places we would love to bring this workshop series to.

John Pauk February 16, 2012

when you coming to NC?

Yu Zhang February 16, 2012


Jay Patel February 16, 2012

+Jeremy Joslin That depends upon you...we will provide sample and notes ahead of time. You can either work along the side or take notes which every helps you learn the best.

Jeremy Joslin February 16, 2012

+Colby Brown / +Jay Patel How hands on will Day 1 be?

Jay Patel February 16, 2012

For those of you who are interested: This is going to be more than just a class session We are going to provide you with notes and example that you can try out the some of these techniques yourself long after the workshop is over.

Colby Brown February 16, 2012

Right we are set at 100 +Tony Payne .

Tony Payne February 16, 2012

Very cool. Awesome instructors. Hope this show makes its way to SoCal! Are you capping number of attendees at all?

Peter Sherriff February 16, 2012

+Colby Brown If there's a magic number of attendees that would get you here I'll start drumming up support! :)

Besides, check out the beautiful places around Melbourne you could photograph whilst you're here ( +Shari Mattox has a few nice ones she's shared!) Wilson's Prom, the Yarra Valley, the Grampians, Lakes Entrance, the Alpine region... add to that the great local food and wine and why wouldn't you come? ;)

Joshua Carlisle February 16, 2012

This looks great. Look forward to some east coast visits, preferably Raleigh North Carolina :)

Jeremy Joslin February 16, 2012

+Colby Brown Awesome! Hopefully our paths will cross.

Jodi Grim February 16, 2012

That looks awesome guys!

Kana Yamashita February 16, 2012

Vancouver pls!

Colby Brown February 16, 2012

+Peter Sherriff - Currently we are focusing on the US and Canada. But anything is possible :)

Colby Brown February 16, 2012

+Jeremy Joslin - Certainly will. I have plans to meet with a handful of people working both on G+ and Android.

Jeremy Joslin February 16, 2012

Sunnyvale is < 10 min from Google's headquarters, will you be dropping by? :)

Peter Sherriff February 16, 2012

Any chance this might make its way to Melbourne, Australia for those of us that live in a country that is a long, long, long way from the rest of the world?

Erika Thornes February 16, 2012

That is a great price! With GREAT teachers!