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September 01, 2014 12 comments 2 shares 34 plus ones
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View post on Google+ all  those who signed up for the ATHENS 2014 Fine Art Workshop, from its launch two days ago till now. I promise you a unique experience, filled with beauty, knowledge, photography and the flavors of Athens. I've already arranged with the gods of photography and they will all be with us :)
The workshop will be followed by a period of free online mentoring and processing assistance. Find out more and sign up at the link below!
Looking forward to seeing you in Athens! 
Sponsored by our very kind traditional sponsors +Formatt-Hitech  +Topaz Labs  +DxO Labs  +SmugMug +Camerapixo  +Stark-Magazine  Big thanks to them too! 

August 30, 2014 1 comments 3 shares 24 plus ones
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Officially LAUNCHED NOW!
Info & sign up on my blog: 3rd Edition in the workshop series From Basics to Fine Art 
Maximum 10 participants!
Shoot great  architecture in Athens, learn how to discover your vision, personal style, and create (en)Visionography™, learn B&W post-processing with the method of Photography Drawing™ (PhtD), learn how to use a tilt-shift lens and all kinds of ND filters to shoot long exposure fine art.
An event kindly sponsored by our traditional sponsors with  great give-aways  +Formatt-Hitech  +Topaz Labs  +SmugMug  +DxO Labs  +Stark-Magazine  +Camerapixo   
Se you in Athens! It will be my great pleasure to guide you through this famous city in a fine art way.
#athens2014   #workshops   #fineart   #architeture   #blackandwhite   #longexposure  

August 28, 2014 6 comments 5 shares 40 plus ones
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OFFICIAL Launch and sign up in 2 DAYS: Saturday August 30, 6.00 pm CET, 7.00 (19.00) pm Greece Time on my blog.
ONLY 10 participants! 
Featuring our amazing traditional sponsors with yet again great give-aways +Formatt-Hitech   +Topaz Labs  +SmugMug  +DxO Labs   +Stark-Magazine  +Camerapixo   I'll only unveil one give-away for now but it's s great one: The NEW official Formatt-Hitech Firecrest 16 F-Stop Filter Set (we'll have another surprise related to this, you'll love it!)
More in my blog post: 
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August 27, 2014 7 comments 2 shares 41 plus ones
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A book by yours truly and +Joel Tjintjelaar   An excellent  review by T. Michael Testi published today on 2 prestigious news and critique sites: one of the the Seattle's best-known newspapers and a renowned site for blog reviews We're happy that the good reactions keep coming from critics and readers also. A big thank you again to everyone who bought the book and to those that have written about it. We're grateful and very excited to be helpful to so many B&W fine art photographers.
If you want to buy the book, here is the link to it 

A small quote from the review: “From Basics To Fine Art is by far the most complete and well written book on photography that I have read in years. At over 400 pages, I would not say it is an easy read, but more of an educational one. There is no fluff here. It is the quintessential ‘Start at the beginning and continue until you get to the end’ type of book. (…) From Basics To Fine Art is a must read for anyone who is looking to make their way into the world of fine art.“
And the links to the 2 reviews: 
#frombasicstofineart   #fineart   #blackandwhite  

August 11, 2014 23 comments 11 shares 143 plus ones
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Wrigley Building & Trump Tower – Chicago
A new image in the T/S LE series Fluid Time and a new “Vision & Making of” post on my blog with the details of my creative and editing process with the method of Photography Drawing PhtD™ 
A complex image created from 4 captures with lots of work in building the base for my (en)Visionography. I can say I sweated for this image. You'll see why in the small video tutorial I posted together with the image. YouTube: Vimeo:
For more info on everything: vision, (en)Visionography, Photography Drawing, B&W processing and more, you can read the book From Basics to Fine Art by me and +Joel Tjintjelaar  The best thing with the book: you can read about Joel's methods and tricks too, not only about mines, so you'll get a 2 in one dose of  fine art - or should I say overdose? : ) Order the book here: 
Technical Data:
Canon 5D MK3 + T/S lens Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II + 10+6=16 stops +Formatt-Hitech   JT edition IRND ProStop filters + Circular Polarizer
T/S settings – 8.5 degrees - maximum tilt, 12mm – maximum shift (rise)
LE shot: 241.0 sec. @ f/4, ISO 100
SE shots: 1/500 sec. @ f/3.5, ISO 100
LR + PS CS6 +  +Topaz Labs  BW Effects + DeNoise + Detail + ReMask + +DxO Labs View Point
Topaz 15%  discount with code “juliaannagospodarou” from Topaz Adjust promotion: 50% off with code  “augadjust” - August 13-31, same link.
But no more words here. See everything in a better presentation on my blog.
Cheers everyone and happy summer!!! 

July 24, 2014 8 comments 2 shares 29 plus ones
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From Basics to Fine Art & Topaz Full Collection Give-away – WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!!
Thank you everyone for entering the contest give-away we organized with +Topaz Labs  The contest was an absolute success, there were around 3,300 entries to win 5 copies of the book by me and +Joel Tjintjelaar  and the Topaz full collection. We are thrilled and humbled by your participation and we thank you for your vote of confidence! I won't post the names of the winners here, but I already sent an email to all so they know who they are. If you didn't win, don't be sad, it wasn't an easy battle to compete with 3,300 other people and the draw of the winners was randomly done.
If you still want to get the  book, here is the link where you can buy it and if you want the Topaz collection or any of the plugins, you can get it from with 15% discount, using the code “juliaannagospodarou”  ReMask has a 50% off promotion till end July with code “julyremask”

July 23, 2014 5 comments 2 shares 48 plus ones
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From Basics to Fine Art – B&W Photography – BOOK REVIEW by  +Antony Northcutt
If you're still wondering how the book by me and +Joel Tjintjelaar is, read a great review by Antony Northcutt, fine art photographer and instructor, to see what he thinks.
And then have a look at some of my thoughts about Antony, the book and more, on my blog.
#frombasicstofineart  #b&wphotography #fineart #architecture 

July 21, 2014 12 comments 3 shares 25 plus ones
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Another tutorial I created for the +Topaz Labs  blog. If you want to learn to work with a T/S lens here are the most important things you need to know. Much more on this subject in the dedicated extensive chapter in the book by me and +Joel Tjintjelaar  FROM BASICS TO FINE ART – B&W Photography that you can buy from here

Good news - Topaz just released ReMask 4 which is an amazing tool for creating selections and masks and the new version is just fantastic – so fast and accurate! I'm recommending it warmly, if you want to save some time on your selections, and headaches too. Get it from this link  with 50% discount with code JULYREMASK till end July. 

PS1. More Topaz collaboration good news very soon!!!  You'll like it because you asked for it... : )
PS2. My new photo in the T/S LE series Fluid Time – An (en)Visionographic Chicago Story is almost ready to launch and is called “Stopping Time”. I'll be back soon with it and the story behind it – vision & processing, as usual!  
PS3. Have fun on your holidays! Gotta love summer!!

July 15, 2014 31 comments 3 shares 35 plus ones
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Just a few more days left!! Don't forget to enter to win one of the 5 FREE copies of the book on B&W Photography by me and +Joel Tjintjelaar   plus the full +Topaz Labs  Collection  
If you can't wait to have the book, you can get it right now from 
Also if you can't wait to have the Topaz plugins you can get them right now too from  with 15% discount, using the code “juliaannagospodarou”
Enjoy and fingers crossed!! 

July 02, 2014 38 comments 4 shares 79 plus ones
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GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE (1st, 2nd & 3rd prize) & 2 Honorable Mentions at PX3 2014 PROFESSIONALS – Prix de la Photographie de Paris - The most prestigious European fine art competition with many thousands of submissions from 85 countries – for my series “Fluid Time – An (en)Visionographic Chicago Story” and “Exuberance of Strings”. 
Worth mentioning maybe, I won the only GOLD medal in my category, one of the few categories this year where the jury gave only one gold. So I'm even prouder for that. 
I didn't have much time to work on my photographs this year, due to the long hours I dedicated to the book From Basics to Fine Art plus the workshops and the mentoring programs I'm doing, but I'm delighted to say that all the images I've entered in the competition won an award and even more. 
Congrats to all my fellow photographers that won distinctions this year, Professionals and Non-Professionals as well! Very much inspiring work this year! 
More about everything on my site

June 30, 2014 7 comments 2 shares 36 plus ones
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5 FREE COPIES of the book “From Basics to Fine Art - B&W Photography” + 5 Complete +Topaz Labs  Collection
Happy to say that we partnered with Topaz Labs to give away a great bundle – value 440 USD – the book by me and +Joel Tjintjelaar  that is already a big success together with the full collection of Topaz plugins. Enter to win them at 
If you want only the book you can get it from here: 
If you want only the Topaz plugins you can get 15 % discount with code 'juliaannagospodarou” from here 
But be sure you also enter the contest to win both! Good luck and fingers crossed!! :)

June 26, 2014 41 comments 10 shares 243 plus ones
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NEW Photo and blog post about the vision & processing behind it
First time publicly posting this image. You can also see it in the book From Basics to Fine Art, written with +Joel Tjintjelaar  and that you can buy here , together with many other images I never posted publicly. These images can be seen only in the book, being created especially for it. You can find details about the creation and processing of this and many others in the book.
Also, you can read about the vision and processing of the image in my blog 
Not a long exposure this time, yes I do shoot handheld once in a while and especially when there are no clouds or water in my frame. An image of a bridge I love and whose realization I followed closely from the first to the last moment of its construction. 
Technical Data:
Camera: Nikon D7000
Lens: Tamron 18-270 mm PZD 
EXIF: 1/100 @ 20mm, f/16, ISO 100, Polarizing filter attached
Processing: PS CS6, LR4, Topaz BW Effects + DeNoise + Detail

PS. Working on a new photo in the T/S blur-LE series Fluid Time - Chicago architecture. I'll be back soon with it. 
PS2. +Topaz Labs is running a great promotion for B&W Effects offering 30% discount till end June. Get it from this link using the Code: JUNEBW . More about Topaz very soon!

June 15, 2014 10 comments 11 shares 108 plus ones
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- A collaboration with my good friends and great professionals from +SmugMug 
Hope you didn't get bored of my photography advice, because I have more for you : ) I've been quite active on this front lately and here is an article I wrote for SmugMug and that appeared in the UK architectural site Building | Construction | Design. More to come! 
10 “quick & dirty” pieces of advice on what you can do to get great B&W architectural photographs.  Many more of these tips, plus a lot of other things, in the 424 pages long book you already know by now, From Basics to Fine Art – B&W Photography, with co-author +Joel Tjintjelaar , that you can find at this link 
#photography   #architecture   #blackandwhite  

June 14, 2014 3 comments 6 shares 47 plus ones
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NEW EXTENSIVE B&W Processing Tutorial – Photography Drawing™ with B&W Effects - Now on +Topaz Labs  blog 
New detailed tutorial published on Topaz Labs blog - how I use the Topaz plugins, mainly B&W Effects, DeNoise, Clarity, Detail, ReMask to process my image Fluid Time II – a tilt-shift blur long exposure shot taken in Chicago, using my processing method, Photography Drawing (PhtD). I received many questions about this topic - here I'm sharing my workflow and give some tips that help me get the results you see in my work. Much more about PhtD and my B&W processing workflow in the book “From Basics to Fine Art – B&W Photography” written with +Joel Tjintjelaar   Find the book here:
PS. You can get the Topaz Plugins with 15% discount from this link with code "juliaannagospodarou"

June 12, 2014 3 comments 2 shares 39 plus ones
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We have 3 great offers for those who purchase, or have purchased, the book From Basics to Fine Art – B&W Photography by me and +Joel Tjintjelaar  from our friends, fine art magazine +Stark-Magazine  and fine art photographer and instructor +Ian Barber . 
- 1 YEAR FREE subscription on digital fine art magazine Stark-Magazine, ONLY for the readers of the book. Offered by Jason Lowry, founder and publisher of Stark Magazine.
- 30% discount for entering Stark Awards international photography competition, discount that lasts till the final deadline, again ONLY for the readers of the book.
- 30% discount for the Luminosity Grading Panel by Ian Barber, tool that you can use for creating very sophisticated selections, as the ones we are talking about in the book. Also ONLY for the readers of the book. 
You can purchase the book from this link: and we will be in touch with you on how to get the offers.
#frombasicstofineart   #blackandwhite   #architecture   #fineart   #books  

June 04, 2014 12 comments 1 shares 51 plus ones
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Extensive NEW Interview for +Topaz Labs 
Very happy to have a new extensive interview just published on Topaz Labs site. Topaz is one of my favorite software, with  B&W Effects and DeNoise being the plugins I'm using mostly in my work. You can read some tips & tricks for architectural photography, long exposure, B&W, what I think about HDR, plus other theoretical and practical subjects, including how to use some great features of BW Effects. Also, what is my next dream place to go to with my camera and many more... 
Also, a surprise is on its way... not saying more for now...

PS. You can get the Topaz software with a discount of 15% if you use the code "juliaannagospodarou" at this link Enjoy! 

June 02, 2014 2 comments 2 shares 35 plus ones
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Two weeks after its publications, we have received the best impressions from the readers about the book by me and +Joel Tjintjelaar  Here is another review to the book done by +Noel Baldewijns . Have a look if you want to see what you can read in the book (if you haven't already read it) and how we're covering the subjects we treat. Quoting Noel about the book: “...this book is “THE” necessary reference...“ and “ is the most complete book ever published on this subject.”
Thank you, Noel, for a great review and everyone who read it for the good words!

#frombasicstofineart   #blackandwhite #bw #photography #fineart

May 25, 2014 12 comments 1 shares 18 plus ones
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We had a fantastic feedback so far and here's a great review written by +Jack Torcello   to the book  by me and +Joel Tjintjelaar Not only what  Jack says honors us in the highest degree but Jack's writing style is just wonderful. I particularily liked the word play between "Gospodarou" and "gospel" (that I'm emphasizing in the image too). I admit I never thought about it this association, but it's a great find.  
If you know who Barnbaum is, then no other comment is needed from me. If you don't, just read the review. You can also see this post on my site
And if you want to read the book yourself, here's where you can find it 
#frombasicstofineart   #blackandwhitw   #bw #fineart #photography  

May 23, 2014 7 comments 1 shares 35 plus ones
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Almost a week ago we announced with my co-author +Joel Tjintjelaar the final release of our book From Basics to Fine Art and, unless you purchased the book, we only showed the cover publicly. We have a BOOK PREVIEW AVAILABLE now, so why not have a quick look what’s inside to find out why this book already received quite a few fantastic reviews and why we think +Artur J. Heller  did a fantastic job designing the book for us.

May 18, 2014 9 comments 6 shares 33 plus ones
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Yesterday +Joel Tjintjelaar  and I launched our long awaited book that you can find here The moment finally came after we tried to make it perfect. The response was fantastic and we are so happy for this and want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that bought the book and for the wonderful feedback that we already receive in emails. Another HUGE thank you goes to our exquisite graphic designer +Artur J. Heller  and to +Camerapixo  and +Anetta G. Heller  for helping us and for making this book an example of great graphic design. We warmly recommend Artur to anyone wanting to create a professional design. The third HUGE thank you goes to our proofreader +Charles Azzopardi  who offered his language and literary talent to make this book a great success. Thank you, Artur! Thank you, Charles! Thank you all, I'm humbled and very grateful for this success!