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from here to eternity

March 20, 2012 153 comments 59 shares 435 plus ones
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This was undoubtedly the most difficult shot to get in my entire photographer's history. Weather-speaking, that is.
Actually I shouldn't have even been out there to take it, but in a taverna with my friends eating and having fun by the fireplace and watching the frantic sea outside raging in the strong freezing wind and rain.
But who, me??? Naaaah! Me, I can't stay put. From the moment I saw this place, while driving to said taverna, I wasn't thinking about anything else than how to get out to take a few shoots without being rude to my friends and leave them there. Which I eventually did (my friends know me by now and weren't even surprised :)
So, I left them to finish the wine and got out there with my camera and tripod (plus the sand bags for the tripod) and started look around the place to find some sheltered spot to set my camera. I didn't find anything though, so that meant I had to make do with what I had. Which was an umbrella that broke after 2 minutes in a wind that almost knocked me over (happily I was carrying the sand bags filled with rocks, ~10kg both, and they kept me stable :), a linen bag for carrying said sand bags (which became “umbrella” for the camera and lens) and a few lens clothes that had gotten so soaked after a while that I was wondering why bother to even clean the lens, better take some artistic blurred photos and go back inside by the fireplace. I wasn't even dressed properly for that weather (remember, I was supposed to be inside with a glass of wine in my hand, chatting relaxed), but I didn't even realize that till I started to shiver from the cold (after having been showered from tip to toe by a huge wave that got me wet to the bone and almost smashed my camera on the rocks (I managed to lift it and save it the very very VERY last second).

But it was beautiful. I hadn't seen such a crazy weather in a long time and managed to take a few shots that I like and that were un-blurred ( I still wonder how I managed that under these circumstances). And I eventually got back inside after one and a half hour. Needless to say, the wine and food were over, and my friends ready to leave, but it didn't bother me too much (that I was still hungry after having gone out to eat :))
Me, I couldn't wait to get home to see what I have on my card. Well, I know ….you know the feeling... :)

#SeaTuesday by me #BWFineArtLe by +Joel Tjintjelaar +FineArtPls by +Marina Chen


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Julia Anna Gospodarou March 30, 2012

thanks a lot +Sumit Sen! :)

Sumit Sen March 30, 2012

Great shot and even better with the background!

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 30, 2012

grazie mille +Mauro Di Rosa! :)

Mauro Di Rosa March 30, 2012


Julia Anna Gospodarou March 28, 2012

thanks a lot +Dwayne Feeley ! :)

Dwayne Feeley March 28, 2012

Great , yes truly nice!

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 27, 2012

+Tom Tran The truth is that I was feeling so good there that I didn't want to leave. :)
Thank you for your visit!

Tom Tran March 27, 2012

Wow, now this is dedication to your passion!

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 26, 2012

Yes, it was pretty intense +Carsten Kopp! :)

Carsten Kopp March 26, 2012

Scary atmosphere !

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 26, 2012

thanks a lot +Johan Peijnenburg! Glad you like it! :)

Johan Peijnenburg March 26, 2012

Stunning +Julia Anna Gospodarou: That fog is really gorgeous!

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 26, 2012

thanks a lot +Christoph Sochanowski!! :)

Christoph Sochanowski March 26, 2012


Julia Anna Gospodarou March 24, 2012

+Grant Murray thank you so much, my friend!! Glad you like it, your opinion means a lot! Have a great weekend :)

Grant Murray March 24, 2012

Pure magic +Julia Anna Gospodarou!! What a great story of courage and commitment, only matched by this stunning image, my friend!!!

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 23, 2012

+Michael Menefee thank you! Yes, it was kind of a strange looking scene. I didn't go much closer than the point the photo was taken and even so, the sea was coming over me and I had to step back a few times till I could take this shot
dear +Francesco Gola!!! So glad to see you on my stream!! Have a great day and thank you! :)

Francesco Gola March 23, 2012

Julia, it's an awesome shot! How could I've missed? The atmosphere is simply AWESOME!

Michael Menefee March 23, 2012

I would feel a bit on my toes walking to the railing, heh. Quite the mood impact to this image Julia, fantastic work!

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 22, 2012

thank you so much +Johan Swanepoel! Really glad you like it! :)

Johan Swanepoel March 22, 2012

Fabulous +Julia Anna Gospodarou - so well worth the extra mile :)

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 22, 2012

thanks a lot +tania sonnenfeld ! :)

tania sonnenfeld March 22, 2012

The result is well worth the trouble, so beautiful :))

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 22, 2012

+Vik S thanks a lot!! :)

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 22, 2012

Good to see you my dear +dene' miles!!! And thank you so much ! :)

Vik S March 22, 2012

GREAT shot!

dene' miles March 22, 2012

Absolutely breathtaking and captivating. I LOVE this one my friend!! :)

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 22, 2012

thank you +John Kosmopoulos! Yes, it was worth it, I enjoyed every moment of it. Even the wave that came over my head :))
Have a good day, John! :)

John Kosmopoulos March 22, 2012

Well worth the discovery and stolen moments to get it!

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 21, 2012

haha +Andy Korolis! Yes, a glendi can take so many shapes and forms... And I'll surely join them at the next one, provided the sun is shining and there are no clouds in the sky :)

Andy Korolis March 21, 2012

What an adventure +Julia Anna Gospodarou , and a beautiful image dragged up from the subconscious...but you and your friends probably have different ideas on what a glenti is :)

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 21, 2012

Thanks a lot +Gérald Verdon! I like asymmetrical things, they are so much more interesting! :)
+Marina Chen thanks Marina! I will! :))

Marina Chen March 21, 2012

Go girl!

Gérald Verdon March 21, 2012

Glad you decided to face the nasty weather +Julia Anna Gospodarou!

What specially appeals me in this one is the non symmetrical composition: way more powerful, creating a beautiful tension.


Julia Anna Gospodarou March 21, 2012

+Giannis Gogos thank you very much! :)
+Myrna Weinreich thanks my dear Myrna! Glad you like it. :) xo

Myrna Weinreich March 21, 2012

You are really some story teller my friend!!!! Love what came out of your wet ordeal!!! Xx +Julia Anna Gospodarou

Giannis Gogos March 21, 2012

Love this one +Julia Anna Gospodarou wonderful composition and mood!!

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 21, 2012

+Ryan Painter thank you for your comment, Ryan! Glad you like it! :)
+Matt Russell Thanks a lot, Matt! :)
+Charles Vesely +destiny eagle +suzie fecht thank you all very much! :)

Matt Russell March 21, 2012

Great shot!

Ryan Painter March 21, 2012

Wonderful story and I'm glad you braved the elements to capture this picture. I really like how the long exposure produced the eeriness to the photo.

suzie fecht March 20, 2012


destiny eagle March 20, 2012

i like it

Charles Vesely March 20, 2012

neatly simple.

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

+Xea Baudoin thanks a lot, Xea! :)
+Tom McLaughlan I confess Tom, that was the hardest part :)) Thank you, good to see you! :)
+Aleka Iakovidou thank you so much, Aleka for always saying it so charmingly! As for me I got drunk with rain and sea spray :))
+Stefan Skouti thanks a lot!! It will definitely be there as a memory ...till next time I do the same :D))
+Brian Spencer I just couldn't leave this weather and this place go and not do anything. Happily, this was one of those times when I could do something, there were so many others that I had to let go...
I'm so glad you see something there, that means I was able to tell a story with my image And you know, it would gave been so nice to have you there :)
+John Bonner T-H-Ank you! ;)) Glad you liked it! :)
+Sandeep Goel +Niloufar Dabestani +Beza Bekele

John Bonner March 20, 2012

B-E-A-Utiful to steal a Jim Carrey line from Bruce Almighty. Very nice work! Would that all endeavors could be safe... :o)

Brian Spencer March 20, 2012

Your determination and confidence to attempt to shoot in these conditions and then produce such a wonderful image are amazing to me! This is why I consider you an inspiration +Julia Anna Gospodarou! Reading your story, I felt like I was there by your side. Gazing into your image is like an infinite dream to me! I get lost in the mist and then I find the railing to lead me back into reality! This is so hard for me to take my eyes off of! :)

Stefan Skouti March 20, 2012

Great picture and of course a really great story. So I think its for you more than just a pic, its an amazing memory. Thanks for sharing it with us

Aleka Iakovidou March 20, 2012

It was worth the trip +Julia Anna Gospodarou !! Οthers get drunk with wine and others with the whole procedure of capturing dreamy shots like this!!!!

Beza Bekele March 20, 2012

Great shot!!!

Tom McLaughlan March 20, 2012

"I left them to finish the wine" Oh dear... :(

But it's a gorgeous shot!!

veer shah March 20, 2012

hi niloufar how r u

Niloufar Dabestani March 20, 2012

well done

Sandeep Goel March 20, 2012

Seems like heaven... Nice

Xea Baudoin March 20, 2012


Rajat Singh March 20, 2012

sooo horreable

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

My dear +Athena Carey, good to see you back! :) If you ask me, it's from a dream, or a dream about a memory, but still a dream (okay, there must be something with me and the dreams, I think it's obvious tonight :D)
I'm so glad you like it, thank you!!! :) xo

Athena Carey March 20, 2012

Oh! +Julia Anna Gospodarou I have been away and you have posted an amazing photo! It's like a delicate memory, one that flits in and back out quickly from my mind before I can grasp it fully. Is it a real memory, or one from a dream? Was I there? Will I ever be again? ~sigh~ I love it my dear!

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

+Laurent Miaille thanks a lot!! Your work is wonderful too! I was just wondering why I still didn't have you in my circles :)

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

+Tulip Hazarika +Hally Robinson +Jing Xue +Jason Pope +Hungry Traveler +Ashok kumar +Don Ciomei +Leonor De Jesus thank you so much for your comments! Have a good day! :)

Laurent Miaille March 20, 2012

Excellent work, superb composition and great mood !!

Leonor De Jesus March 20, 2012

This is AMAZING!!! the photograph is just perfect with the lighting and the fog! did you digitaly manupulate it at all?

Don Ciomei March 20, 2012

You're an artist.

Ashok Ashok March 20, 2012

very cool

Hungry Traveler March 20, 2012

Great shot, and yes I know the feeling! haha!

Jason Pope March 20, 2012


Jing Xue March 20, 2012


Hally Robinson March 20, 2012


Tulip Hazarika March 20, 2012


Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

Haha, you steamy hunk!! :)))) +Alex Bazeos I see silly is good for us! :))
(Sorry everyone, this is not the way I'm talking usually!... I'm a good gal out there :)

Victor Abbott March 20, 2012

Hey, for that shot, nature's challenge was light

Alex Bazeos March 20, 2012

He he, thanks for the reply you hot chick!

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

+ALI HASHMI +SREE D +Heru Perdanakusumah thanks for stopping by! :)
+John Hatchel you're funny!!! :)))

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

Haha +Laurent Coppée! Thanks for joking along! :))

Laurent Coppée March 20, 2012

steaming hot even :))

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

+Alex Bazeos I'm glad you understand me, I'm sure you understand me, actually. Thank you for your kind words. And yes, someone has to be whining at some point, I became used to that. It's part of the process. :)
And you know, I don't really have to understand everything people here say. As far as they are not cursing me :)), I'm grateful that they took the time to write even a word, or to hit the +1 button. I'm not that demanding, it's enough for me if they like my work :)
PS. some of the comments are really funny! :)))
+Jens Ceder thank you very much Jens! Really appreciate it! :)
+Laurent Coppée I'm in "what's hot"? Does that mean I'm hot?? Haha! OK, silly joke, couldn't help it! :))
+Nate Parker you don't know how much your words mean to me... Thank you! :)

Heru Perdanakusumah March 20, 2012


Nate Parker March 20, 2012

Christ this is phenomenal +Julia Anna Gospodarou this would a majestic
Moody print make!

Alex Bazeos March 20, 2012

Yes, I had one of mine there too some time ago and had exactly the same problem...

SREE D March 20, 2012


Alex Bazeos March 20, 2012

see, I told you!

Laurent Coppée March 20, 2012

+Alex Bazeos , I had the same issue last week ... Julia's post is in the what's hot ...

John Hatchel March 20, 2012

I think this will be the picture of our United States if Obama gets back in

Jens Ceder March 20, 2012

Simply beautiful!!

Alex Bazeos March 20, 2012

btw I have a serious problem of understanding what a big percentage of people are saying here...

Alex Bazeos March 20, 2012

At various points of your narration I was wondering if it was you speaking or myself!

This is the (exact) story of my life of recent years, though mine usually ends with some spouse whining (not unreasonable I must admit...)

Enough about me though, this is a wonderful photo and a worthy reward of your efforts! Great compo and processing make up for a memorable photo! Must surely feel very satisfying!

ALI HASHMI March 20, 2012

i lik this bcz ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

+Fahim Uddin Yes, it's fake, Fahim. All art is fake, but we love it. Or rather it's real in my imagination and this suffices me Thanks for your comment :)

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

+Rakesh Ragam +Wolf King +Turbo Wats +Reza Adl Tabatabaei +Nes Baring +Gayle Manacsa +Archit Gupta +Jessica Limpus +Gina Matbagan +Violetta Austins really glad you liked it! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Appreciate it! :)

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

+Ryan Galicia +Dixie Wilkins +Emlyn Boyle +Wendy Burk +brosef Turner +roger ellis +Ramya Janani +Stacy Barker +Mini Chandran Kurian thanks a lot for your comments! Really appreciate it! :)

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

+athan chilton +Tim Haley +Ramesh Kumar +Kunjumohammed Mc +Sudip Ghate thank you very much for taking the time to have a look! :)

Violetta Austins March 20, 2012


Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

I don't really know what happened, but I love it and it really is overwhelming! Thank you all so much for such a warm response to my post. I'm really happy that my photo (an my story) made so many people feel the urge to hit the +1 button and stop to leave a few thoughts. You really make me feel so good! :)
+Christos Andronis thanks a lot, Christo! I'm really happy you like it! :)
+Lorenzo Harmon thanks you!! I know this might seem strange, but I actually felt good being out there, despite the bad weather and the difficulties. Actually I was happy to have the chance to be there at that particular moment and be able to take a few shots. It was more like filling a need for me, than making an effort. :)
+Hidetaka Onoyama thank you so much, Hidetaka san! You're too kind! :)

Gina Matbagan March 20, 2012


Fahim Uddin March 20, 2012

u like it this fake....

Jessica Limpus March 20, 2012

Love the story behind.... Very mysterious and breath taking. The results of your pict was well worth your trip out in the elements

Fahim Uddin March 20, 2012

9 its fake dear nd if it is in real so i m not scare....

Archit Gupta March 20, 2012

Really it's just..."awesome"!!!!

Gayle Manacsa March 20, 2012

Awesome!! ^_^ Where is this?

Nes Baring March 20, 2012


Reza Adl Tabatabaei March 20, 2012


Turbo Wats March 20, 2012

That gives me the chills.....

Ty Wrage March 20, 2012

O art... how art thee so divine. The sweet tone of a creamy latte. BTW is that ur mom?

Wolf King March 20, 2012


Dimitri Timchenko March 20, 2012


Rakesh Ragam March 20, 2012

is it the end of earth

TULASI VENKATA Ramagopal March 20, 2012

freezing the nature. grate.

Charles Carroll March 20, 2012


Catherine Barna March 20, 2012


Brian Higgins March 20, 2012


Jahanzaib Ali March 20, 2012


Dimitri Timchenko March 20, 2012

thumbs up!

Debbie Isom March 20, 2012


Lori Bosworth March 20, 2012

Amazing shot and worth all your effort!

Mini Chandran Kurian March 20, 2012

haunting pic

Stacy Barker March 20, 2012

i love this pix

Ramya Janani March 20, 2012

nice one, but hard one

roger ellis March 20, 2012

very strong compelling photograph... congratulations on a great shot.

brosef Turner March 20, 2012


Wendy Burk March 20, 2012

this is an awesome shot!

Hidetaka Onoyama March 20, 2012

I guess it's so hard work. But result is really awesome!! :D

Emlyn Boyle March 20, 2012

What a stunning and atmospheric shot! :)

Dixie Wilkins March 20, 2012

I think it's a beautiful shot!!!

Ryan Galicia March 20, 2012

cool! :))

Sudip Ghate March 20, 2012

Great story, with an amazing shot to match! Your determination, and the beautiful photo, are both very inspiring :)

Kunjumohammed Mc March 20, 2012

wt a scene .............

Ramesh Kumar March 20, 2012

so sweet

Lorenzo Harmon March 20, 2012

wow, this is a great shot and I am amazed that you went through that, I have to say that you put yourself out there for the art and the Shot. If no one else say it, let me be one who do..."well done".

Tim Haley March 20, 2012

What an incredible story and a gorgeous image that drops us into this mysterious void. Love it!

Christos Andronis March 20, 2012

Beautiful +Julia Anna Gospodarou !

athan chilton March 20, 2012

WOW! That is great - so full of atmosphere.

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

+Steve-Maxx landeros I'm SO very honored!!! Thank you so much! :)

Steve-Maxx landeros March 20, 2012

Now thats dedication to your craft! This just looks amazing! i think this is one of my all time favorites! Seriously!

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

+Joel Tjintjelaar OK, I'm saying it openly, this was the best compliment anyone has ever made to me :))
'nuff said!
(oh, and thank you Joel!... REALLY!)

+Hengki Koentjoro thank you! It's that, exactly! :)
+Pradeep Anugu I'm glad you like it! Thanks! :)
+Barbara Youngleson thank you so much Barbara! :)

Barbara Youngleson March 20, 2012

You definitely have your priorities in order +Julia Anna Gospodarou! Moody, solemn and breathtaking image.

Pradeep Anugu March 20, 2012

nice pic !!!!

Hengki Koentjoro March 20, 2012


Joel Tjintjelaar March 20, 2012

You look like the female version of me +Julia Anna Gospodarou when it comes to determination! And what a fantastic shot. Everything that makes a good B&W image is in it. The highlights are so accurate in every way, as are the tonal gradations and the composition. Surely one of your best!

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

+Bertrand Chombart thanks a lot!! Your latest work is really getting better and better! I'm sure it's just a question of time to get in control and manage to make the image look exactly how you imagined it to be. And you know, I'm still learning, will always be! :)

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

+Andrew Sanigorski Haha! The way I'm going I'll be left without friends too. They even make it a condition sometimes, that I go out without my camera, otherwise I go alone :)) But I guess, whoever loves me, loves me for what I am, and I'm definitely that too. Thank you so much for your wonderful and funny words. Always a pleasure to read your thoughts on my photos. :)

Bertrand Chombart March 20, 2012

Love that one +Julia Anna Gospodarou , great processing and tones control, exactly what i try reach ;)

Great story too, sorry i read it after ;)

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

Actually +Laurent Coppée it looks even better at night, in the dark, haha! That's why I prefer to work on my photos at night :) (and I'm not afraid of the ripper, I've got my lucky mouse pad to protect me :)))

Andrew Sanigorski March 20, 2012

What a women +Julia Anna Gospodarou I'm so impressed with your passion and endevour. I used to do the same thing to my friends too, not anymore - I just don't have friends!! just kidding. But boy was the result worth it, its truly amazing, the mood and misty water just so relaxing and surprisingly calm. Maybe we should be calling you Super Woman.

Laurent Coppée March 20, 2012

Haha not really captain hook, I was thinking about the ripper in last action hero lol but that's definitely the mood I get from this. I won't watch your photo alone at night in the dark lol

Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

+Mark Thomas thank you for saying that word. It was exactly how I felt there ...despite the struggle with the elements :)
+Armand Dijcks Yes, sometimes you just have to leave that cozy warm place and the wine and get out there to feel the real feelings :) Thank you, Armand!
+Antonio Riva thank you for your wonderful and so meaningful comment. It enriches my photo and makes me happy when people say such beautiful things after seeing one of my images :)
+Joerg Jung I'm so very glad you like it! Thank you! And yes, I'm very passionate in everything I do ....just the way I am :)
+Tatiana Anfimova thanks a lot Tatiana! :)
+Laurent Coppée haha! You always make me laugh!! You mean Captain Hook, right? :))) You know, the first comment I heard on this shot was: "Now I'm waiting for the monster of Loch Ness to get its head out of the waves", and it was exactly what I meant with this image. Now what you say pleases me even more. Thank you, mon cher! :)
+Peter Sandin! Thank you! You said that right. It's more about madness than anything else, if we were to believe the science, but that's fine, as long as it's making us feel good. And friends are there to understand (hopefully :)
+Jorunn Gudlaugsdottir thank you so much Jorunn! I'm very glad you like it! :)

Antonio Riva March 20, 2012

The story is engaging ... I had read it yet, just now ...
Very impressive result of your perseverance !

Jorunn Gudlaugsdottir March 20, 2012

great shot with a beautiful mood. love it

Peter Sandin March 20, 2012

Seriously beautiful photo +Julia Anna Gospodarou!! And we wonder why our friends don't understand our madness, sorry I meant passion of course!! Great job!

Laurent Coppée March 20, 2012

oh my, what a story and what a shot Julia! That is so gloomy, I expect to see some half dead fisherman with a hook in his hands walking up those stairs lol
Jokes aside the mood is incredible and that light makes this so mysterious. Brilliant work my dear :)

Tatiana Anfimova March 20, 2012


Joerg Jung March 20, 2012

+Julia Anna Gospodarou - great story and wonderful shot.
A really passionate photographer :)

Antonio Riva March 20, 2012

The title expresses well the image,
but also represents a litmus test of our concept of eternity '...
Thanks for sharing your vision of eternity

I try to remember that above the clouds the sun always shines ...eternally.

Armand Dijcks March 20, 2012

Ahhh... the things one has to do to get a good shot :-) It was definitely worth the effort though. Amazing how the long exposure turns a raging sea into a quiet and meditative image like this.

Mark Thomas March 20, 2012


Julia Anna Gospodarou March 20, 2012

thanks a lot +John Kampsen! Glad you enjoyed them! :)

John Kampsen March 20, 2012

Great story , +Julia Anna Gospodarou , and a truly wonderful photo ! Thank you.