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Athens Workshop 2013 & +Formatt-Hitech  Architectural Photography Contest 
THIRD Prize+Panagiotis Chatzistefanou with the image “Between Two Worlds” taken during the Athens workshop 2013
Panagiotis wins the a discount of 15% to a future workshop with me on Fine Art Architectural Photography. For details on what my workshops offer have a look on my site 
Again, this image also will be published in the next issue of +Stark-Magazine  Many thanks Stark Magazine for the great support, it was an honor to collaborate at this project and looking forward to the next time! 

Congrats to all the winners, I'm very happy for you all and very proud also!! 

Will be back with all the photos that participated in the contest tomorrow. Some more goodness to enjoy! 
And one more thank you to my fellows members of the jury (sorry for the spamming guys :)) +Joel Tjintjelaar , +Rod Clark , +Akira TAKAUE , Julian Escardo, Dennis Guichard, Iñaki Hernández-Lasa, +Klaus-Peter Kubik  

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Athens Workshop 2013 & Formatt Hitech Filters Architectural Photography Contest
SECOND Prize+Steven Grimm  with the image “Taking Flight” taken during the Athens workshop 2013
Steven wins the official release of the book “From Basics to Fie Art - B&W Photography – Architecture and Beyond” by me and +Joel Tjintjelaar , a book that is exploring everything related to B&W fine art photography, from theory to practice, from simple to complex, from creation to promotion. The book is scheduled to be launched very soon, so Steven will be one of the first to lay his hands on it.
I have to say that this image was very close to the first place and I think you can see why, the quality is outstanding! 
You will see this image also published in the next issue of +Stark-Magazine 

Thanks again to our great jury +Joel Tjintjelaar , +Rod Clark , Iñaki Hernández-Lasa , +Akira TAKAUE , Julian Escardo, +Klaus-Peter Kubik 

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Athens Workshop 2013 & +Formatt-Hitech  Architectural Photography Contest
FIRST PRIZE+Charles Azzopardi  with the image “Path to Human Constitution” taken during the Athens workshop 2013
Charles wins a Formatt Hitech IRND Long Exposure Kit – +Joel Tjintjelaar  Signature Edition, the best ND filters I've shot with so far.
Thank you +Rod Clark  and Formatt Hitech for sponsoring this contest and to all the participants for sending your images. The competition was extremely tight, you'll see shortly the rest of the winners and I will also share all the photos participating in the contest so you'll see the quality is really high and we have some very talented artists among the participants. You will also see the winner images published by our sponsors in the next number of +Stark-Magazine 
Many thanks to our prestigious international jury, made of some of the best architectural photographers, for participating and making this contest a great event.
+Joel Tjintjelaar , +Rod Clark , Julian Escardo, +Klaus-Peter Kubik , Dennis Guichard, +Akira TAKAUE , Iñaki Hernández-Lasa Thank you! It was a real pleasure working with you gentlemen, looking forward to many more collaborations! 

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ATHENS Workshop 2013 & +Formatt-Hitech  Architectural Photography Contest – Jury Presentation – +Akira TAKAUE
Here we are, we just reached the deadline of the Athens Hitech Contest I organized this past month in collaboration with our main sponsor Formatt Hitech and its VP of Marketing and B&W Street Photographer +Rod Clark  All the submitted photos are in place, ready to be judged and I'm really looking forward to see the results of the contest, as the competition will be tight. It will be really difficult for me to choose the winners as I've worked intensively with all the students for the past month and I know they are all deserving. But I'll have to do it. And I know for the jury it will be difficult to choose too. But they will have to do it too : ) I'll come back in a few days with news and of course with the results and I will then post all the images submitted so you can meet the artists. We will have 3 winners and the winner images will be published by our Sponsors in
+Stark-Magazine  The prizes for the winners are: 1st Place wins a Formatt Hitech ProStop IRND Filter Kit, +Joel Tjintjelaar Signature Edition (fantastic filters especially in this JT kit form), 2nd Place wins an official release of the book “From Basics to Fine Art” by me & Joel Tjintjelaar (which is in the last stages of completion, btw) and 3rd Place wins a discount of 15% to one of my future fine art architectural workshops. 

And now let me present you another great photographer and member of the jury, Akira Takaue, a photographer whose amazing architectural series “Matrix” won him the Architectural Category Winner Award at the IPA this year, which by itself is a distinction that says it all. Akira's work is among my very favorites in this field, together with the rest of the jury he is in my “Top Architectural Photographers” list and I can tell you that it's not easy to get into that list. Yes, I'm demanding like that  Akira's work is a different genre in itself, his eye for surprising volumes, patterns, combinations of shapes is outstanding and the results in his work are remarkable, his creations being extremely dynamic and always surprising. 

You can admire more of Akira's work on his site Enjoy! 

Now, as always in my jury presentations, I will give the word to Akira by presenting his bio.

“Dr. Akira TAKAUE is an International Award-Winning Photographer. 
Fortunately experiencing precious opportunities to visit various places around the world for business trip, in which actively would like to pursuit taking impressive worldwide scenery and modern architectures filled with emotional colors or black and white with delicate contrast and vibrant composition. 

My goal is rooted in both the logic of structural mechanics and material engineering as well as the finer artistic elements that make a building and its photograph successful. 

Especially being interested in conceptual architectural photography insistent on analytical composition and delicate contrast of structural materials.”

The other members of the jury are: +Joel Tjintjelaar   +Rod Clark  Julian Escardo,  Iñaki Hernández-Lasa,  +Klaus-Peter Kubik  , Dennis Guichard and +Julia Anna Gospodarou  

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Oh, I just had to share this! A testimonial I just received from one of my students at the Athens Workshop that made me so happy. The fact that someone learned something from me, that I could help in his quest to find his vision and express it through photography, that's what I'm doing this for. Nothing compares with the feeling that you helped an artist get closer to his art. Nothing! Because in my opinion art is one of the most essential things in life. Art, beauty and love! And also because nothing compares to giving joy to someone else! The joy that only artistic fulfillment can give you.
I won't tell you the name of my student now, but you will see his photos very soon at the Athens Architectural Photography Contest I'm doing with +Formatt-Hitech  and you'll see, he's one of the most talented! 
Stay tuned for the last jury presentation later today and more news about the contest. I'm presenting a great artist today, an artist that inspires me a lot. 
_“Julia is a true professional in her approach to photography. Julia's in-depth expertise and energetic dedication are especially evident in her B&W Fine Art Photography courses. Her Workshop includes comprehensive in-class presentations and discussions as well as exciting internships. Julia's goal is to see every one of her students excel in both technical and creative aspects of photography and to be proud of their accomplishments, while always striving to continue learning and getting better. Without question she is at the top of the list of the best.
Being a beginner to the world of Architecture B&W Fine Art and long exposure Photography, I attempted to “teach myself” with manuals and self-help guides but it was just a lesson in frustration. Taking Julia's workshop was the best thing I ever did: her natural teaching style gave me the confidence I needed to take the kind of photos I always dreamed about. I highly recommend Julia Anna Gospodarou for your next photography course, workshop or any tutorial. Julia has a real gift for “keeping it simple”, cutting through the technical jargon and leaving her students with an understanding of what it takes to get those great shots. Thanks to Julia, I now look at photography as an absolutely joyous passion, and I love the results!
Thoroughly enjoyed the Workshop! Julia is relaxed and sets comfortable, cheerful tone. She helps you learn from whatever level you are at. Her pedagogy considers adult learning needs, making everyone feel good about what they have accomplished while pointing out what needs to be corrected. Also appreciated having the opportunity to have my shots critiqued and better understand how computer software can enhance one's photos. Julia is a dynamic and knowledgeable instructor.
She incorporates theory as well as enough hands on practice so you can immediately apply the theory. You learn about how to compose photos, and then how to crop and adjust them so that you end up with the best photo. She also keeps the classes small so that you have lots of individual teaching. In addition, it was a fun workshop too.
I thoroughly enjoyed the Workshop I attended in November in Athens. You created an exciting learning experience and educated my "eye". I'm shooting every day from then. Your passion and critical vision have energized me. Thank you!”_

For more testimonials about my workshops/mentoring classes have a look here

Testimonials - JuliaAnna Gospodarou B&W Fine Art

TESTIMONIALS - FINE ART ARCHITECTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS, PRIVATE WORKSHOPS & MENTORING with JULIA ANNA GOSPODAROU Black & White Fine Art Architectural Photography Read details about my Private Workshops & Mentoring

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Centerpoint Energy Tower - Arch. Richard Keating
September 2013 - shooting in Downtown Houston, TX with +Mabry Campbell 
Processing +Topaz Labs B&W Effects 2

Words of wisdom ...Jorge Louis Borges ---Instants

"If I could live again my life,
In the next , I'll try,
 to make more mistakes,
I won't try to be so perfect,
I'll be more relaxed,
I'll be more full - than I am now,
In fact, I'll take fewer things seriously,
I'll be less hygienic,
I'll take more risks,
I'll take more trips,
I'll watch more sunsets,
I'll climb more mountains,
I'll swim more rivers,
I'll go to more places - I've never been,
I'll eat more ice creams and less (lime) beans,
I'll have more real problems - and less imaginary
I was one of those people who live
prudent and prolific lives 
each minute of his life,
Off course that I had moments of joy, but,
if I could go back I'll try to have only good moments,

If you don't know, that's what life is made of,
Don't lose the now!

I was one of those who never goes anywhere
without a thermometer,
without a hot-water bottle,
and without an umbrella and without a parachute,

If I could live again , I will travel light,
If I could live again , I'll try to work bare feet
at the beginning of spring till
the end of autumn,
I'll ride more carts,
I'll watch more sunrises and play with more children,
If I have the life to live - but now I am eighty five,
- and I know that I am dying ..."

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ATHENS Workshop 2013 & +Formatt-Hitech  Architectural Photography Contest – Jury Presentation – Iñaki Hernandez-Lasa
Just a few more days till the deadline of the Athens Hitech Contest I'm organizing in collaboration with our main sponsor Formatt Hitech and +Rod Clark , a great B&W street photographer you already met in my second jury presentation and the VP of Marketing at Hitech. The  photographs the students are submitting  are piling up and they look great, I'm impressed  with the high quality of their images and very proud of all of them. As I said, I'll post here a collection of the best images and the winning images will also be published in the next number of +Stark-Magazine   by our sponsors.
We have 3 prizes, all great, you can check them out in the banner, and I can tell you, the competition will be tight. 

Let me now introduce you the next member of the jury, Iñaki Hernandez-Lasa, an architectural photographer that has masterfully shot many fantastic subjects around the world, among which the Guggenheim Museum by Gehry in Bilbao which for me, from the moment I've seen Iñaki's  photographs of it,  will be for ever related with his name. Maybe each photographer can be represented by one of his subject, if this is the case, Iñaki's spirit and Guggenheim Museum's are surely kindred spirits. Iñaki has the ability and the  artistic soul to see the art in the buildings he photographs and the Bilbao Museum is showing this in the highest degree. 

Many more about Iñaki and his work you can find on his site  Enjoy his art! 

And now let's have a look at a few more derails about Iñaki's career and generally at his work  in architectural photography in his bio.

“Iñaki Hernández-Lasa is a Spanish photographer living in Ireland for the last 23 years. His passion for photography started at an early age when he used film cameras and slide.

Over the last number of years he has specialised in architectural photography and interiors. At present Iñaki shoots exclusively in digital format and uses the latest post-processing professional applications to ensure that all images reach the utmost level of perfection.
In May 2013, Iñaki received a Fellowship of the Irish Photographic Federation (FIPF) for his work on architectural photography. This is the IPF's highest distinction. He has received other certifications and accolades for his panels which demonstrate not only his technical ability but also cohesion and mastery in challenging compositions, use of light, postprocessing and printing techniques.
An assiduous photographer in his field Iñaki has received accolades by the IPA two years in succession as well awards by FIAP (Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique).

Iñaki has photographed some of the most renowned buildings in the world such as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in L.A., Berlin's Reichstag, the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago, La Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias in Valencia, Dublin Airport's New Terminal 2 or the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin to name but a few.”

The other members of the jury are: +Joel Tjintjelaar  +Rod Clark  , Julian Escardo +Akira TAKAUE  +Klaus-Peter Kubik   , Dennis Guichard and Julia Anna Gospodarou 

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LAST DAY to get 50% discount on any of my 2014 Private Workshops on B&W Fine Art Architectural Photography !!!

Black Friday to Dec 3rd Offer – 2014 Fine Art PRIVATE Workshops | Julia Anna Gospodarou - Architect | B&W Fine Art Photographer

Black Friday to Dec 3rd Offer - 2014 Fine Art PRIVATE Workshops - For just a few days 50% DISCOUNT on any of my one-on-one 2014 Fine Art PRIVATE Workshops: Athens, Paris, New York, London, Berlin, Dubai or any other place of the world that is suited for a fine art architectural workshop. You get to choose the place, I'll take care of the rest: choose the best locations to shoot, best angles, best time of day, give you professional advice on how t...

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ATHENS Workshop 2013 & +Formatt-Hitech  Architectural Photography Contest – Jury Presentation – +Klaus-Peter Kubik
Another member of our distinguished jury for the Athens Hitech Contest today. We're getting closer to the deadline and I'm very excited about it. I've already gathered part of the submissions for the contest and waiting for more, but you'll have to be patient as I’ll keep them secret till the Big Day. Thanks again to our main sponsor Formatt Hitech (I hope you checked out their Cyber Monday offer for the JT ProStop IRND filter kit – our 1st prize) and to +Rod Clark  the VP of marketing at Hitech for taking part in the organization of the FIRST contest of architectural photography ever organized at a workshop in Greece (yes, I think I can claim my place in the Guinness Book for quite a few photography “firsts” these past years : ) a contest that has as goal to make everyone fall in love with B&W architectural photography as I did many years ago. Our sponsor Stark-Magazine is very kind and will publish the winning images in the magazine and I really can't wait to see which images these will be. 

So, today I give you Klaus-Peter Kubik, not only a great and very prolific German architectural photographer but one of the best persons I know, from all points of view. Peter is too modest in his bio here, but you have to know he has won countless distinctions in just as many photography contests over a period of many years. He's doing this job from about the time I was getting ready to be born and he is still full of enthusiasm and inspiration. Which can only make me say: “Hats off to you, Peter! You're great!! ”

And now, let's give the word to KPK, as he calls himself, and read a few more things in his bio. 
For even more go visit his site and admire a lot of good architectural photography 

“Klaus-Peter Kubik (KPK) is a award-winning amateur photographer located in Germany with preferences for architecture photography and to a lesser extent landscape and macro photography.
Klaus-Peter started photographing in Berlin in the early 70s with street and documentary photography before switching to architecture with digital cameras in 2003. KPK particularly likes using graphical elements to create an attractive composition by including the shapes, areas, structures, and light/shadow effects as they often were intended to be seen by the responsible architect.
KPK's works are awarded in several national and international competitions. His images are regularly printed in different photo magazines, books, and calendars.

KPK is member of the German Photographic Society (DVF). The DVF is member of the FIAP - Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique”

The other members of the jury are: +Joel Tjintjelaar  +Rod Clark  , Julian Escardo +Akira TAKAUE  Iñaki Hernández-Lasa , Dennis Guichard and Julia Anna Gospodarou 

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For just a few days 50% DISCOUNT on any of my one-on-one 2014 Fine Art PRIVATE Workshops : Athens, Paris, New York, London, Berlin, Dubai  or any other place of the world that is suited for a fine art  architectural workshop. You get to choose the place, I'll take care of the rest: choose the best locations to shoot, best angles, best  time of day, give you professional advice on how to envision the shot in a fine art way, on how to process it and how to promote it. 
Have a look at some students testimonials about my workshops, so you know what to expect: 
More on what you will if you attend a highly personalized  private workshop with me on my site: 
Even more info at
#architecturalworkshops   #fineart   #blackfriday  

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You know I recommend +Topaz Labs  plugins, not only the B&W Effects 2 but the whole collection also. Here's a great Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer you can get here by using the code “blackfriday2013” running from Nov 28th (tomorrow) till Dec 2nd to get the whole collection for only USD 199.99 (from USD 379.99).
If you miss it  (I wouldn't recommend that though) you can then get 15% off for anything Topaz related with the code “juliaannagospodarou” at the same link.
Enjoy, there is a lot of great stuff to explore! 

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ATHENS Workshop 2013 & +Formatt-Hitech  Architectural Photography Contest – Jury Presentation – Julian Escardo
Back with another jury presentation for the Athens Hitech Contest I'm organizing with Formatt Hitech and +Rod Clark . A contest that has as goal not only to choose the best images created in Athens but generally to promote B&W architectural photography and its spirit. Our sponsors +Stark-Magazine  are also with us in this initiative and will publish the winning images in the magazine.
Today's guest is an architectural photographer that creates some of the best abstract architectural images I know and the amazing thing about his work is that his images are not pure abstracts but poetic abstracts, which at a first glance would seem a contradiction in terms but if you look at Julian's architectural photography you will understand what I mean. You can see more of his work at this link Julian is a true artist of architectural photography, either he works in B&W or color, either he shoots in Paris or Los Angeles.

You can find out more about his work and artistic beliefs from his bio. 

“Julian Escardo is an american photographer who specializes in architectural photography and architectural abstracts. A graduate of the National Conservatory of Drama, Buenos Aires, Argentina in the early 80's, he was drawn to the practical and creative potential of photography. After moving to Toronto in 1985 he began working on his first series "Winter Scenes" taking on the Canadian late season as his inspiration shooting black and white film. In 1990 he moved to Los Angeles where he embraced a passion for the world of contemporary architecture that has led the way ever since. Today, his vision includes a new base in Paris, France.

His works hang in Belize, Germany, Argentina, Italy and the US and are owned by private collectors, form part of a permanent exhibition (Catanzaro, Italy, one of 64 photographers chosen from around the world), have been featured in print/magazines as well as chosen by an AIA (American Institute of Architects) video to promote Frank Gehry's Disney Concert Hall (Los Angeles, 2009) - They also served to inspire a "Pret-a-porter" collection launch in the city of Paris, France (April 2009 by designer Akifumi Nohara)

Artist Statement

On my photography: I chose architecture, or better put architecture chose me. In it I found my medium of expression from the first moment I rounded the corner of South Grand and First in downtown LA and saw Gehry's Disney Concert Hall. I immediately sensed the possibilities and saw, geometry, angles, flow, light, sensuality, and an art form that basically has existed since the cavemen ventured out into the wild and built shelters, and eventually communities. I spent two hours lost in thoughts and forgot all about the world around me, I had my camera but I don't fire a single shot. I was being welcomed into a world and the conversation had begun. 
My vision: To capture the essence of a building, aside from it's prime purpose, and elicit the viewer's imagination; show him or her a new way at looking at something familiar, even something he or she sees every day. I did an internal exhibition for the staff of the Getty Museum once, and even people that had worked there for 25 years had a hard time figuring out where the vistas I was depicting lay. My perspectives are my way of interpreting that notion. 
On visiting a site: when I approach a new building I feel the site first and look for what it defines it, the core. That can be a corner, or a bunch of shadows (that happened to me at the Quai Branly in Paris, I brought back a single photograph and out was a shadow, but to me it said QB all over) I rarely photograph the whole building or structure, unless it serves to convey the same message. 
Focus: My main focus is contemporary architecture, clean lines, Gehry, Hadid, Calatrava, Meier, not forgetting the classics of Le Corbusier, Schindler, etc. of course, where you also find the clean lines and open spaces. I love curves, Niemeyer new about that. My pieces are meant to be stand alones, not just samples of a whole, only part of a whole. They lean toward the abstract form and have a painterly essence or soul. Photography is after all the technological answer/expression to painting....and that close relationship between painting and photography exists very much today and in most, if not all, architects. I get much of my inspiration visiting museums and I go to one at least once a week. 
Mission: To be faithful to my subjects, to embrace the digital technologies but never stray from what the architect wanted to convey. 
And yes, architecture is music, architecture can be erotic, a poem, and just a mere trace may be enough to define it. I hope the trend to minimalism continues, we need less to have more.”

The other members of the jury are: +Joel Tjintjelaar  +Rod Clark  , +Klaus-Peter Kubik  , +Akira TAKAUE  Iñaki Hernández-Lasa , Dennis Guichard and Julia Anna Gospodarou 

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If you haven't yet read my Guide to Vision™ where I talk about this, here is the link to it on my blog. Part of the upcoming book "From Basics to Fine Art" in collaboration with  +Joel Tjintjelaar  , also  part of my artistic and life philosophy and essential part of the teaching method that I use in my workshops, private workshops and mentoring programs, I stand by these 35 rules you will read here and consider them the backbone of how you can "find your voice", how you can learn to express emotion through art and how to manage to evoke this emotion in others and make them resonate to your work. 
Enjoy and if you want to know more about it, we can set up a private workshop and work on the theoretical and practical side of it.

Julia Anna Gospodarou’s Guide to Vision™ – Practical Guide to Discovering Artistic Vision and Creating Personal Style ™ | Julia Anna Gospodarou - Architect | B&W Fine Art Photographer

Practical Guide to Discovering Artistic Vision and Creating Personal Style - FROM BASICS TO FINE ART, a book on B&W Architectural Photography & more by Julia Anna Gospodarou and Joel Tjintjelaar. This is the first fragment of the book we are posting publicly: highlights from two of the most important chapters of the book posted on our sites: “The Rule of Grays” by Joel Tjintjelaar

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ATHENS Workshop 2013 & +Formatt-Hitech  Architectural Photography Contest – Jury Presentation – Dennis Guichard
Third jury presentation for the Athens Hitech Contest I'm organizing with Formatt Hitech and +Rod Clark . Today I'm giving you Dennis Guichard, a professional architectural photographer with many years experience in the business, many important projects under his belt and a deep understanding of this field of professional architectural photography. In parallel with his commissioned architectural work Dennis is also creating fine art architectural photography and he has developed a style of his own that you can recognize after seeing even just a few of his images. High contrast B&W images of impressive architectural subjects, shot at night, inducing a surreal feeling to the viewer and showing the dramatic and mysterious side of architecture. 
You can meet Dennis and get to know him and his work better on his site 

A few more things about Dennis in his bio:
Professionally qualified in Architecture and Project Management Dennis has over 21 years post-graduate experience in design and construction having worked for numerous prominent architectural practices and large construction companies in the United Kingdom, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. He has a long-standing career history in sustainability and green building design having managed his own consultancy business for many years in the UK.

Dennis has worked as a professional architectural photographer for over 10 years with his work being published extensively all over the world by numerous clients in a multitude of formats. A 220-page limited-edition hard-cover book (Yas Island – Race to the Finish), featuring many of his Yas Marina F1 Circuit construction progress photographs, was printed for distribution to VIP’s, heads of state, royal family, race teams, etc, at the 2009 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix. Dennis frequently works on on-going photographic projects around the Yas Marina Grand Prix circuit and directly for the exclusive 5-star Viceroy Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Dennis is one of only two photographers in the world to have broken into the exclusive FIFA-authorised ’2010 Fine Art’ project with a limited-edition collection of his high-impact photographs of the ten stadia that played host to the 2010 FIFA World CupTM in South Africa. The collection received worldwide acclaim with editorials of his work being published in ‘PIX’ Photography Magazine (South Africa), ‘STERN’ magazine (Germany) and ‘Architectural Record’ (USA). He appeared in numerous national radio and TV interviews in the build-up to the World Cup tournament talking about his work visiting the ten World Cup showcase stadia.

Dennis travels extensively around his native South Africa working on photographic commissions for numerous prominent architects, engineers and property developers. He is currently also travelling back-and-forth working in Qatar shooting a large image stock library of all the best architecture there for a prominent client and separately shooting creative construction photography on various prestigious construction mega-projects around Doha.

Dennis commonly shoots much of his architectural photography at night working with long exposures to create his style of high-contrast high-impact imagery. He uses a Canon 5D MK2 camera and shoots much of his work with either his Canon 17mm TSE f4 L or his Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS L lenses. His approach is to travel light, keep things simple and create unique-looking high-impact images that differentiate his creative style from the masses.

The other members of the jury are: Joel Tjintjelaar, Rod Clark , Klaus-Peter Kubik , Akira Takaue Julian Escardo Iñaki Hernández-Lasa and Julia Anna Gospodarou 

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LESS than 24 hours to get the +Topaz Labs  B&W Effects with 50% discount. Only  29,99 USD  (22 EUR) for such a great B&W converter is plain bargain. Get it from here and also get 15% discount for all the other Topaz plugins with the code “juliaannagospodarou”. To learn how to use it read my Full Review
Processing Tip: To avoid making tedious selections you can use the “Edge Aware” feature in the Local Adjustments panel. 
I'd also like to thank Topaz Labs for another great feature of my work. For the 2nd time in a month I have another 2 of my photos featured in  Topaz Newsletter reaching many thousands of people. Very happy for that!

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ATHENS Workshop 2013 &  +Formatt-Hitech  Architectural Photography Contest – Jury Presentation - +Rod Clark

Second jury presentation for the Athens Hitech Contest. Today our second honorary jury and sponsor representative, Rod Clark, a great B&W street photographer and also VP of Marketing at Formatt Hitech, our main sponsors this year.  In addition to the Joel Tjintjelaar Signature Edition  Long Exposure Kit ( )  offered as prize at the workshop Hitech is offering another JT Kit for the winner of the 1st Place at the contest. There will be also a 2nd Prize (the final version of “From Basics to Fine Art” book by me and Joel Tjintjelaar) and 3rd Prize (15% discount for a future workshop with me).  Small contest update: I've seen some great images in the making from my students and there will be more to come for the contest. I'll try to post a few of them, especially from the photographers who don't have account here.
Rod Clark is a photographer who works exclusively in B&W using urban and street subjects and who has a great eye for capturing the moment and for integrating his subjects in the larger environment that is the living city. I was always impressed by this quality in Rod and by the results it has  in his work. The high contrast he is using in processing his images together with the very good choice of subjects and backgrounds make his work clearly stand out in the field of urban and street photography. 
To get to know more about Rod, both as photographer and as key person at Formatt Hitech, have a look at his personal site  and at  Hitech official site 
A few more things about Rod Clark in his bio:  
“Rod Clark is a southern California based photographer who specializes in black & white street photography. Rod is a life-long photography enthusiast who began processing his own film at the age of 9. Over the past 30 years Rod has photographed a wide variety of subjects, from Landscape to Portraiture using a variety of cameras, including 4x5, medium format, DSLRs, and rangefinders. Rod also has a decade of experience in the motion picture industry. Today, Rod travels extensively in his role as VP of Marketing for Formatt-Hitech Filters, and photographs as he travels almost exclusively with both film and digital Leica M cameras.  “

The other members of the jury are: Joel Tjintjelaar, Klaus-Peter Kubik, Dennis Guichard, Akira Takaue, Julian Escardo, Iñaki Hernández-Lasa and Julia Anna Gospodarou

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Just updated the price list for the Open Edition prints on my +SmugMug  site and it's now much easier to work with. If you want an alternative to my Limited Edition prints, the Open Edition prints are more affordable but also of the highest quality. You can choose prints on paper, canvas or metallic base as large as 40x40 inch (100x100 cm). Have a look at my Architecture Gallery with all my Award-Winning images and pick the ones you like.

Architecture - JuliaAnna Gospodarou B&W Fine Art

“The ultimate aim of all creative activity is a building!” — Walter Gropius – Manifesto Many of the images in this gallery are International-Awarded images, having won awards like TOP 10 Finalist Architecture Professionals at SWPA 2013 - SONY - WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS, Bronze and Honorable Mentions at PX3 2013 - PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE DE PARIS and Honorable Mentions at IPA 2012 - INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS. Most of the images have been i...

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ATHENS Workshop 2013 & +Formatt-Hitech  Architectural Photography Contest - Jury Presentation - +Joel Tjintjelaar
Starting today the presentation of the jury for the contest I'm organizing this month together with +Rod Clark  and Hitech Filters. Hitech already gave away at the workshop last week a Long Exposure Kit, the Joel Tjintjelaar Signature Edition (this is what I'm using also in my photography) that was won by +Steven Grimm  (Steven was a very lucky guy since he also won a Limited Edition print of my Ode to Black I) and they will offer another JT Kit for the winner of the 1st Place. We also have 2nd Prize (the final version of “From Basics to Fine Art” book by me and Joel Tjintjelaar) and 3rd Prize (15% discount for a future workshop with me). 
Honorary jury at the Athens contest, Joel Tjintjelaar is an artist I greatly admire not only as a fine art photographer but, having worked with him at different projects, I also highly appreciate him as thinker and a teacher also. His work has two qualities that are vital for creating art and these are originality and audacity and as architect I can say that his architectural photography is able to do something that only a few others can do in the world and that I consider essential to be able to transform architectural photography in art, and this is to reach and understand the soul of a building and express it in a poetic way. Joel can see a building as an architect would and he would probably be just as successful in doing architecture as he is in doing photography.
A few lines from Joel's bio now and don't forget to keep an eye on this space for the next jury presentation coming up in a couple of days.

“Joel Tjintjelaar is an International Award winning B&W fine-art photographer from the Netherlands. His work has been published on many online websites and in magazines and has won several international awards (IPA 2010, IPA 2011 and IPA 2012) and specializes in Black and White long exposure and architectural photography.
Joel recently released together with Formatt-Hitech a signature edition IRND filter set carrying his name and signature ( )
At the moment Joel teaches long exposure and architectural photography workshops around the world together with the Vision Explorers team that he co-founded 1 year ago with other international award winning photographers: Joel also teaches private and online workshops focused on architectural fine-art photography and his Black and White workflow using his own iSGM method of B&W conversion. Joel’s iSGM B&W conversion workflow and long exposure techniques are explained in-depth in a video tutorial( co-produced with German WebTV company FOTOTV.COM that has been released in May 2013.
Last but not least Joel is working on a book called “From Basics to Fine Art – Architectural photography and beyond” together with Architect/B&W fine art photographer Julia Anna Gospodarou. You can find more information about Joel or his work on that also contains many tutorials on long exposure and B&W photography.” 

The other members of the jury are: Rod Clark, +Klaus-Peter Kubik , +Akira TAKAUE , Julian Escardo, Dennis Guichard, Iñaki Hernández-Lasa and Julia Anna Gospodarou 

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Very excited that Ode to Black V – Persona Black is featured as promotional image for BW Effects 2 plugin in the   +Topaz Labs November newsletter.
Get BW Effects 2 with a great 50% discount with the code “novbw” till Nov 19, meaning only 29,99 USD for a fantastic B&W convertor (I'm using it to work on all my images for the last few months). Order it at and don't forget you can use the code “juliaannagospodarou” to get 15% off for ordering any Topaz product at the same link. 
If you want to learn how to use BWE2 read my Full BWE2 Review – tutorial 
Also have a look at the featured artist for November at Topaz Labs , +Joel Tjintjelaar  who is also the co-author at my soon to come out book “From Basics to Fine Art”.

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1st & 2nd Place for "Ode to Black" series – PX3 2013 – Prix de la Photographie Paris – People's Choice Awards  Professionals - Categories Fine Art Architecture & Advertising Architecture

I know you all got bored of my awards already but I promise it's the last one for this year and I think I'll take it easy next year as I'm tired too  of posting about them, I already have more posts about my awards than about anything else (or maybe I'll put in practice that idea about hiring  an award assistant, I already have a few serious applicants : ) But I couldn't not post about these awards since I'm actually really happy about them. These First and Second Place I just found out about last week  added to the Third Place and the Honorable Mention I already won from PX3 2013 make this competition the most generous for me this year. Well, I knew there was another good reason why I love France. Voilà!!  : )